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  1. Don't forget the things (and charger cords) you had plugged in overnight for the last minute charge: Fitbit/exercise tracker, phone, tablet, travel charger bank. And sunglasses.
  2. Our bank (FNB) is big about it. I have gone 3 hours to Kansas City for a day trip to IKEA and my card was denied. Got a call from fraud protection about 15 minutes later. To me that wasn't traveling. I just went to IKEA.
  3. I did mean immigration, not customs. Sorry and thanks for info.
  4. Arrrgh! I accidently voted for sea days. I much prefer going to a different port every day. I get bored to easy on ship and my ADD kicks in.
  5. How does it work when we go to different countries on a cruise? Do we have to go through customs? Does Global Entry work/help in countries out of the US? We will be sailing out of Rome. Visiting several other Italy ports, Cypress, Israel and Greece? We are US citizens?
  6. I have only done Caribbean cruises. Unsure how to dress/pack for the Mediterranean in October (18-Nov 1). Will the weather be conducive to laying out on the ship? Will I need a jacket for the ship? I can look at average temps and it seems pretty good (60-70) during the day. But wanted input from anyone who has been on Mediterranean cruises in October/Fall. TIA
  7. I am planning on buying some wine while in Italy and Greece to take home with us. I know the ship takes it and returns right before debarkation day. But we are leaving the ship one day early in the morning. Does anyone know if it will be difficult to track down our alcohol a day early?
  8. Duh!! Zip ties!! What an awesome solution. And takes no space. Thank you.
  9. Ours went down in price with about 60 days until sail. We received $200 drink card, $200 excursion money and a free dinner at both pay for restaurants per person (there were 4 of us). Our TA reached out to HAL.
  10. I have printed off my luggage tags and when folded, they do not fit in my luggage tag holders we have always used on RCI. I printed them on cardstock and covered in packing tape to make more durable. But I seem to remember you are not supposed to put your cruise luggage tags on until after you have arrived at the airport? Is this correct or my memory wrong. Don't want to have to take a stapler with me to attach after landing. And do you print a luggage tag for your carry on? TIA
  11. I bought a soda card (unlimited) and my adult room mate did not. Did this about a month ago.
  12. I have some OBC and wondering if the OBC will be used automatically for the gratuities if the OBC is still available when it is time to pay them? Or do I need to go to the desk and tell them to use the OBC?
  13. I know the unlimited cost more in Europe. Does the stuff a bag cost more in Europe also?
  14. We have always sailed RCI and love to have a late night (midnight) snack/light meal before heading to bed. Yes, I know eating this late is bad for you. But what are the options on the Rotterdam? Anywhere to grab pizza or sandwiches this late at night that isn't room service?
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