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  1. i'm Sapphire and have been on 5+ free cruises. Never heard of BounceBack cruise credit. so The the magic word to ask them is BounceBack? and keep calling back till you find a bcc agent who knows? and i think all offers are based on your last cruise. i have no idea how a b2b is handled. do both legs count as 1 cruise? i'm doing a b2b2b in Nov and i plan to gamble light on the 1st and 2nd legs then gamble hard on the 3rd leg.
  2. in nov, getting off summit (miami) @ 7am and going to Edge (ft lauderdale) on the same day. I plan to Uber but am wondering if there's a better/cheaper way?
  3. Oct 2021 Interview with the guy in charge of Blue Chip: youtube.com/watch?v=BonGgOGXzac Starting at 8:05, he says something about "Tier Level sailings" every quarter if you're Amethyst or higher. Onyx tier gets 2 sailings a year. I'm Sapphire since 2019 and this is the 1st i've heard about Tier Level sailings. Google turns up a blank. Hopefully this isnt a marketing ploy since I'm not going to take them if it's not free.
  4. yup, the antigen tests get booked up fast. cvs only lets you schedule 2 weeks out. for my Oct 26 cruise, i made an appt today for oct 24 and oct 25 at different lcoations. (just in case one cvs covid testing get shuts down for some reaosn like the tester called out sick.)
  5. thx Bird. I thought about it but i decided to extend my Celebrity cruise in Nov to a b2b2b starting Oct 26 in Miami. I also thought about taking the Oasis in nj 10/17-10/24, go home, then fly out of miami 2 days later. Too stressful. I'm going to choose the free Anthem cruise sometime early next year. if i get another free cruise, i'll do Oasis spring/fall 2022. (no way i'm doing summer with a ship more designed for kids because school's out)
  6. HOLY! what ships have the $9/day price?
  7. interesting that the premium drink package is $69/day and the drinks more package is $76.50/day. thats only a $7.50/day difference
  8. not for me. im on the edge 10/30 and 11/6 (b2b). shows $75/day for me, and i got the email saying 20% off select items pre-cruise. but then again i havent bought any drink package. $9/day upgrade from Premium sounds reasonable. whats the normal price to upgrade from premium? wished Celebrity's website sees that that i'm casino sapphire tier, which comes with the bottom level drinks package. and offer me upgrades based on the bottom level drink package.
  9. Elites have a discount to speciality dining? How much?
  10. So the 20%off is shore ex only? And some restaurants are 11% off? Also, 1st night Tuscan pre-cruise pricing is usually $30 (33% off) unless sold out
  11. Going on the Edge 11/6. got an email saying 20% off select pre-cruise items. i looked under dining and nothing is on sale. What items are on sale? thx
  12. im on this edge cruise as well. im bringing a costume. in 2019, i was on a M class ship during Halloween and there was a costume contest on the pool deck for various categories. no idea about costume party this year because covid?
  13. you get $50 in real chips and your original $25 promo chips stays on the table as a bet for the next deal.
  14. I'm doing a sideways b2b: getting off 4day summit 10/30/21 7am in Miami and going on the 7day Edge 10/30 @ Ft Lauderdale 3pm. on both the summit and edge, pre-cruise pricing for Rooftop Garden Grill is $40. On Edge, Eden is $49. Wasnt Rooftop Garden Grill $45 in 2019? I know Eden was at least $55 if not $65 in 2019.
  15. Celebrity Edge (11/6 - 11/14/21) Edge (pier 25?) will dock at 7am on 11/14. i have 2 choices of flight back to Virginia/IAD: - 8:45am (united) - 1:05pm (united) but +$100 more expensive ($300 total) doors of airplane close 20 minutes before flight so 8:25am. Think i can walk off (only have 1 carry on luggage), get uber, and make airport at 8am? Or get the 1:05pm? Thx
  16. i plan on taking Summit (miami) 10/26-10/30 then Edge (ft lauderdale) 10/30-11/6. (Summit is free because MGM Platinum casino tier.) I'm assuming i can get a covid rapid test on summit on 10/29 with the rest of the people who will do the summit b2b. but since i'm doing a sideways, how do i prove to the Edge that i got a covid test? Thx
  17. how do you unfollow? (i tried and fail for another thread)
  18. thx! bringing a 1.5L bottle of wine and a 12pack of 16oz water
  19. Can you get bottled water as one of your 4 drinks? and can you bring bottled water on board on embarkation day?
  20. the math doesnt add up. for 7 meal (38% discount): $233/7 = $33.29 each but 38% discount off $45 is $17.10. so $45 - 17.10 = $27.90 should be the price per meal. and how does the meal package work on sushi on 5 since it's ala carte pricing?
  21. logged into rc using my celebrity login/password. clicked on link to enroll in crown+anchor. for tier status: Status Diamond Points 0 thx!
  22. is it 4 drinks per day? if so, why would any Diamond or above buy the drinks package?
  23. got a response from blue chip 2 days after i sent a follow up email. thx for the tip
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