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  1. We know many who tested positive and they were not given the option to disembark and stay in Papeete. They were informed that they would be staying on board. Here is the letter one of the individuals from our little travel group received.
  2. What you have said here is not correct. We knew multiple people from various different parties that tested positive. None were given the option to leave the ship in Papetee and wait to fly home until negative. The only option (not really an option since it was required) was to stay and quantine on the ship.
  3. No, they were transferred to different cabins. They were moved to a lower deck where they were put in interior cabins or cabins with a window rather than a balcony.
  4. Just returned home from a 12 day cruise on the Norwegian Spirit that ended yesterday. Started in Hawaii, with stops at Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island. Then headed 2,000 miles south (4 days at sea) to French Polynesia where we had stops at Raiatea, Bora Bora, Moorea, and Tahiti. The cruise was fantastic! Great ship, awesome ports, and excellent service. Not a mention of Covid for almost the entire cruise. On Monday, we all had to take Covid tests on board in order to fly out of Tahiti on Tuesday. Once results started coming in, it wasn't good!! Numerous positive test results, mostly from people that were asymptomatic. Once a passenger tested positive, a blue sticker was placed on their door. Early yesterday morning, prior to disembarkation, I made a trip around decks 9, 10, and 11 (the main passenger decks, but not the only decks with passenger cabins.) On those three decks, I counted over 80 cabins with blue dots. Some of those may have had both passengers with Covid, others maybe only one of the passengers. Based on what I observed, I think it's pretty safe to say there were at least 120 positive cases on board, and that's probably a conservative estimate. Keep in mind that there were only 1100 passengers total, and who knows how many staff members have tested positive. Those who tested positive were required to stay on board to quarntine as the ship began a new 12 day cruise back to Hawaii yesterday. Those who are positive must quarantine at least 5 days, and until they test negative. Because the new internary has 4 sea days scheduled after the first 4 days, it will be at least day 9 of the new cruise itinerary until those passengers can get off the ship (once they reach the first Hawaiin port). We know many of those that have been affected and have had to stay on board. Becasue they are qurantined, it will be a long voyage for them all! Are thoughts and prayers are witht them. Wondering if those new passengers who boarded yesterday have been informed of what's going on and the condition of the ship they're walking into!!
  5. Looks like NCL recommends using the at-home proctored testing through Inspire Diagnostics for the Covid testing prior to boarding. They offer an antigen test for $45 and a PCR test for $95. Is one better than the other? Is the process the same for both types of tests? Just wondering if there is a reason one would choose the more expensive PCR test over the antigen test. Also, does it work to do it using a cell phone rather than a PC/laptop? Thanks for any information you can provide about your experience with Inspire Diagnostics.
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