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  1. On 5/23/2024 at 8:29 AM, bobndee said:

    We hooked up with a group on the Cruise Critic Roll Call for our cruise. We hired a van to take us to Bruges, drop us off and pick us up at a specified time. It cost less per person and we drove right into the town center square.

    What company/transportation provider did you hire?  We'll have a fairly large group and I'd love to look into something like that.


  2. For our upcoming Amsterdam stop, we will port at the cruise terminal in Ijmuiden.  What is the best way to get from the cruise port to the Amsterdam city center?  I've heard that there is a local bus route (Route #382).  How far is the bus stop from where we get off the ship?  Is it hard to catch a bus?  How long does it take?  Are there taxis readily available, and if so, what would be the typical fare?  Any recommendations for private transportation companies?  Any other suggestions?  Thanks for your help. 

  3. I understand that most NCL itineraries offer a laundry special mid-way through the cruise that lets you have cleaned as much as you can fit in a paper bag.  What is the size of the bag?  Also, any tips or suggestions about fitting as much as possible in the bag without the bag tearing? Thanks!

  4. We have a european NCL cruise booked for this coming June.  I know that with many European cities, there are various places a cruise ship may actually port and that different cruiselines use different places, some of which may be a ways outside of the city.  We're just wondering where we'll actually get off the ship in these cities, and whether we'll be close to the town center or whether we'll need to find transportation to get into the "listed" town.  For NCL cruises, can any of you tell us what to expect for the following stops:


    Gothenburg, Sweden

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Warnemunde, Germany

    Hamburg, Germany

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Zeebrugge, Belgium

    LeHavre, France


    Thanks for any NCL specific help, insights, and suggestions you can provide!


  5. Our upcoming cruise in June starts in Oslo.  We're looking at spending several days in Oslo prior to the cruise.  We've never been there and its always been high on our bucket list.  Do any of you have recommendations for a good hotel?  We want something nice but don't need fancy or high end.  We're looking for something reasonably priced that has good access to sites of interest and public transportation.

  6. We have a cruise booked for next June.  At this point, all we've paid is the $250 deposit.  As I've been looking at excursions, there are a few I'm quite interested in.  I hate to wait too long to book them and find that they're sold out.  If I book an excursion now, can I cancel it later and get a full refund if I find something I'd rather do or if we change our minds and don't go on this cruise? If so, what would be the deadline for cancelling the excursion and getting a full refund?

  7. We're doing our first cruise on Celebrity in October.  We can't do the on-line registration until August 31st.  Just wondering how early we'll be able to check-in and board the ship the day of the cruise.  Does Celebrity assign check-in time based on when you complete the on-line registration?



  8. We're doing a California coastal cruise in October.  We'll be in San Diego for one day.  Any suggestions for what we should see and do for the day? Are there things to do not too far way from where the ship will be docked?  Is there public transportation or easy ways to get around the area?  

  9. We recently booked a cruise on Eclipse for October.  This will be our first experience with Celebrity.  For those of you with knoweldge and experience, how is Celebrity at accommodating guests with celiac?  Are gluten free options readily available without fear of cross contaminaiton? 


  10. Our upcoming cruise ends in South Hampton.  We're looking at spending 4 or 5 days in London following the cruise.  We've never been there and its always been high on our bucket list.  Do any of you have recommendations for a good hotel?  We want something nice but don't need fancy or high end.  We're looking for something reasonably priced that has good access to sites of interest and public transportation.

  11. We don't have a lot of experience with NCL.  Looks like booking air through NCL is a pretty good deal.  One question we have is about flexibility with dates.  If we want to fly in 3 or 4 days early, or stay 3 or 4 days on the end, will they accommodate that?  Or is it pretty much limited to flying in the day before the cruise and back home on the day of disembarkation?  Any other pros or cons we should be aware of?


  12. 4 hours ago, cruisemom42 said:

    My thoughts:


    Day 1- Athens -- arrive a couple of days early to see the sights in Athens (Acropolis, etc.)


    Day 2- Mykonos, Greece -- charming typical Greeek island, you can just wander the small town or take a bus or taxi to one of the island's many beaches. If into history, definitely take a boat to nearby small island of Delos.


    Day 3- Chania, Crete -- the ships dock at Souda but it's a 15-20 minute bus or shuttle ride to Chania, a harbor town that's very scenic, including a lighthouse, some Ottoman baths that are now an archaeological museum, and small shops/restaurants around the harbor. Easy walking day; have lunch on the terrace looking at the harbor


    Day 4- Zakynthos, Greece -- mainly about getting around the island and seeing some of the beautiful beaches and coves either by tour or a taxi (or rent a car).


    Day 5- At Sea


    Day 6- Kotor, Montenegro -- Set at the end of a long fjord, it has one of the most beautiful sail-in/sail-outs in the Med. Be on deck early to watch it. Kotor is a nice medieval walled city worth exploring; can easily do on your own.


    Day 7- Split, Croatia -- Some like Dubrovnik but I prefer Split. It is a town built into and out of the remains of the palace of a Roman emperor and the setting is very pretty, including the esplanade along the water. Again, easy to do on your own. Take a local tour of the remains of the palace -- you can see the basements as well as a couple of surviving small buildings from Roman times.


    Day 8- Ravenna, Italy -- beautiful small town and worth spending an overnight here after disembarking to see the amazing mosaics from the 300s to 500s AD; they are incredibly well-preserved and so colorful!  Then take the train to Venice and spend another couple of days there before returning home.


    It seems like a very nice itinerary. Which cruiseline/ship?

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful summary!  We're looking at Royal Caribbean's "Voyager of the Seas" in May 2024.

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