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  1. land lover

    Just back from the Ruby Princess

    Thanks all for the details...I am always game for new experiences food choices ...Princess definitely needs to spice things up.....Just returned from the Sea Princess, a 20 year old ship with 2,000 PAX, sailed 40 days, with AUD as currency it was if I had walked back in time. They automatically punched every card on that ship, 70 % of the people wore lanyards most given to them by their travel agent. So many things were unique on these sailings, a 10 day Queensland and 28 circumnavigation from sailing anywhere else in the world. Had a great time...but I do think the Aussies are spoiled. That's Princess Australia for ya... Anyway thanks for all the info Jill & Kay D ...very informative. How wonderful Kay D to have such a smooth sailing..doesn't happened to often on a PC. Like your comment of bringing dirty clothes with u....Glad to see IC has not changed much. Will miss the color coded carpet and "mail boxes." Jill ...glad to hear the variety of food for 2 weeks kept you interested. How was the entertainment?
  2. land lover

    Just back from the Ruby Princess

    Can u give us some more details about the new food choices and other updates...I was on her in April, PC & May, Alaska, so we had the new MDR menus are they still around? What other changes did u notice to the Ruby?
  3. land lover

    Actual phone calls from ships

    Interesting as Princess rate was $5.99 per minute on our Alaska cruise in May. T-mobile carrier.
  4. land lover

    Coffee card question

    and some seem to forget at one time there was no coffee cards or BOGO and limited OBC.....so I really don't see how people are screwed by Princess...No way am I a cheer leader...but being an avid life long traveler both land & sea & river etc..etc...flexibility is the name of the travel game. I swore to myself I would not respond to another Coffee Card thread and hear I am. :eek: It's 35 bucks....small peanuts...let it go...let it go..... My firm belief..is they will let people use cards after the expiration dates just because they do not want to hear the complaints or have guests make a scene....would you make a scene? I just got off the phone from trillion dollar amazon, I was mistreated by them on an order....my concern was resolved but not to my satisfaction, as I am still out a few dollars....but...I let it...go..:D BTW I am still sitting on 6-8 coffee cards..because of having the AIBP & PBP... 3 cruises since the change just gave away mini bar to room attendant, a gift to me I can easily regift..why not?
  5. land lover

    Do You Miss Folks From Previous Cruises?

    To answer your question, no. Have we made friends and travel buddies on cruises?...... plenty. Have we cruised with people again and met up with them in our or their home state, country..... yes. 35 years ago our honeymoon cruise(1st cruise) was the beginning of some life long friends, another honeymoon couple. Many others have followed from both land and cruise vacations. CC has certainly nurtured and maintained(a roll call from 2006, thread is still around) many of these relationships. In fact in 2009, I met a solo traveler on a general CC thread for Xpedition and we ended up meeting for the first time in Miami, and traveled to Peru on a land vacation. On Princess ships, have never nurtured or desired to have relationships with staff. But, on X & RCI it is a total different atmosphere which has allowed us to become well acquainted with officers when on our sailings and beyond. When traveling, most people are in my orbit for such a short time, If we meet or travel together again, wonderful. If not, memories fade and new friends are made on our next adventures. One reason, I like to travel on a cruise or escorted tour is to met new and interesting people.....who give me ideas on new places to travel too....
  6. land lover

    What does "Enhanced nightly turn-down service" mean?

    LOL...you got me.......;p context...baby...context
  7. land lover

    What does "Enhanced nightly turn-down service" mean?

    Talking suite...seems I always need to write more detail for you:D;) or maybe less. I wrote CC because, new descriptions were made for full suites at the time CC was implemented. And prior to that my suite experiences would not matter...would they???? There is no need for Princess to change CAT names.....long time cruisers have it straight and others that are new or confused should be reading other information besides CC.
  8. land lover

    What does "Enhanced nightly turn-down service" mean?

    OP...I would actually ask princess on land and then my room attendant once on board.....We have had suites since CC class began and have found nothing different about turn down. But then again I have not read the amenities list in a long time. Here's a guess 2 chocolates instead of one;);) or did they give us choc covered strawberries a time or 2.
  9. land lover

    But...what about Nicaragua!

    What? Why? Because...... Life happens.....travel is an adventure....go with the flow...surprised your expectations are so high after all your travels.
  10. I'll add to what Chez will answer. Since I organized the last M&G on the Majestic before her "turn over" to China. Ours was in the Allegro Dining, the same location as Chez posted for theirs. The Conservatory will be a much better location. We had over 100 sign ups and about 40 showed. We had 9 officers including the CD. At our location drinks nor snacks were available/ provided. The CD brought a portable mic and arrived first all the senior officers came as a group and then the CD introduced them...Captain Craig Street choose not to speak, he and staff just mingled for about 40 minutes. BTW in my invites, have always mentioned how many CC members have signed up...For example: Over 100 Cruise Critic members on the June 18th sailing, request your presence...........also have never addressed the invites to individual staff, let the contact on board decide who to invite...
  11. Love reading your posts so informative. Impressed about your ability to minimize your minute usage. Glad to hear those bulky gaming tables were removed in the Visa lounge. Your Random thoughts have helped me regarding the Brisbane shuttle, leaving for AU in a few weeks. Also the Visa thing with Vietnam seems to be a moving target..back in June 2017, as a US citizen was charged $55+1 USD(1port stop)....but have seen posted on CC since my trip, another Princess cruiser stating their OBA was charged 35USD?? it is what it is.:) BTW it was so humid when we were cruising in south east Asia when opening up our balcony door all the mirrors in our cabin would fog up and my camera lens had fogging problems as well. Keep on having a great time on beautiful Majestic.....
  12. Oh and Alfredo's...don't miss trying Agnolotti Gratinati Alla Piemontese. Pasta pockets filled with veal covered with a creamy veal & sage sauce. Let us know what you think? Enjoy....