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  1. Can you tell me about how you get between the Fulton garage and the terminal? do you use the shuttle or walk, how well does the shuttle work?
  2. We have parked at the Erato Street garage the last 2 times and love it. the last time we where there we were about 20 cars from it filling up and people having to find the alternate parking lot and we talked to people that said the shuttle was terrible and took forever. Some said they had to walk. Our check-in time is 11:30 and we are staying over at the Leows hotel. My questions are? 1) based on recent activity and experience, what time should we try to park to guarentee a spot at the Erato garage. 2) if that fills up, what is your advice on an alternative. Because if that fills up I don't plan on paying carnival that much money to shuttle over. PS. almost tempted to try and park Saturday afternoon first and taxi us and luggage both ways to/from hotel and not worry about it, but would assume that the garage would be full that afternoon. Thanks.
  3. Jgarriso

    Taxi Fare

    just as a note, if you have 4 people its really cheaper to hire a driver for the day, like through Victor bodden then hire a taxi both ways...
  4. I have done Victor bodden 3 times and Cleve's tours. Bodden is a very professional group and always makes you feel safe and in charge. Cleve is also awesome. We toured with him one day while we were staying in West Bay and his wife drove us back to the airport a few days later. One of the best days we have ever had there was the drive to east end of the island with Cleve.
  5. that looks amazing. and maybe less crowded since the cruise line does not offer it? Only down side i see is there are no beach chairs. How does that work?
  6. how come when i go to their site they do not list Belize as a destination?????
  7. just want to add my 2 cents.... And i guess this is in Carnivals Favor. Go to Orbitzs or somewhere and do a search for balcony cabins and compare prices. Then when you see that for more money the other lines give you obstructed balconies, oh you wanted a standard balcany with a view, that will be another grand (exaggeration) I'm glad for my part that carnival keeps it simple. On the negative, i've been real unhappy with the restaurant decline since covid. Brunch and Dinner have removed so much. Actually have nights now that we prefer to eat at the buffet because the dinner just isn't worth the time.
  8. would love more information about your beach day and what was there. Prices and how the water, sand and bars where like.
  9. I have been to this port several times and have done a few things, not an expert by any means. and probably wrong but thought i'd update this. Belize is a tender port, unless you are on a ship tour you will be an least an hour getting off, in general. Then you have a tender to the ship with takes about another 30 minutes. You arrive and you are in a 3rd world country and have a medium sized fenced in port that you can shop around in and find a few bars, some along the front and some hidden in the back. You are free to get out and walk around and i have heard there are a couple of things to do, lighthouse to the right and more downtown to the left, but walk around at your own risk, i felt safe but to each his own. Vendors, Belize has a lot of local vendors once you reach the pier that will be via'ing for your money and most are good. In general the only things to do in a fairly short time is Altun Ha, (pretty cool myan ruin about a 30 minute drive and literally the hottest i have been in my entire life) and a city tour (options include mini train thing to rum or food tasting) There are a couple of mini islands (caye's) where you can sit in the sun or snorkel. Other than that everything else is at least an hour away from the ship. Once again to your comfort level. Alot of people would never consider that unless going with a ship tour so that you are guarenteed to get back safely, although i have found the venders to offer much better service and experience for 2/3rds the money and when we did butt's up we passed the carnival bus on the way back like it was sitting still. lol If nothing else, take the tender and walk around and just relax that day if you don't want to stress out. (just my opinion) Or if you just want to experience something differnt, you can grab a Altun Ha Tour for about half you time there and do soemthing and you can haggle a little.
  10. Right, I do get so tired of going to third world countries to pay more than i would back home for stuff! arggggggggg.... We spent 8 nights at paradise beach hotel and took 1 day to watch the locals walk up the dirt road between the hotels and get those Baleadas, filled with chicken for 2 dollars each that filled us both up!
  11. Agree on West Bay. It may get crazy at times, But if i could live anywhere in the world, that would be my place. Its like going to your favorite resturant and trying something new and then wishing you had ordered what you always get cause you love it... But you still have to try new things in case there is something else that you like. lol In the case the 'group' want easy and relaxing without a long drive. Has anyone been to the MB beach got advice? is there a relaxing section or area or is it always crazy?
  12. Cruising on the Glory at the end of August. I have been at Roatan about 5 times plus an 8 day vacation there and have always spent my time at West Bay (Paradise Beach Hotel) because i like the atmosphere and snorkeling. The other people in my party (3 other 55+ adults) just want to have a relaxing time, some want full shade and some want sun, everybody wants a person to come by and say "can i get you a drink" occasionally.. lol For me the transfer to 'over the hill' and drive to west bay isn't terrible. for them it seems to be. What i'm trying to see is, in comparison how is the local cruise beach compared to west bay and the Caribbean beach feel. I know everyone has different taste. But as an example, i will never stay at the Grand Turk carnival Cruise port again. Elbows to A.... everywhere with people selling free chairs and no relaxation when i can easily pay more and get a relaxing and beautiful beach without all the hussle and bustle. So my question is, can i get that relaxing, caribbean vibe at MB beach or should i go else where. And if elsewhere where would you advise that is not West Bay. I'm willing to give up the snorkling in favor of everyone else having the calm and relaxing beach day. I am also fine with going outside of Carnivals tours (or with) Only real requirements are beautiful beach and sand, shade available and beach service. The map in my head says there isn't much on that side/area of the island. Thanks.
  13. just as an fyi, i have opted to skip the Aft-facing balconies for this trip. I will try them on another cruise when it is just myself and my wife. We are going with family this trip and if there were any problems i would spend the whole cruise apologizing and feeling bad. If it was just us then i would enjoy it no matter what. Thanks for the post and feedback.
  14. Keep hearing about the Sargassum bloom and was wondering if it was affecting any of the beaches in St Thomas and if so was there beaches to avoid or to prefer. was thinking of going over to Magens Bay? would you advise a quiter or prettier beach?
  15. Aside from your stated horrible experience. I was also worried about the steps, as we like to spend a lot of time in the atrium lounge. we also like the piano bar, which would be good i image (Sure hope Gustov is still there in August). I guess my biggest question/concern is sun. I really don't like to sit out in the sun, had to many things removed.... did you find that you received enough shade on the deck in the morning and evening? My preferred cabin is a cove, but alas, not an option. Thanks again for sharing.
  16. Looking at booking a Aft Extended Balcony room on the Glory for the end of August. Choice of Deck 6 or 7 and would love if anyone has experience with these. 1. Vibration or bounce. I have never noticed much movement on the lido deck or comedy room, but i have in the dinning room. Do you feel the room moving much at night? 2. If we choose deck 6 will there be much noise at midnight from a comedy room. i wouldn't think so but wanted to check. 3. What has been your experience with sun/shade on these rooms. I personally like to sit in the shade but my wife likes to lay out. I like to sit out in the morning and enjoy coffee and in the evening. I have seen on the side balconies where the evening is so hot (when the sun is on that side) that you cannot enjoy the balcony from noon till the sun has gone down due to heat. thoughts and opinions. 4. Smells or anything else that i haven't thought of that you would like to share? Thanks Again.
  17. We ended up taking a tour into Merida and enjoyed it. There is a dune buggy trip we will take next time. BUT after talking to other cruise guest i would also feel fine with taking the but to Progreso and walking around and shopping and going to the public beach. From the road it really did look pretty, and its a HUGE beach. There seemed to be quite a lot of shopping areas near the free bus stop in Progreso.
  18. Quick question please. I do not see it on the web site but watched it on a recent video. Paradise beach, non AI. Said 5$. Plus you must spend 10$. Does that include chairs umbrella? If not how much are they? Thanks
  19. This is our very first time to Progresso and i now understand a little bit more about the long pier and the shuttle from the pier to the mainland. I have a couple questions if someone could help. we leave next week on the Valor. 1. When we get off the boat, either through the gift shop of off the shuttle will there be plenty of vendors offering tours to either Merida and Mayan ruins? 2. I have looked several times at the AutoProgreso tour site and it says no tours available and there has been not replies to my emails. are they still running tours? 3. How is the local public beach, is it worth spending a couple hours at before going back to the boat or is it dirty and full of aggressive vendors? Thanks.
  20. Carnival Valor, Next Wed 1/11. And yes, i always set my phone to manual once i get on a ship so i am always on ship time. Scared i will always get back to the ship 1 hour late.
  21. Man this gets confusing. They open at 10am, which is the same as Eastern time (At the moment), But we are leaving From NO so that will be an hour earlier. We will arrive at 8am, which will be 7am there. I guess we could do some shopping or something. Side question, Is there an old town cozumel that is worth visiting away from the port. I have never done anything but beach days there.
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