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  1. Thanks for your update notamermaid! Sounds good and I feel quite relieved about the river levels not being to low, and looking forward to seeing those beautiful golden colours that I rarely see here in Aussie. Oh wow, a big difference to last year!
  2. Yes I second that 🙂 Well all of it except the flying out Thursday part, as we fly out Sunday .. 😁😁 Notamermaid..I wasn't actually sure if we were allowed to chat away about things other than weather...so thankyou! And a great trip to you djh1959!! I have sprayed my puffer jacket and shoes with water repellent in case of rain...or in case there is so much water in the rivers that it splashes up! Heh, but yes, also have some of those cheap ponchos, just in case. OOH, now adding in a pop up brolly too! Thankyou rileygirl12. Wonder what the week will bring...
  3. We are coming from Sydney 🙂 I see you are from Melbourne? Yes, a little worried about jetlag, urgh, but hoping to handle it. I will stick my head in the Rhine to wake up 😉
  4. OOH lucky you!! A very full trip for you both! 6 nights in Vienna and Budapest and even 3 in Ams..what a dream!! No, we get to Ams on the day and go straight to the ship from the airport.Then straight home afterwards. In retrospect I wish we gave ourselves more time at either end. So looking forward to it, just a week to go..less for you 🙂
  5. Sorry, checked Accuweather a few days ago and it said rain for most of the trip. Checked again now and you are so right !! Sounds good eh. I see you are on the Pearl..we are on the Jewel leaving Ams also on 14th, but going to Budapest. So hopefully clear sailing for us all ..with good river levels 🙂
  6. Thannks! Down Puffer Jacket...check. Beanie....runs off to find 😉 Well packing for all seasons as I think the ships are air conditioned. Packing raincoats also as when I checked on accuweather it said rain for most of our trip. River levels..so hard to predict eh. Watching this page like a hawk !
  7. Hi all 🙂 I have been following closely, thanks for all your updates! Our Scenic Jewels of Europe tour (Ams to Bud) leaves on Oct 14, Scenic Jewel. We booked this 18 months ago and cannot wait! Really hoping for water levels to be OK, but will take what we can! I am sure it will all be magnificent. Pretty hard to hope for great water levels and also no rain on our tour..but whatever happens happens. Still watching this page for water info tho 🙂
  8. WOW! Great vid and report..thanks for that. I can imagine being in that tiny boat with the Solstice looming in..terrifying!
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