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  1. lol ok, back to info about the Ninja Turtle class ships
  2. ncl will discount if they think they will have empty rooms a week before sail. but i dont expect empty rooms on the 1st few cruises after restart. and thats because of what you said: pent up demand, lower capacity limits, and all that fcc floating around that must be spent within a year from issue. it's like the go-karts on joy/bliss/encore. the first 1/3 of the cruise it'll be all booked, then you'll get some openings but at some unpopular times. then you'll have your pick of times you want.
  3. yup apparently. I set ncl's cruise listing to 1 person sailing then sort cruises by price. as soon as cruises exceeds $50/day, i stop scrolling down. those cruises that are $50/day usually sails in 10days or less.
  4. well, i usually only saw a 's' on cruises 10days out or less. since ncl isnt sailing till at least Dec, we're 4 weeks away from last minute. and i dont expect last min solo sale pricing on the 1st few cruises of the re-start
  5. dont care about the solo cabins. care about the last minute ncl deals with no solo supplement $50/night or less for solo inside cabins. (see my sig) thats why ncl leads in the solo category
  6. ahh.. i only looked on the 1st page for a similiar thread
  7. the offer is back! "Get a one-time $125 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $500+ on Celebrity Cruises cruise reservations online at celebrity.com/amex or by phone at 1-844-530-3783 by 12/31/2020. " ymmv... i used it last time when offered in 2019. (i have free amex blue) im assuming I can use it again since im seeing it in my acct again
  8. and suggest to double check which down he's in. am i the only one who think's he should have retired when he left new england? ie: retire on top
  9. well, this article says rcl had $3B cash before the $1B stock dilution: https://www.cruisehive.com/royal-caribbean-issues-update-detailing-difficult-financial-status/42615 so $4B cash @ $250M/month burn rate = 16months (1yr 4 months) survival so till feb 2022
  10. well, even tho im elite on Celebrity, i dont think ive ever been on their private island. i assume it's the same island RCL uses (coco kay)? so i'll do 1 bubble cruise because it'll be a new port for me
  11. oh.. did not know that. thx! so it looks like bubble cruise= private islands only
  12. the only US cruises that i can think of to do that are panama (partial or full crossing), alaska (glaciers) and private islands. the ships will have to stop at at least 1 foreign port but noone gets off.
  13. for me, aruba/st marteen/bahamas/st kitts would be a deal breaker for me if i couldnt do stuff on my own.
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