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  1. I was on the Fascination a couple weeks ago in an interior cabin. I loved it. I tried the TV on the bridge cam trick, but the TV turned itself off after a bit of time. I'm not exactly sure how long it was, but when we woke up, it was turned off.
  2. I just got off this itinerary. It was amazing!! Except, mine also had San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was really fun! I boarded in Barbados.
  3. Thank you all! I shall not confuse the two in the future. But now I’m very interested to know which of the two (or both?) I’ll need to do in San Juan.
  4. Maybe you’re right that it is immigration, but from what I’ve read, everyone uses the term “customs” and I’m not sure what the difference is, tbh. This is one post I saw... “San Juan.... All passengers have to get off the ship when it docks in San Juan. We were all asked to meet between 8:45-9:45am in the Passage to India on deck 9 ensuring we had every thing we needed with us as we would be escorted off the ship and unable to return until they had been cleared to start embarkation of the new passengers starting their cruise that day, we were escorted off the ship on groups and had to wear an 'in transit' sticker to identify us to border protection officers, once through customs we were able to enjoy our day in San Juan after moving our in transit sticker to the back of our passport so that we didn't have to queue with the masses trying to join the ship.“ However, it was from more than a year ago. The more recent one I saw said 8am meeting time. So I really don’t know.
  5. Hi! I can’t tell you how many google searches I have done trying to find info about embarking in Barbados! Thank you for this info!! Question for you...if I have booked an excursion in San Juan where I need to be at a hotel in Old San Juan by 8:15, am I not going to make it because of customs? That would really stink!! I feel like carnival needs to step up and give us more info than they do!! Thanks!
  6. I wish you were correct. But from everything I've seen posted from people who have boarded in Barbados, they do have to go through US customs in San Juan. 😞
  7. Do you guys think I’ll make an 8:15 excursion in San Juan if we have to go thru customs there first? Thanks!
  8. My favorite waitress in the MDR is starting back on the Vista for your cruise! She’s amazing! Her name is Monica and she’s from Romania. If you see her, tell her Victoria says hi and misses her! 🙂
  9. Thanks for your review! I'm boarding in about 10 days from Barbados! I'm super excited!
  10. Thanks, Bajan Keith and Aplmac for your replies!
  11. Hi! Has anyone embarked in Barbados (while others are mid-cruise from San Juan)? What was your experience like? What can I expect? Thanks!
  12. Wow! Good suggestions! I have the Carnival Mastercard. I just didn't know about all this stuff! Thank you so much!!
  13. I have cruised three times and all three I shared a room with my late 60 YO parents. I'm in my mid 40's. We did Oceanview on 2 and Balcony on 1. I slept in the pull-down bed and it was fine. There's a little ladder to climb into the bed and there was plenty of room to roll over and move around, but I'm only 5'4", so your experience may differ. The room steward made the bed up each evening and stowed it away each morning, so it really is out of the way. Here's my suggestions for making it work: The first person up should check with anyone to see if they need to use the restroom and once that's done, shower, get ready and then leave the room. That way you aren't in the way of the next person. I was almost always the first up and would go up to wander the ship and then meet my parents for breakfast later. We used the Carnival Hub app to communicate. Keep your stuff stowed away! My parents have a bad habit of coming into a room and emptying their pockets on whatever flat surface is nearby. By day 4, our room was a disaster and I politely asked them to move stuff into drawers or suitcases. The clutter really piles up in that tiny room with three people! As soon as you come in, hang sweaters, stow shoes, etc. It makes a world of difference! I don't know which cruise you're going on, but ours have all been very port-intensive so we didn't have a lot of sea days to hang around and get on each other's nerves. Thank God! But just relax, have fun, and be patient. Remember that your MIL won't be around forever and try to enjoy the time you get to hang out with her. I've found that with older people, they often love telling stories about their youth and it's a great way to break down walls that may have grown between you. Hope you have a great cruise!
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