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  1. This may be true, but what if I don't want to chit chat. It's an uncomfortable situation for an introvert. Maybe we just found out we are pregnant and we are having that fun conversation where we think up names and we don't want input from the mayor of the restaurant that wants to tell me nautical facts he learned on his deep sea fishing excursion. Yes, I know. I painted that a bit extreme. My point is, not everyone thinks dinner is time for chit chat with strangers. Over a cocktail at The Martini Bar...or any bar for that matter or the blackjack table. Know your audience. I also would like to reiterate, we have sailed Aqua and ate almost all of our meals there. The tables are close, but at no time did I feel my conversation nor my privacy being encroached on. We loved the food as well as the ambiance. This was on the Reflection about 5 years ago. We are booked Aqua on Millie a year from now and I expect to find a similar experience.
  2. I'm curious and ask this genuinely respectful of your opinion...If you were on a land vacation, would you expect/hope for the same dining service at the Hilton you are staying at? My dad cruises and cannot tell me enough stories of all of the interesting people he met at dinner at their table for 8-10 top. I would find this service odd at a hotel, so that's why I find it odd at sea. I'm somewhat of an introvert. I have no desire to make friends on vacation. If it happens, cool. But I'm not going out of my way to make friends. I see the ship as a floating hotel. This is my vacation to spend with my wife. I have no issue saying hello, or giving a handshake, or a quick elevator conversation, but I'm just not interested in dining with 6 strangers. I simply see it as 2 different personality types, and neither is wrong.
  3. My wife and I loved Blu when we sailed in AQ. Yes, the tables are close together. No, we were never prompted to engage in conversation, buttering bread, or sharing appetizers. We were able to have conversations over dinner and drinks and never felt like others were dropping eaves. To be fair, more than likely, your private conversations on a cruise are usually do you want to try that excursion? How do you feel from walking all over the earth yesterday? Day at sea tomorrow, what do you have planned? We never felt awkward with any of our dinner discussions and never felt the need to keep our voices down lower. Everyone else is on vacation just like you and discussing their plans and hopes and wishes. Enjoy your cruise.
  4. I appreciate the responses. The money used to pay the trip off wouldn't be coming from any high interest account, so there's no real loss there. However, I have learned something here...I think. my trip has dropped in price since I purchased and I called and was able to get the price adjustment. If I were to pay it off today, and the price were to drop again, it sounds like I could either get a refund put back on my credit card...which sounds like a hassle...or I could get the refund in the form of OBC ...am I understanding that correctly? If my trip is $1000/pp and I pay it off and the price drops to $900/pp, I can either get $200 (2 passengers) refunded to my card or $200 OBC(I would assume refundable)...right? Or...let's say I'm in AQ at $1000/pp, I pay it off and prices drop and a SS is now $1000/pp and one is available. I should be able to upgrade to the SS for no additional cost...right? I do understand the waiting as long as you can so you can let your money make money for me, but this isn't going to happen in this case. The OBC route is interesting if I am understanding correctly, though.
  5. The new shower partial 'wall' is similar to one we had in a hotel in Rome....we actually just assumed it was a European thing. We had no issues with water splashing/leaking anywhere on walls or floors. That barrier simply looks too short. From the picture, it only looks to go about 1/4 way down the tub. The one in Italy was 1/3 or maybe even 1/2. While I can appreciate it looks like they(X) might be trying to bring different things from around the world, they seem to have come up short with this one...literally. I would have no issue with this style, provided it actually kept the water in the tub. IMO, it looks better and is easier to clean. It just needs to be a little longer.
  6. I know there was a thread not too long ago simply asking if you do or don't. I'm not looking to start a debate on which is right/wrong in your opinion. I'm simply looking for things I may be unaware or if I do pay it off early. My final payment is mid Dec. Thinking of just getting it out of the way. I know that if final payment hasn't been made yet, I can call in to get price adjustments if the fare drops. I'm also pretty sure I can call in to upgrade after final payment if the price drops...please correct me if I'm wrong. What else should I be aware of, if anything? Can I switch rooms? We are in 1136 on Millie...pretty much as far back as we can go without being a true aft cabin. If one of those aft cabins opens up, can I switch my booking to one of those without penalty? Are there other things I should be watching to try to save money or improve my room/cabin location?
  7. swim diapers are not allowed in any of the main pools or whirlpools on any RCI ship....I'm assuming ETOS is Enchantment/Explorer/Empress of the Sea. It's simply to reduce the risk of any contamination that could pass on GI issues around the ship. I don't know if RC has a kids area where the swim diapers are allowed. You may get better answers by posting this on the RC board https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/51-royal-caribbean-international/
  8. this is how I thought I remember it. I had just seen some other threads, possibly on another board/line, and just wanted to make sure
  9. No worries at all. My wife has the Kindle and I use the Kindle app on my iPad so I probably just got mixed up.
  10. I don't recommend using the local phone service in International ports unless you have an international plan. It is very possible to find local coffee shops or restaurants that offer free wifi near ports and one could download books there at no charge...sans the cost of the book.
  11. if you have a wifi package on the boat you should be able to download books....forgive me, I'm not sure if Kindle offers newspapers as an option...if they do, you should be good. As far as TSA, the Kindle is fine to go through the XRay machine. If you have TSA precheck you won't even have to pull it out of your bag.
  12. So I'm just curious how Celebrity handles this now. I have seen a couple of threads where cruisers were complaining of multiple holds put on their credit card(the one attached to their sea pass card for onboard purchases) and then when it came time to settle, there wasn't room on the card to pay because there were so many holds that the available credit had been used up and X didn't just sent those holds through. Does Celebrity run a hold/authorization for $50/day. Do they run $500 on day 1 and when you reach that point then run another $500? Do they run less if you have a drink package or OBC? For example, will they authorize $200/day on a 14 night cruise. Meaning there will be $2800 in holds on the card. If that card has $5000 in available credit when I start, more that half of it will be on hold at the end of the cruise. If my bill is $2600, and X simply tries to charge the $2600 to my card, there's not enough available credit and runs the risk of being declined. Just trying to understand X's process for this. I'm also not talking about a debit card. My question is for a credit card. TIA
  13. Our current booked cruise... 14 nights SE Asia - Hong Kong to Shanghai Celebrity Aqua Class $224 pp (USD) This is before taxes, port fees, beverage packages, etc. Also doesn't include airfare or hotels.
  14. Exactly! These are probably 4oz cold water lobsters that are bought in bulk and already cleaned and prepped to cook. That's why I say it's more of a deterrent.
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