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  1. wait.. you get 50 pup by just registering?! and dont have to attend? edit: what do pup points do?
  2. called today (855 227-2537). the person said blue chip cruises are not combinable with the mLife obc offer. (and as i said in post #59)
  3. Love the lawn club. i sit next to one of the clear wind barriers. i also wont book anything in advance. you can get 50% off the lawn club while on board. there will be people in the Lawn club waiters outfit walking around on sea days trying to get you to go. Ask for 50% off. if they say 20%-30%, try again the next day. eventually they'll say yes, especially on a 10+ day cruise. this is only from people in the lawn club uniform, and not the generic waiter's uniform. the generic waiter's walking around trying to get you to sign up to specialty re
  4. that doesnt sound right. 12500 points should be worth $125. What amex do you have?
  5. so 2 years ago i turned off all Celebrity emails because i got tired of the spam. around the same time, i stopped getting free cruise postcards from Blue chip. so now i have to call to find out what offers i have, which isnt as convenient. Is there a way to just get Blue Chip emails and not the rest of the Celebrity spam emails?
  6. apparently dont call bcc on mon morning. i gave up after being on hold for 30min. i emailed them instead with my mLife # and X booking #.
  7. still shocked they gave him $ back (in the form of OBC) since it was after final payment. or has the refund rules changed because Covid?
  8. i was told in 2019 no mLife OBC if you're on a casino comp or discounted cruise. I'm mLife platinum
  9. As far as i know, The rake for poker (cash game) on ALL Celebrity ships is 10% up to $15. so max rake will be reached if the pot is $150+
  10. my reply would be somewhere along the lines of '3 some?' 😄
  11. i, for one, welcome a younger crowd on X. also, if i still have my Retreat lounge privileges due to my casino tier, i welcome a girl in a thong with a pron star body
  12. then obviously ask for a pic that Mom would not approve of! and post it here! or i'll give you my email addr 😄
  13. woah.. thats new! dont remember the rake when i sailed the Edge in 2019, but it wasnt that high!
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