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  1. My wife and I had this conversation last night based on state dept warnings. We are currently set to sail on Sun on the Eclipse. We tried to weigh all of the scenarios we may encounter and if we would be ok with worst case events there... We arrive in Santiago, Chile and the cruise gets cancelled all together - we are ok finding lodging and turning it into a land vacation in Chile We are on the cruise and no port will let us in - we are cool with a long cruise to nowhere knowing the cruise will probably end early and be refunded based on Millennium cruises earlie
  2. I am not someone that likes to play dress up. I wear jeans and tshirts to work and I own 2 suits. Suits take up room in a suitcase. My wife wants to dress up. I decided to be unconventional and I'm wearing my kilt.
  3. I appreciate the info. We were able to get a private tour in Manta. It's always nice to know what you're walking into. Sometimes you can find a nice little bar mixed in with those tshirts for a quiet afternoon of people watching.
  4. We jumped onto a S American cruise last minute and are trying to see what ports are DIY and what we actually need some sort of excursion for. We understand that sometimes when you DIY you run the risk of missing some things and we are ok with that. We actually enjoy strolling through markets and streets over a crowded bus....again, the bus is necessary at times and everyone vacations differently. Are Manta, Ecuador and/or Caldera, Costa Rica DIY ports? Are there cabs? Are there HOHO busses? Is it safe to DIY? Suggestions? Recommendations? Thanks in advance
  5. Came here to say this. We were of the many on Millenium cruisers that had itineraries changed and cruises cancelled. Celebrity took care of everything for me. They took into consideration of the pre/post days we had we well as the class we booked....we had booked Premium Economy and we got rebooked in Business. I was charged zero nor did I have to make the phone calls. After the SNAFU we just had, I will always book through X...or whatever cruise line I happen to be traveling with at the time.
  6. Thank you for the quick reply. I agree tipping is subjective. I appreciate the average number to give me a starting point. Being this is our first suite, I'm not sure what to expect...so I'm sure it will exceed my expectations .
  7. Would you be in a position to suggest the current sliding scale for tipping a butler. I have pre-paid tips but always give a little extra to the ones that stand out. I worked in the service industry so I am well aware there is a lot going on that we don't see. This is my first suite so I've no idea where the starting point is...$5/day? $10/day? 10 day cruise=$100? I do understand that this number is up to the passenger tipping. Is there a standard like at a restaurant in the states of 15%-18% for a tip?
  8. Hello all....so I have made a quick change in ship and destination and I was just curious about some things. I was on the 3/14 Millennium sailing and was told when I called in they are offering 100% FCC for anyone that wants to cancel. I just swapped to a new cruise same time. So now I'm going to S America. This thread wasn't set for 3/14 questions, but there are many looking for info. If you ask, I will do my best to answer. I did post in the roll call. I went from AQ aft(1133) to a Sky Suite(2137)...mainly because there were no AQs left. I have sailed the Reflection a
  9. I just posted this in the roll call for this cruise So I talked to X tonight. As has been mentioned before, it really feels like dominoes are going to start falling. I started my call the same way I did my last...I know you've been getting a lot of calls regarding the Millennium and I'm not looking to cancel I'm just looking for some information. He didn't have anything new that I hadn’t already seen here. I wanted to see if I could simply transfer my booking to another cruise roughly the same time just in another part of the world. He put me on hold
  10. I booked my air through X. I just got off the phone with them Their emergency travel team is rebooking flights in order of cruises. He said we should get an email by the end of the week or early next with our new flight info. The will take into consideration days pre/post cruise you already had set as well as the class...premium economy/business/etc. He said there would be no change fees nor would we be charged a difference in airfare.
  11. What did X say when you called them? What did your travel insurance company say when you called them?
  12. I 100% agree with the first sentence. I never really thought about it until our cruise in the Med. A woman fell in Santorini and broke her femur and had to be Medevaced to Athens. I bought it for this trip, but not cancel for any reason. Your last sentence is 100% subjective. This is my first trip to Asia so I am excited for most ports. I booked the trip for HK and Beijing so we are bummed to miss those. However, we still had Tokyo and Singapore on our list. Our Japan stops are almost identical temperature averages as what the rest of the trip would have already been. We also get
  13. you are correct that sometimes a one port change can be done quickly. Sometimes it becomes an extra sea day and you may never know why. You are also correct that the Millennium only had a few more sailings to be fixed. However, the Millennium is not the only ship over there trying to get into a port. I know Holland had some cruises out there. I would assume there are also some cargo ships out there. Also, the days for stops are switching. The stop in Taipei on the 3/14 trip was day 3. Now it will end up being 11 or 12. Just because a boat can get into a port on one day doesn't mean
  14. this thread is the textbook definition of a popcorn thread
  15. Nothing will make the OP satisfied here. They have been ranting and raving in the roll call since the concerns came up. They feel they should get a full refund and X is in no way obligated to do that. If I remember correctly, this cruise was going with a larger land vacation into China so I get why you would be upset. This would be an expensive trip by anyone's standards. I'm not sure why you wouldn't insure a trip of this cost. X has already changed our itinerary....I'm on the same 3/14 cruise. I talked to X tonight. She told me they just got the email and emails will go out to pa
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