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  1. I am hoping for Hawaii at Christmas out of SP...well one can dream.....it's possible...I booked 2 other Hawaiis in 2021..so maybe one will go.....fingers crossed.
  2. me too....I've always used a cruise for transportation..... Princess has no ships that I would enjoy being on for several sea days in a row, three is my limit...now other cruise lines...I could go for Panorama out of San Pedro or a mega RCI(if only) Not enough variety food/ entertainment on board with Princess...always has been a port cruise line for me...
  3. Totally of topic, just curious OP, have you received your rewards from your citibank card for your "trip"?
  4. LOL....No, but I have been pretty fortunate, so you might want to cruise with me....even though I have had many difficulties...which have been overcome, those experiences have make my outlook far more positive.
  5. Don't think a vaccine will make a difference, it will be the delivery of it and how effective it is, that will have an impact...I believe cruising will begin faster than many think...
  6. I think Australia might begin sooner than you think...many cruises don't need international travelers ...with all ports in Australia and all Australians on board, why wouldn't that work?...just sayin'...
  7. How can anyone benefit from a cancelled cruise...? You lost out on experiences which are priceless, at least that is what master card tells us...🤪Anyway...IMHO no amount of money can replace opportunity lost...Never could understand why people would accept move overs for a future cruise. I have accepted a downgrade, but having to replace an existing cruise with a possible free future cruise....not appealing to me as one never knows what the future holds.....
  8. I agree. But I can see those who are unable to cruise living vicariously thru others that are sharing their experiences. So I just skip over those threads.
  9. BTW...when booking my Sea Princess cruises for Oct.,/Sept.2018...thru Princess U.s.A., they kept on saying Princess Australia handles it differently etc..etc..etc... so cut me some slack... And another point.... I am an intelligent and beautiful southern Californian girl, born and raised...look at my avatar and you can see I am not lyin'....enjoy the afternoon/evening..or should I say day for those who are in the 9:00am hour...
  10. Okay..if Princess can get it together or should I say Carnival.......really life is to short...
  11. Lol....never notice you lived in an Altered state..... You knew what I meant...
  12. Well, most people on our cruises will be from Australia/NZ......So why should Princess cancel them? If Australia Princess can get it together and the government says okay, it could be a possibility, for AU or AU&NZ citizens. In reality our cruises would not have happened if the virus had not presented itself. So there has always been a question about sailing.... You had the FCD and used them..... would have you put the "real" deposit down if you did not have available FCD? I paid with FCD as well. My situation is different as my final payment for my Sept 19 cruise was changed to 60 days before. But, I would have never paid 800 bucks to secure my booking..I would have waited to book after final payment. Me thinks Princess wants anyone who is not AU or NZ to cancel as they can easily fill up the ships with locals, especially at the discounted prices I saw and ones they could potentially offer....I guess time will tell...
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