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  1. im using the latest version of Chrome. the login popup doesnt pop up under normal mode. this has been happening since last month. i have to be in Incognito mode to log in. but in incognito mode, all cookies get erased when i close the tab. so i have to 'log in' every time, which is annoying. how to get the login popup via normal mode? edit: nevermind. works now.
  2. thx. sticking with HR. love the toasted brioche roll but am thinking of trying the crab roll this time around
  3. going back to Portland. this time on NCL. anything different in the lobster roll from becky's diner over highroller?
  4. ok, thanks. you have confirmed that there is a price difference in minimum bids between going up 1 cabin level to balcony vs going up 2 to balcony. so i guess the upgrade computer has me stuck as an inside even though i'm now in an OV.
  5. I booked inside. The minimum upgrade bid from inside to balcony is $50/person. Then the ov cabin prices dropped so I paid the difference and booked that at no penalty. (Cruise is next month.) But days after I got the ov, the minimum upgrade bid to balcony is still $50/person. I'm assuming the upgrade computer system still thinks I'm booked in an inside? What's the usual minimum upgrade bid from ov to inside?
  6. hm.. does everyone get it for booking this month?
  7. just booked a cruise for next month. cabin category IA. i get 1 promo, and chose the dining package. in my docs, i saw a code that i've never seen before in any of my other cruises: GRLOBC apparently it's $25 obc, which was unexpected. (i like good surprises!) this an unadvertised perk? if not, link? (google has failed me.)
  8. update: new pricing plan # of meals price ($) $ per meal % difference 3 99 33 4 114 28.5 0.13636364 5 129 25.8 0.09473684 6 139 23.16667 0.10206718 7 149 21.28571 0.08119219 8 159 19.875 0.06627517 9 169 18.77778 0.05520615 10 179 17.9 0.04674556 11 189 17.18182 0.04012189 12 199 16.58333 0.03483245 13 209 16.07692 0.0305373 14 219 15.64286 0.02699932 as you can see, bang for the buck is the 4sdp package with a 13.6% drop per meal from 3sdp. next biggest % drop is 6sdp, mainly because going from 5sdp to 6sdp is only $10 more instead of $15. interestingly enough, the cost of 7sdp and above is the same from last year.
  9. paranoid much? in the 4 yrs ive been in this forum, i've yet to encounter someone lying to one of my threads. also, Strawman much? who said i was going to argue to the ncl rep that someone on cruise critic said otherwise? worst case scenario, i was going to come back to cc and quote that person and say s/he was wrong based on my personal experience.
  10. i was asking people who have gone thru this process and asked about their experience. reading comprehension for the win?
  11. no on the admin fee if i use the certificate for the $550 trade-in value. i book a regular sail away room. there's no $20/day admin fee if not booking a cruise listed on the certificate. then just apply the $550. (from personal experience from a cruise earlier this year since the $550 credit took me below the $20/day admin fee.)
  12. what color is zultanite? in rarity, rank the major 4 gems (diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby), tanzanite and zultanite from least plentiful to most.
  13. land casino gave me a free cruise certificate. it has a trade-in value of $550 per cabin for cruises not on the list, even if going solo. (ive used it as a solo cruiser earlier this year and got the full $550 as partial payment for the $800 fare + port fees.) some of the cruises im looking at should cost less than $550 solo. (last minute no promo deals) Has anyone used the trade-in value of a certificate to pay the cheap cruise fare AND some/all of the port fee/taxes? i dont want to call CAS because i dont trust their answers for what-if situations. the only way to know for sure is to do an actual booking and see what the computer computer does, which i cant do yet because the price hasnt dropped far enough to my price point. hence, why im asking to see if anyone has successfully done this before.
  14. hm.. to a noob like me, anything blueish is a sapphire. i guess the ship makes more profit off tanzanite than selling sapphires? also, i think: reddish = ruby, green = emerald, yellow = topaz, and clear = diamond.
  15. Strawman is strong in this one. who said anything about me still being on the cruise?!?
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