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  1. We are in that boat. We have until April to book something else but we have to sail within a year of the original cruise date. It was basically 6 of one, half dozen of the other for us given our deposit was over $900 and that was how about much more the cruise cost with refundable. I’m not sure when this ends though, I think it’s under the Cruise with Confidence.
  2. What does she consider a romper? That said, anything that looks nice is acceptable in my opinion.
  3. The Summit was our first cruise ever. You have picked a fabulous ship. Go to the bar to get your drinks using your package. Room service menu is in the room, Concierge class has better options. Just enjoy. We knew nothing about these cruises when we started but the Summit is fantastic.
  4. That makes sense for sure. Thank you for clarifying.
  5. Thank you. I’ve been trying to get an issue resolved since July. Absolutely no response. I’ll gather my info and call. Once again, CC to the rescue.
  6. Thank you. Might you share the phone number you used?
  7. We were given written confirmation of the new 60 day payment deadline for our Jan 14, 2022 cruise. Do you still have the email they sent giving the extra time?
  8. Our understanding is that if Celebrity cancels your cruise they will refund. This is what we have been definitively told.
  9. If you have a email address that they are actually responding to would you mind posting it? I’ve had no success reaching them.
  10. We were on infinity summer 2019, lovely ship. We were told she was due to go in for a refit early 2020. As far as I know that did not happen due to Covid.
  11. celebrity told us they would provide us with the appropriate test for our country 2 days before docking.
  12. Have you checked the Canadian traveller board, they may have a suggestion.
  13. We will be getting an FCC from a NRD for a cruise we are about to cancel. Under the CWC we have to use it by April 2022 and sail within a year of the original sail date which is January 14/22. If we don’t use it by then we lose it. If we book another cruise and end up not taking that cruise the deposit is lost. They will not allow us to move it a second time.
  14. The grassroots website says it supports the new documentation. I haven’t tried it yet as I can’t get mine until tomorrow.
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