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  1. This is us, too. We prefer the motion rocking us to sleep at night, so we aim for highest up and aft usually. Plus, we like to be near the elevators as mom has some mobility issues, so it's easier to get around.
  2. Agreed with what most everyone has said above - ABC islands in one go would be my pick!
  3. I am desperately missing cruising as well. There's just nothing quite like it... no way to scratch that itch. I keep telling myself how this long stretch of not being able to cruise will make our first one back that much more special, even with new restrictions and all 🥰
  4. Just booked a B2B on Freedom with RCL over the phone for September 2020, and I had to pay a deposit for each cruise.
  5. I appreciate a nice dinner with plate service in the MDR, but I tend to cruise with my VERY picky (appetite-wise) mom. So any time there's something on the MDR menu that she'll somewhat happily eat, those are the nights that we go there. She tends to have more luck with the variety at the buffet, so for the most part we end up eating there. It's a compromise 🙂
  6. Cruises to me are like pizza; even when it's 'crappy', it's still pretty darn good 😆 I think going in with no expectations this time around is the right attitude. Enjoy!
  7. My mom and I have done several cruises in balcony cabins together, but since she broke her hip and uses a rollator, we like to be as close to a bank of elevators as possible. Narrow hallways and cleaning carts aren't very accessibility-friendly. We also prefer the aft of the ship and a higher deck because 1) we're easy-going buffet people usually, and for many ships the buffet is located aft and high (Princess), and 2) we actually enjoy feeling some motion from the ship as it rocks us to sleep each night. Safe to say neither of us experience motion sickness! Never really had any noise issues from the elevators or public spaces either.
  8. Given that we usually have snow in October and it sticks around until May in Alberta, Canada, our 'peak' cruising window to escape out of town is quite long 😆
  9. My last cruise was the first trip with my mom since she had broken her hip and experienced a slew of health issues. We purchased a rollator that converts into a transport chair with a footrest and arm rests, and it's collapsible so we don't need to book an accessible cabin. The chair is great for us because of the versatility. On her good days (which is thankfully most days), she pushes it as a rollator. On bad days or when she gets tired, I'm able to push her - especially helpful for long piers and air ports. The rollator is also a good stabilizer for when the ship might be a bit rocky. I will say that it can't compete with a wheelchair though. Mom is curious (to say the least!) and she likes to reach out to look at things when sitting in the chair. She has almost tipped herself out of it a couple times 😨 we now know better lol.
  10. I usually cruise the Caribbean and at various times of year. As a rule of thumb, I always pack one light sweater/cardigan that goes with pretty much everything in case the AC gets chilly. I rarely end up needing it, but would rather have and not need than need and not have 🙂 I'd say multiple isn't necessary! Enjoy your cruise.
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