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  1. We were booked on Summit May 9 which was cancelled by X March 24. I got online and chose the refund rather than FCC within 10 minutes of getting cancellation text and email. Our card was credited on 5/14. Relieved to see the credit come through. Sad that I am not in Bermuda today.
  2. I agree. I’d love to know if I had it so I could get out helping more without worrying about getting it or spreading it. Our state had a tornado in Nashville in March and one in Chattanooga in Easter. So many more could be out helping if they knew they were safe from covid.
  3. I don't understand a need for more tests when over 90% tested are negative. It seems like we are covered.
  4. I think it's a slippery slope. A person in my husband's company has a wife hospitalized with covid. I cannot imagine his coworkers suing they company if they catch it. Celebrity has done reckless things in past weeks, but I don't understand them being sued over this. Who knows who passed it.
  5. I have seen several reports that if a patient has a preexisting condition and has covid but the preexisting condition causes death, it is attributed to covid. The hospital gets 100% funding for covid cases where if other condition is shown, they go through insurance and get the lower negotiated network rate. Also patients with respiratory issues but not tested for covid are attributed to covid. Truth is not valued anymore. We'll never know how many truly died from it.
  6. Still waiting here. It's been three weeks. I worked in accounting and there is no reason it is taking this long other than they need the cash.
  7. There is a thread on the Celebrity board. A woman on the Eclipse which was in South America docked a week ago Sunday in San Diego. A woman had been to the medical center onboard twice and was originally diagnosed and treated with bronchitis. Days later she was still stick and went back to be diagnosed with pneunomia. The first visit she was not told to stay in her room but was at the second visit---after being on antibiotics for days????? The ship kept claiming to be a "healthy ship" even as it got permission to dock. However, the lady was taken from the ship by ambulance t
  8. OP here. I called BOA and told them situation. They put a dispute on account and said not to pay. I'm grateful for those in similar situation who posted their experience. The ones posting opinions as fact not so much.
  9. I read she was taken off having heart problems. If that was the reason for an ambulance request, the port authorities would not have any reason to halt disembarkation. Did Celebrity say it was a heart concern to avoid covid scrutiny and rejection?
  10. I've followed several stories online and it's always interesting to read to comments. i would say well over 90% of the comments are against letting the ship dock. Here on CC we love cruising and want this to end well and NOW and maybe have more empathy because we know it could be us or someone we love onboard. Much of our country does not cruise and see it as "rich entitled people on a luxury cruise" who now want US to bail them out. If you think comments on here are bad, you would be appalled. I would think public opinion is more against them docking. There were several people on h
  11. I have thought this for a few days. If I was on that ship, I would be eager to get off, but I would have qualms about the care I would receive if was critical and also the high rate of spread. I would not want to be in NY or S Florida at this time.
  12. As stated in OP, I immediately responded that I wanted card credited rather than FCC. I received a text about cancellation at 5:05 pm and got on email and had same message with place to click to request refund. I had this complete by 5:10 so I hope I am near top of refund list. The fact that they canceled and refund should be coming makes me think it is disputable. Why should one pay for a service the vendor has said they cannot provide and will refund? I cannot think of something more obviously disputable.
  13. I'm not sure it is a legitimate charge. I paid for a service that the company is not providing and they cancelled. It doesn't make sense to me to pay for something which the seller has stated they will not be fulfilling and I know I won't receive.
  14. I booked a cruise in February just after my statement date ended. It is on my March statement due early April. It is a May cruise so I paid in full. Celebrity canceled the cruise last week and I immediately opted for the credit over FCC. This is on the Celebrity visa which we only use for their cruises and probably won't book another for quite a while. Can I dispute the charge since cruise is canceled and not pay rather than pay and have huge credit once they finally post refund?
  15. The lady doctor in Trump's daily press briefings stated that 2- 3% of people tested were coming back positive so this is a little lower but within the margin of error. OTOH, it could raise significantly in coming days.
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