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  1. I clicked on the spa pass 14+ day to see if there was anymore information (Holland America/my bookings) and the next step was to pick a time. Time for what? Must be what the 15 minutes were for.
  2. http://halfacts.com/amsterdam-lower-promenade-cabin-obstructed-views/
  3. From what I am reading, The Amsterdam is the sister ship to the Rotterdam. So the views should be comparable. Here is a link you can go to and find out what the view will be out of your cabin for obstructed view. I can't paste on this particular internet. Will try chrome.
  4. I have read a bit about spa passes and the thermal pool and some perks. Sounds fantastic. But I wonder, does the Rotterdam (small ship) have all of these amenities? Does anyone know what is included in a spa pass on the Rotterdam? Would it be worth it?
  5. I wake up planning. And ours isn't until October.
  6. I am sharing with another woman. I assume one of us will have to put the charge on our card and the other can just give me money. Or do you think they will split it between the two of us, in one cabin.
  7. I know the Rotterdam has reserved lounge chairs for the lanai cabins. Does anyone know if there are additional lounge chairs not marked reserved for the others that would like to sit and relax? We are on that deck and I have always loved to sit, read and watch the ocean go by.
  8. If you want to pay the daily fee for unlimited laundry do you have to pay for it on embarkation day? How do you go about adding the service? Is it limited to one bag per day or could you skip a day or two and have two bags done on one day? TIA
  9. I seem to remember (from several years past) there was a website with reviews on specific cabins on specific ships. I just don't remember the site. Does anyone know of such sites? TIA
  10. Whether or not it is true, it would make sense and sounds good.
  11. Why more expensive in Europe? We will be doing 14 days Holy Land/Mediterranean. I assume that constitutes Europe.
  12. I have been reading some of the ship reviews on CC and a couple have said it appears that the self serve laundry on board Rotterdam has been removed. Does this leave only the bag service of stuff a bag pay once or paid the $7 per day? Is it the self serve laundromat really gone?
  13. Up until this next cruise I have loved RCI. No major complaints. Notice a decline in food. But RCI was my first cruise and what I compare others too. We did one Princess and disliked (hated) it immensely. Some was trouble with mechanics of the ship, some was the fact that Noro was rampant, but also found the clientele (out of Miami) very old and obnoxious. We have sailed with many older people (we are in our upper 50's) and this was the first time we found such a large group to be rude. Because I am sailing with a group of women and they had already decided on HAL is the reason I am willing to try HAL. I know I won't like some parts and will love some parts. I don't plan on any of it ruining my trip. But I know I will still compare to RCI because it is my first and majority cruise. How many of you are partial to your first experience and tend to compare to that experience?
  14. I always like a simple sign on the door with the insignia our the group we are traveling with. 1) I don't have to remember my cabin number. 2) Other's in our group do not have to remember each other's numbers either.
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