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  1. more cabins with a separate bedroom and living area
  2. I'm planning for a panama canal cruise and would like to know if any of you have experience with the following: Best side of ship to get balcony cabin for the canal? Does deck matter too? Best month for least humidity and hot weather/rains? I've planned for FEB but can certainly change that Beverage package or not? Can you really hang strong with all that booze for 12 - 14 days? lol We're thinking of leaving from New Orleans, what is the best port to leave from and why? We live in Denver so we have to fly to any departure port although we don't leave from FL very often because of the longer cross country flight. We typically sail on Carnival but we're open to other lines. Thanks for any insight you may have for me.
  3. Is it possible to enter a carnival gift card for the cruise deposit? I haven;t done a booking in over a year and can't remember. thank you.
  4. Is it possible to buy gifts for a sailing that leaves today? It won't let me do it online with the booking number so wondering if I can call? I completely forgot! bummer. Thank you.
  5. avoid aft cabins - this ship vibrates like no other! We had the aft wrap last July and it was so bad, made it hard to sleep and the glassware at the bar area was clinking so much, we just had it all removed. The dining room had tables with vibrating glassware too. I don't think I would book Miracle again.
  6. Does anyone know the process on Carnival Splendor heading to Mexico to get the tender ticket for Cabo? Where do they go and when do they go? My parents will be on their first ever cruise by themselves and I always have priority so I don't know how to explain the process for getting a good number. Thanks for your help!
  7. jdemps

    Cheers package - Extra shot

    The drinks at alchemy bar are all supposed to be doubles so that's where we go to max out cheers package. I've asked for doubles many times and was told no, not on cheers. You can also buy a bottle and have it delivered to your room, put some in a small flask and amp up your own drink once they serve it to you if you really wanted that double.
  8. Uber or Lyft would be cheaper and nicer than a taxi.
  9. jdemps

    Additional gratuity with Cheers

    The 15% tip included in the price of the package is only about $7.50 per day if you prepay on line. That doesn't even cover a proper tip for 4 drinks that i would order from the bar. Knowing this, we tip $1 extra on every cheers drink we get from the bar or a server.
  10. jdemps

    No option to select check-in time

    We have a FEB 10th cruise out of Long Beach on the Splendor that hasn't posted check in times yet. I check frequently but nothing yet.
  11. jdemps

    Alaskan cruises: Where to get excursions, where to not?

    Where are you from? I think that plays a big part in what is going to me a must do for you. We are from Denver and have access to the Rockies year round so going on the train rides to see trees and waterfalls just wasn't that appealing to us. We did a whale watching tour and took the smaller boat to see the tracy arm fjord glacier on our trip. We spent time in each little town and had amazing food, saw bald eagles, bears and some really great crafts and knives. We did hike in skagway that went through an old west cemetary and led to a nice waterfall for free. Went to several local breweries and pubs and had the crabs at Tracy's in Juneau - that was truly amazing crab! As other have said, I'm not sure how you could do Alaska on a "budget" and do it all but you can definitely find some gems that aren't all that much. We probably spent about $1000 total in the ports for the two of us. Have a great trip.
  12. jdemps

    Splendor out of Long Beach ?s

    We always end up staying out late the last night, leave our suite at 9am, have breakfast on lido, then leave around 10am. That puts us at LAX around 11am or so with a few hours to wait. We fly to Denver so I think the last few times we had 1:30 flights. I download netflix episodes on my phone to kill the time. I hate being stressed about missing a flight so we just wait it out.
  13. I would dress nicer if the food were better. It's really not a 5 star restaurant, maybe 2.5 or so for the food selections and the service. For n ow, they get the bare minimum while I'm on vacation.
  14. jdemps

    Upgrade fairy called...please help

    it would depend on cabin number for me. I like to pick one in a great location mid - aft.
  15. jdemps

    faster steakhouse experience?

    ok so it sounds like just notifying the server is sufficient if they want to be out in about an hour. Thank you!