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  1. I have been able to ask for specific flight numbers and had success. I have no idea if they were visible or hidden from anyone, but they should be able to search flight numbers. All the info I had matched hers once she pulled it up. Hope this helps
  2. while I don't disagree with you, everybody has different financial disciplines.
  3. Currently in school for Medical Assistant. I decided to change careers as I lost my job during the pandemic. Just finished Pharmacology class. We discussed this vaccine in depth. I get shot number 2 in one week. I hope you are side effect free after your second shot.
  4. I'm not calling you an anti-vaxxer. I am saying you are prolonging the issue for the planet. How long does the vaccine last? Irrelevant to getting the vaccine currently. Will we need to get a booster every few months? Irrelevant to getting the vaccine now What about Natural immunity? Vaccines activate the building of antibodies more quickly than natural immunity. I have yet to see a respectable source say you don't need a vaccine if you've had it. Science can, and is answering those questions. The vaccine has been in trial for 7 mo
  5. they absolutely should look into those few. The odds are greater than 1 in 1 million. You have a better chance to be involved in an air travel accident (1/879,000) or falling from a ladder (1/675,000). The fear is irrational due to lack of understanding or lack of desire to understand. This post is not meant to be a jab at anyone choosing to not vaccinate. It's simply offering facts and an urge to educate yourselves. The longer you go unvaccinated, the more opportunity you have to spread it. The more we spread it and give it hosts, the more it has a chance to create a
  6. also, the US isn't giving out many J&J vaccines.....the research is out there and has been for decades. mRNA vaccines aren’t new to science.
  7. 6 blood clots out of 7 million doses administered is more than a 1 in a million chance this happens.
  8. IMO, the US is the problem here. I say that with great knowledge from inside the US and only media or message board info for other countries. The US has argued this topic adnusium. The President has said we will not have 'vaccine passports' and FL and TX have officially banned them via executive order. People are so worried about privacy, they forget about what's already out there. Vaccines in the US where provided to states and each state did something a little different. Some Pharmacies were administering shots. Mine was at a hospital. My wife has worked at a pop up v
  9. This is an excellent point. Both my wife and I have our second shots coming up in a week or so. If a cruise gets interrupted due to a breakout onboard, ports will start to rethink requirements to allow ships in. I do agree there will be some against the vaccine that will be more vocal, but there will also be some that feels they have the same rights to do things. They may just buy a fake vaccination card to be able to participate. It will be interesting to watch how things play out as cruises start back up...for all lines. They will all be learning as they reopen and will share wh
  10. Lots of great info...I greatly appreciate it. Our overnight will be in Maui so we are both very excited. Neither of us have been to Vancouver or HI.
  11. So my wife and I pulled the trigger today and used the FCC from our Covid cancelled cruise and booked Vancouver to Hawaii Sept '22. AQ class in 1639 on the Eclipse. I really haven’t been on these boards since our cruise was cancelled so out of the loop on where ships went, if drydocks were cancelled due to loss of revenue, etc. I do follow Capt Kate in Instagram and she is awesome. We have never been on the Eclipse, so that is a plus there...new boat. Does anyone know if the Eclipse made it to drydock or are they(X) discussing future reschedules? I have never done
  12. Hello fellow cruisers... I really only use this board when planning a cruise as there is a ton of valuable info in one spot. My wife and I are looking to try to use a FCC from the pandemic. As I haven't even opened the X site for a year, there seems to be some new things and I was hoping someone might be able to explain easier and faster than a phone call to X. I see the promo Always Included that appears to be nice. I am assuming this...and the fact of a year in lost revenue.....the prices are higher. Tips - is this the standard amount they used to charge just built in
  13. My wife and I had this conversation last night based on state dept warnings. We are currently set to sail on Sun on the Eclipse. We tried to weigh all of the scenarios we may encounter and if we would be ok with worst case events there... We arrive in Santiago, Chile and the cruise gets cancelled all together - we are ok finding lodging and turning it into a land vacation in Chile We are on the cruise and no port will let us in - we are cool with a long cruise to nowhere knowing the cruise will probably end early and be refunded based on Millennium cruises earlie
  14. I am not someone that likes to play dress up. I wear jeans and tshirts to work and I own 2 suits. Suits take up room in a suitcase. My wife wants to dress up. I decided to be unconventional and I'm wearing my kilt.
  15. I appreciate the info. We were able to get a private tour in Manta. It's always nice to know what you're walking into. Sometimes you can find a nice little bar mixed in with those tshirts for a quiet afternoon of people watching.
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