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  1. jdemps

    Cost of Lunch in Havana

    Which restaurant was this? I think I would like to let our guide know where we would like to go vs asking them to take us somewhere. thanks.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I will work to get myself set up to deal with the smoke the best I can. Good to know there are ways to avoid it. Have a great weekend!
  3. We did one NCL cruise on the Norwegian Dawn out of New Orleans in 2015. Everything about it was just a bit more "stuffy" than the Carnival cruises so we haven't planned on doing another. We definitely prefer the comedy club to what I thought was weird Saturday night live type bad comedy on ncl that trip. Anyways, it just wasn't a good fit for us. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  4. We're booked on Sunrise to Cuba hopefully for FEB 2020 so thanks for adding any feedback you might have. Have a fun cruise!
  5. Has anyone experienced less cigarette smoke on the newer ships like Horizon? I am very sensitive to the smoke so have to get prescriptions so as not to have allergic reactions while on vacation so wondering if the new ships have better ventilation. I don't care to hear about the smoker vs non smoker arguments, just real life experiences with the smoke levels on new ships. Thanks.
  6. I always bring straws on vacation. We have the ones made from corn that are compostable. We buy them at the local restaurant supply in Denver area. Have a great trip and bring you own if you have any doubts.
  7. Thank you. I will look for rentals near Margaritaville on the AirBnB map. We're not interested in staying in a hotel or resort, we love the homey feel of an AirBnb with all the extra space.
  8. With advice from this forum, we have decided on Hollywood Beach to stay for 3 nights ahead of our Cuba cruise out of FLL and we're wondering which area of the beach is best to stay. One of us has some mobility issues so we would like to get an AirBnB in an area of the beach with the best access to bars, restaurants, shopping. Maybe 1/4 mile walk at the most or a quick Uber ride would be ideal. Budget is about $1K per night for 3 couples. Thank you for your advice!
  9. Our cruise in FEB 2020 still lists Havana as a port. Hope those repairs start much later in the year.
  10. jdemps

    travel to Cuba

    our itinerary leaves Cuba at 6am so has anyone heard about the exchange being open very late to accommodate the cruisers doing an overnight stay in Cuba? Or, if you run out of CUC, will they take US Dollars in the bars/restaurants we might visit late night so as not to have CUC left if the exchange is closed to us? The exchange hours I have seen from the boards close at like 6pm. We are in port from 8am to 6am next day and really don't want to have useless money left. Cuba seems to be a hassle for Americans to visit so we doubt we will go more than once. Thanks.
  11. The aft wrap on deck 4 for the Miracle has a vibration that pretty much lasts all day and night. I will never book that again. Not sure if it's all ships back there or just that ship but our wine glasses in the bar were clanking together many times so we just had them removed. We loved the cabin with the separate living room from the bedroom and the larger balcony but the vibration was just so very annoying.
  12. Do underage passengers in that same room need to buy bottomless bubbles if the adults get cheers? I think I remember that was a rule at one time but not sure anymore with all the changes. Have a great trip!
  13. following - we leave port at 6am next day and have read that exchange closes at around 6pm so if have leftover, we're stuck with it I guess.
  14. Packing cubes will save so much room. I bet you could get at least 4 days of clothes into one of the medium size and slip that into each backpack or "personal item" that fits under the seat. Febreeze or the downy wrinkle releaser to hang and freshen an outfit and wear it again a few days later One pair of jeans should be fine to rewear a few times. Take easy breezy and most importantly, lightweight clothing Have a great trip!
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