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  1. It did not have a freezer compartment. I never heard it run.
  2. Just off the Rotterdam. We ordered the fridge for$2 a day. It kept the medicine fine and the Coke great. It was a regular mini fridge and kept it very cold. It was way colder than 25 degrees below cabin temperature.
  3. We are in an outside cabin/OB
  4. We will be on the Rotterdam and my roommate needs to keep a medication cold. Our TA told us a refrigerator is $2 a day. That works. But curious how big it is and where they put it? Will we be climbing around it? And does it have an freezer section like the hotel refrigerators? TIA
  5. Thanks. Glad I do not have to worry about it.
  6. On another cruise line I have always brought extra hangers from home. Will I need to bring extra hangers? There will be two women sharing a cabin. Rotterdam, if that makes a difference. I bring not great hangers and do not bring them back home with me.
  7. We cannot book our specialty restaurants ahead of time because we have free dining (one night in each restaurant) from HAL (price drop). My roommate and I will not be getting on board until later in the day, while the other two will be on by noon. We want to eat together at the specialty restaurants. Do we have to wait to book together or can the two book when they get on and let the restaurant know they really need a table for 4? Never booked specialty restaurants so not positive how it works. TIA.
  8. We have received OBC or at least HAL has said we each will receive a dinner at both specialty restaurants on Rotterdam (price drop). Can we make reservations on line or do we have to wait until we are on the ship?
  9. So even though you have paid for each day $7 or $9 you can't really send out anything the last full day? Also, we are getting off a day early (Friday) so I am thinking I don't even want to take a chance on sending anything out on the Thursday.
  10. I have always been very cheap on caribean cruises and never pay for food when off ship. But in a few weeks we will be cruising in Italy, Israel and Greece. I have a good sized budget for eating on land every day. Love shawarma from Israel and have had many recommendations from a close friend who is Greek and grew up there on food we should try.
  11. I looked on my e-docs and couldn't find the information. My TA let me know I have to be on board by 5:00. No later.
  12. Always brought my own blow dryer and my flat iron with not problem.
  13. Our flight gets into Rome at 9:30 am. Unfortunately the day we leave Vatican City is closed and we cannot tour (All Saints Day). We were thinking of doing a tour of just Vatican City on embarkation day and then see the rest of Rome sights on the debarkation day. The ship leaves port at 7:00pm. But how do I know when we have to be on board for muster drill?
  14. What do you put on your luggage tags? I used to put home address, phone number, name. But traveling without my husband and times a changing, I am not sure I want all of that out there for anyone to see.
  15. Mine shows under "Itineraries and Wish Lists" and I have a TA. But only OBC I have purchased. Not the OBC from the TA or HAL. My TA says they will show up on the ship, but not on the website. Blind faith. 😃
  16. I found it. Finally. It was under itinerary. Doesn't make sense to me.
  17. On HAL website (I assume under my bookings) can I find my OBC I have paid for? I know I have found it once. I cancelled my pop package when HAL gave me $200 beverage card. But for the life of me I can't find it again. I have booked with a TA and am 21 days from sailing. I have been trying for days to find this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Do the airlines measure wheels and handles in their dimensions? Delta is 62 inches. There is some luggage that are in these dimensions if you don't count the wheels and handles, just the case.
  19. I have a suitcase (no name brand) I picked up at a garage sale years ago. It is soft sided and has worked fine. But thinking of upgrading to a new Samsonite hard sided. Can anyone share their thoughts (pros/cons) of a hard sided suitcase. Any problems? TIA
  20. 20 years ago my husband I each took a bag as big as the original poster on several cruises. We quit cruising for awhile and when we came back to traveling you could no longer take the bigger bags without added fees. Goodwill got our donations.
  21. I showed I had the seat in April when I booked. And I still was assigned the seat about a month ago. This was a relatively recent happening.
  22. No change of planes. Everything is the same. Basically "so sorry". Someone else has my seat. They are refunding me my $23 for my assigned seat and I get a cramped seat. Doesn't matter that I have a printed confirmation from them stating I was assigned the seat.
  23. I have a flight booked (Delta) from Omaha to Rome. On the way home, the leg out of Rome to Paris is actually on Air France. When I made reservations in April through Delta, I paid to have a seat assigned (extended leg room) on all flights. Air France required me to pay $23 fee if I wanted to reserve a seat at all. I got lucky and got a window seat with no seat in front of me (not a bulkhead). I have an email with the reserved seat confirmations from April. Saturday I hoped on Delta website to see how full the planes are and according to Delta I have no reserved seat for Air France and o
  24. I have only done Caribbean cruises. Unsure how to dress/pack for the Mediterranean in October (18-Nov 1). Will the weather be conducive to laying out on the ship? Will I need a jacket for the ship? I can look at average temps and it seems pretty good (60-70) during the day. But wanted input from anyone who has been on Mediterranean cruises in October/Fall. TIA
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