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    Satellite issue

    what if it's the satellite in space?
  2. txflood33

    Ship or Itinerary?

  3. txflood33

    Sales pressure at programmed events

    When you go out to a restaurant, do you tell your server upfront that you will not tip them if they ask if you want to add sauteed mushrooms with your steak or offer a name brand alcohol? I ask because it's the same thing. You're extorting them from trying to do their job. Don't get me wrong, most of us hate and don't want to deal with the high pressure sales, but it's how they make money. I would venture to say, and I'm totally speculating with a very novice guess, that the cruise fares paid are how they pay for the operation of the trip...the food, the fuel, the labor wages, etc. I'm guessing they break even with the cost to run the ship and the fares paid for by each passenger. They start to make a profit from alcohol, excursions, specialty restaurants, the spa, the stores. Of course they are going to ask you. I expect it. I also agree there is a fine line they need to understand. If they cross that line, my reactive response is based on what happened. I would never start off with a threat of removing their tip.
  4. Personally, I don't think there should be an adjusted price based on room. At Concierge level and below, you know you are getting the agreed upon room, meals included served in the MDR, minimal beverage choices, and access to much of the ship. The upcharge you pay for Aqua is to have access to Blu and the Persian gardens...or whatever they call it or comes with it. Blu is the selling point of Aqua and that's what you're paying for. A suite....you're paying for your own restaurant and a bigger room. The upcharges have been already justified...at least in my book.
  5. txflood33

    Taking candles on board - what will happen?

    Only Carnival will be able to give you a definite answer on this. To know for sure, I would recommend you call them and let them know of your intentions...they may be able to assist you if they know in advance.
  6. txflood33

    Classic drink pkg question

    https://www.celebritycruises.com/things-to-do-onboard/onboard-packages/beverage-packages/premium-classic-and-standard click on 'Learn More' to see what alcohols are included in each package according to Celebrity
  7. This is good info. I appreciate the feedback. Just out of curiosity, are you going directly through the Chinese Consulate/Embassy or are you going through a service? Also, am I to understand you are leaving your passports at the Consulate or the service you are using? It does look like this may be the norm. I am just apprehensive to leave these.
  8. txflood33

    When do you pay in full?

    I guess it depends on the cruise. I week in the caribbean? I would probably just pay off at final payment. 15 nights in SE Asia that would more than likely be 3 weeks with a few days pre and post cruise in those cities. I make a few average sized payments between deposit and final payment.
  9. txflood33

    January 20,2019 Constellation Asia

    Is it safe to assume you are from the US? I am learning your nationality plays into this. I'm asking so I can possibly use the site you recommended.
  10. We don't cruise until 3/2020 so I'm really just researching right now. At this point, I thought the 10 year Visa was the best(really only) option. I'm not sure what the 144 transit visa is.
  11. Subscribing to this thread to possibly learn some info with the OP. My wife and I have wanted to see many parts of Asia and have loved Celebrity, so we just picked an itinerary that hit some places we had on the list to see. We start in Hong Kong and end in Shanghai so we can get a few pre and post days in 2 incredible cities. We will also get 3 days in Beijing...Tianjin actually...but we will travel and stay in Beijing for a private tour company. Will also get Taipei, Nagasaki, and some South Korea.
  12. txflood33

    smoking e cigarettes

    I simply want to reiterate, I'm not condoning breaking the rules. I understand why they are there and are for the betterment of the small community on board. I was just saying, on every cruise you are on, in every hotel room you stay in, in every rental car you drive, someone is smoking something where they shouldn't be. I also don't have an addiction, but thank you for your concern. That's also not denial, I understand your presumption.
  13. txflood33

    smoking e cigarettes

    I'm not here to condone breaking rules, but Naughty is right. Like it or not, it's happening. I was on a cruise that stopped in Cozumel and went on a fishing excursion set up through the cruise line. As we got headed out to our fishing spot, another cruise passenger on the excursion pulled out a joint and offered to share with anyone who wanted to participate. There are drugs on that boat. There are drugs being taken in cabins....in multiple ways. There are drugs being taken out in the open....are you really sure that was a Tylenol that guy at the bar just took? I have a vape pen sitting next to me which is virtuously odorless because there is no flavor in it. There is nothing to create an odor. If I smoke this on my balcony nobody would ever know. Again, I'm not saying break the rules, buy you really are fooling yourself if you think it doesn't happen.
  14. txflood33

    First Time Cruise for Honeymoon

    I've only been on Celebrity of the ones you listed, but you're describing it to a T. Aqua class get's you access to Blu which would be a more private dinner(at least a table for 2). Always found a place to relax and read, have a quiet drink at the sunset bar, still a few activities going on if we wanted to do that.
  15. To a certain extent, yes. However, company policies get in the way as well. Not exactly the same as the issue here, but my wife and I had an issue with Amazon. We have a friend that self published a book. My wife bought the physical book and I bought the Kindle version. We both tried to place a review and Amazon deleted them both. We discovered from the author that Amazon's policies state only one review per household. There is a flaw in this policy.....2 items were purchased, it's pretty obvious there could be different reviews/opinions on a book....rather than reaching out to the members of the household to let them know of the policy and see if we wanted one to post, both were deleted. I understand why that policy is in place, but it's not beneficial to the product/company. Reviews have to be taken with a grain of salt.