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  1. Oh, I see what the OP is talking about now - the "cross shaped" open spot at the aft. My bad. Been on the liberty many times, usually on Deck 10, yet I have no idea what that is. I'll find out in August on my next cruse -- now my curiosity is piqued as well!
  2. I get mine done about once a year on board and it usually runs me about $300. Last year, on the Liberty, I had the best cut and color of my entire life from a Serbian woman. She has since moved to the Harmony. She also gave me a hand/arm massage and since I came back the next day to get an eyelash lift with her she gave me a free updo - and it was stunning.
  3. It's the bridge. Sounds like you are looking at it backwards. Windjammer is at the aft of the ship, the bridge is under the fitness center at the forward end.
  4. Just received this variable offer - 191RCL704. You will probably have to zoom in to read it.
  5. Offer code 191RCL602, titled "Bet Max on Bold". Anthem dates from Cape Liberty: 9 night Canada & New England, 8/29 (GS) and 9/26 (JS). 6 night Bermuda, 10/19 (GS). 5 night Bermuda 7/27 (JS). I'll get a pic of the list on here.
  6. We received some great options for comped Grand Suites through offer 191RCL602. We booked one for August on the Liberty of the Seas. It even had a few 9 night cruises on the Anthem and Grandeur out of the east coast. My husband and I are both Prime members so it was pretty exciting to see the generous offer.
  7. I am thankful they drool over the suite guests given the final bills we receive on our suite cabins.
  8. You may want to check websites for Effy or Kallati - two brands I always see on RCCL ships.
  9. Last year I hit a $2400 jackpot on Royal Caribbean - the last night of the cruise. The first night I made $800 off $20 during the first hour of the casino opening. My husband hit a $1,000 spin somewhere in the middle of the week. Also on that cruise a man hit $20K. Problem is.....when it's all said and done, we still lost more than we won. We enjoy the casino and put money aside all year for our cruises and never plan to make a profit. We get lots of free cruise offers in the mail and never pay for our cabins anymore - but they certainly aren't free!
  10. When we book our cruises from casino offers they do not appear automatically in our account. When you log in on the RCCL webpage, you will see a link that says "link a missing cruise", or "add cruise" - select that link then input your cruise confirmation number, which will be on the email you received from the casino cruise rep. Viola - it will be added to your my cruises section.
  11. Very well done! I rarely comment on YouTube videos but I left one for your son on his video page. He truly has talent and captured so many beautiful moments perfectly - plus captured routine moments that we take for granted in an extraordinarily beautiful way!
  12. We LOVE Santosh! We first met him about 3 cruises ago when he was working the pool deck - and the service he provided was exactly as you stated. He made us feel like the biggest VIPs on board. The next cruise we took he was working the casino bar and he remembered us -- not just like familiar face - he remembered our drink preferences and our names! The last cruise we didn't see him at first but one day he walked up to my husband in the casino, hugged him and said hello, even asked where I was! Turns out that trip he was working the pub so we made a special trip just to see him. Absolutely THE BEST OF THE BEST! We are cruising again in November and you bet we will be looking for him. Not only do we provide an extra large tip for him at the end of a cruise, but we always leave an excellent review for him on the comment cards and I have emailed corporate RCI gushing about him as well. I'll say it again... we LOVE Santosh!
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