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  1. Thanks for letting me know and so it should be. How typical of the middle management on Pursuit to allow Phil to think it would not be. Not very professional.
  2. Dear Phil I am not surprised that you have not had a response from Azamara. After our first and last time on Pursuit I wrote a very pleasant letter to the UK MD and never had a reply. Considering we helped Pursuit out enormously by taking an extra two bags with us back to Blighty that belonged to a passenger who had to leave due to ill health in Brazil I was a tad surprised. The old Azamara firstly would not have allowed themselves to find themselves in that position with the luggage and secondly the UK MD would have replied immediately to my message. I think it is appalling that the rowing machine is not being replaced - would not happen on Seabourne. There again the sloppy way badly dressed passengers are allowed into Discovery would not happen on Seabourne ether. Belinda
  3. Somebody else may have mentioned this already but it is a really easy train journey to Florence. You can either take a short walk to beyond the town square and take a bus or take a taxi to the station. We bussed there and taxied back. Cannot the remember the cost as it was two years ago. Have a great time.
  4. It was the vaccine that caused his death. The family are known to us and we are not taking the risk. If it means a day on an empty ship so be it.
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