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  1. We are following you, so want details, especially food even on shore. Really glad the fires decided to give you all a pass. I think there is more storage in the outside cabins on Dolphin than the balconies, so I'm happy with an outside. Handler doesn't agree, but he's not trying to find a home for all those purchases I make on the way. Do you think main seating dinner on the world will be 7:30? Give everyone we know on the ship a hug for us and tell them we'll see them in January.
  2. Sometimes they run out of the cloth bags and have to use the paper bags. This happened on a world cruise a few years ago. The demand was higher than they anticipated and ran out of cloth bags.
  3. We've done the donkey cart twice. It is a really jarring, rough ride, think stone washboard. If you have back problems it would really hurt. The first time we only took the cart back up. It costs the same one way as round trip. Last time we were there about midway through my husband's knees (he was 81 at the time) balked so we engaged donkeys to take us back to the Treasury where we caught a donkey cart out and back to the top. The donkey ride wasn't very comfortable, but it beat walking for him, and we did get to see a lot of stuff. As I remember the donkey cart was $40 and the donkey ride was $10 each. The donkey's minder walks along beside you, so it is fairly safe. They also have camels that you can ride, but they are mainly for picture taking, I think. Petra is amazing, so you shouldn't miss it. leslie
  4. I don't think they will fit under the bed. I store stuff under the bed in file boxes that are 10.5 inches high and can slide them in and out from under the bed frame. There may be a little more head room under the bed than the actual frame, but doubt it would be enough for a 12-inch or so high case of wine. If it would fit the room stewards could lift the bed up when you needed to get another case out, but doubt if they would want to lift the bed up every time you needed one bottle. leslie
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