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  1. Thank you for the compliment, I try to work out as much as I can and eat right, could do better.....I wish I could play hockey I have always loved watching, but being raised in the south we didn't have any of that here!....best of luck to you on the working out and your hockey!
  2. I don't have a link, just the unjust thought that they are open and cruises are not!...The US government has not provided one dollar to the cruise industry, but yet the CDC can tell them no cruising !
  3. We also have that here ,but that doesn't mean I know everything that's happening in Australia!.....I do believe at age 70 I know a little more about our politics than you and what is a sham and a lie!.......the Las Vegas hotels and casinos are open and many have more guest that the largest cruise ships, our local casino is open and thousands of people are in there everyday!......makes you think what does the CDC have against the cruise industry!
  4. You're not located in the US so it will be hard for you to understand the politics here, but lies upon lies!
  5. I don't believe the numbers nor the lies that are posted by the CDC, the media or any other news outlet but if the only way to get the cruise business back is for everyone to be vaccinated, so be it!......we have both been vaccinated so no big deal to us!
  6. I used my FCC and booked for May 2021, I had enough in credit to pay for the entire cruise but had to still pay $500 cash deposit, then I was able to use what was remaining and pay gratuities, I still have over $300 remaining in credit but was told I will not receive that until completion of cruise!
  7. We have a Whaler rented for 6 hours in April and can you just tell me a little about your times doing this, like easy to get to beaches and some of the small islands?.....thanks
  8. That is correct, 20% of what we paid pp for that cruise, and the water was fresh water and no sewage at all.....also the credit is to be applied by the date I had said earlier but can cruise whenever date that cruise is booked for!
  9. Has to be used before 11-14-2020 and can only be used on the fare after deposit!
  10. We were on the Liberty of the Seas Halloween cruise in a deck seven balcony cabin, on Friday night, the 5 th night of the cruise we had a gasket burst in the toilet and water was running out the bathroom into our cabin and hallway, my wife opened the cabin into this mess, ran down to the Hoof and Claw and informed me, by the time we got back up to the cabin the maintenance staff had it fixed and was sucking up the water and blowing it dry.....anyway, not bad wet after what they had done and nothing to cause us to move cabins that late into the cruise,... so the thank you.....today I received a
  11. A lot of great info from these post, thank you all!
  12. We will be on the Liberty of the Seas this Halloween and my wife loves to decorate, but I think I heard somewhere that RC has banned putting anything on cabin doors, can anybody tell me if this is true or not?
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