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  1. wait.. you can get cappuccino's at the buffet?! where/how? free?
  2. when i priced it for the Summit, the 3n package had only a slight discount. restaurants were $45/person. (dont think there's a murano on Summit.) 3n package = $42/person the 4n package was at least 20% off regular prices so if you didnt want to go thru the trouble of trying for a 33%+ discount daily. but on the Edge, Eden is priced higher than other restaurants. (it's also unique to Edge class ships.) I think it was $65/person. :o
  3. ahh.. forgot to mention mine's was a transatlantic cruise. so alot more time/slots available for people to get their fill of speciality restaurants. i can see a 7day cruise being fully booked thus no discounts offered
  4. i hope it starts. i have a 28day b2b to Ireland starting aug 2
  5. yes, Eden should be included. the dining package should be for any inclusive priced restaurant. ie: lawn garden, le petite chef, steak restaurant, murano, etc it'll be cheaper to get a daily discount from restaurant workers hawking reservations than the slight discount from the 3meal plan. these workers are in common areas on sea days or in front of the buffet entrance during lunch everyday. ive gotten discount offers from 20% - 50% off. i tell them i want 40% off and walk if they dont offer it. and try again the next day. you can also ask if they have buy one 2nd person eats free. (so essentially 50% off)
  6. signed up when you posted last week. still havent gotten anything from Blue chip Casino but am now getting junk mail from Celebrity about stuff i dont care about. ie: Make Pomegranate Mojitos but am afraid if i unsubscribe, i also wont be getting casino offers 😞
  7. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/norwegian-cruise-line-swings-1-115414721.html The company said on Thursday it posted a net loss of $1.88 billion, or $8.80 per share, for the three months ended March 31, compared with a profit of $118.2 million, or 54 cents per share, a year earlier. considering the virus only affected March cruises, that seems bad to me. Share price down to $9.85 premarket.
  8. i think he meant tier status extended to 24 months instead of the normal 18. (he did mention 18months in his post)
  9. every person is different. i usually sail solo and am fine with an Inside cabin since i only shower and sleep there. but you can also find deals on OV/balconies, especially on long cruises. my last cruise was 16day Panama Canal on the Joy earlier this year in a guarantee balcony for $50day solo. going through the Panama Canal in a balcony for $50/day? Absolutely wonderful! Insides were cheaper than $50/day but to see the panama canal crossing w/o fighting the crowds was priceless
  10. Wha? you're not looking hard enough. heck, you're not looking period! for the past 5 years, they have had fire sales of $50/day or less SOLO! look at my sig. every cruise i've booked thru ncl.com has been $50/day or less solo. (im platinum Plus)
  11. then wouldnt drifting in the Agean Sea (or any place) be dangerous? and why not anchor in place in the Agean Sea?
  12. yeah.. and whats does drifting mean? CONSTELLATION Agean Sea [drifting] 37.11N 23.27E Also, what are ECLIPSE and MILLENIUM doing? going in circles? why not anchor and stay in place?
  13. signed up. hopefully i get free cruise offers as well :)
  14. NCL has a time tested strategy of holding price?! since when??? every cruise in the past 5 yrs that i booked directly from NCL's website was $50/day or less and solo pricing! they were all last minute pricing. ie: 1 week before sail
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