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  1. Yes. There's a door to get into the lounge from the hallway. I've sailed in 16023 twice on the Epic. The door to the lounge is in the hallway just past room 16031. I don't think you're 'supposed to' use that door, but on my 2 Epic cruises, just about everyone who was in the 160xx starboard side was using it. Here's the the deck plan. You don't see a door, but it's there between 16031 and The Haven Lounge, behind the elevators.
  2. Just to add another data point - Amex took back the 15k points from my May Alaska cruise that NCL canceled and refunded.
  3. Well... my May Alaska cruise just got canceled... so I'll see what happens to the points and credits in the next few weeks. I also have a Scandinavian cruise booked for late June that I used the platinum cards on to get the credits.
  4. Good catch. I missed that. My Alaska cruise shows the "Default Itinerary Name" too. My July 2021 Scandinavia cruise still shows "9-Day Scandinavia", but I still have doubts about that one taking place.
  5. NCL is now showing 0 Alaska cruises for 2021: https://www.ncl.com/vacations?cruise-destination=alaska&date=may-2021,jun-2021,jul-2021,aug-2021,sep-2021 Btw , I can still see my May 2021 Alaska cruise in my reservations, I can still see the summary, and I can still make a payment against it. It's only a matter of time now before they're officially canceled.
  6. I finally got the offer last week on my Amex Platinum card for "Spend $500 , get 15k points". I would have rather had the $150 credit vs 15k points, but I turned the 15k into $150 worth of xmas gift cards. 🙂 Prior to that, none of my other Amex cards (Gold, Hilton, Marriott, Blue Cash, Delta) had the offer. None of my wife/kids cards had it either. I'm the primary on all cards, and wife/kids are all AU's with their own card #'s, btw. Once I saw the offer on my Platinum card, I had my wife and kids check their cards , and the "Spend $500, get $150 credit" was on all o
  7. I've sailed in 16023 twice, incuding a 13 day trans-atlantic. We loved it. It's close to one of the hallway doors near the elevators, it's close to the courtyard and concierge, and it's just down the hall from the Haven Lounge (which is just past 16031).
  8. I just returned from Las Vegas on Friday night. I stayed at Caesars Palace, in the Palace towers. Everywhere we went inside of Caesars , people wore masks - check in area (they took our temps too), casino floor, food court, on the way to the pool, etc. They were limiting folks to 4 people in an elevator, and there were marks on each corner for people to stand. Hand sanitizer stations were everywhere too. I saw security staff 'reminding' people to put on their masks if they had them down. It's kind of hard to 'socially distance' while walking through a casino , but folks we
  9. Just email accessdesk@ncl.com and let them know your conf # and what you need to bring. They'll note it and your e-docs will show "Liquid Policy Exemption".
  10. I've used GL-AR750's on several NCL ships (as recently as July), and all over the world. I've been using various GL.iNet products for years, and they're great and inexpensive! https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GBXMBQF/ One other trick - connect to the NCL wifi with your laptop, and sign in on the ships captive portal. Then connecr your laptop to your travel router, and have it spoof your laptop's MAC address. Finally. have the router connect to the NCL WiFi, and it'll 'think' the laptop has connected and you'll already be logged in. Your phone can be used in
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