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  1. What a good idea...if we ever cruise again, hope they will still do this.....
  2. Hi Casofilia, what's the latest from NZ? Have they allowed you guys to travel to AU yet? How are your family members doing? We had another circumnavigation booked for this fall but that got scrubbed....Another one we have booked leaving from Sydney in April, it is a 21 Day | Papua New Guinea & Solomon Islands, but I doubt that will go....I agree with you, sea days are not my cup of tea....looks like we will be limited for awhile, so I am willing to take anything, just to escape....lol
  3. Absolutely..... But, be serious u live in CA, so do I, look at r State....and the other countries no one wants Americans or Californians for that matter even in our own Country, there r 14 day quarantines .... even if you do fly.... I have 2 children that have changed their employers during this Pandemic and have moved or are moving to other States...regulations and shut downs are so fluid....it has been a nightmare.... There is no doubt about it, I need a cruise!!!!!(my last returned on March 8th)...I would take one in a heart beat....When this started I had 2 summer
  4. Until I have a boarding pass for a cruise and have actually made it on a ship....I really question information put out by any cruise line......maybe it is because, I live in California and everything is so fluid. Recently, left the state being able to eat in a restaurant and having my beauty salon open returned to a" lock" down. We returned from Texas by car and when there sent off 2 children by car to South Carolina. I have been getting updates from them on the reality of what states are doing, they are visiting friends along the way and have seen what people in each state they are passing t
  5. Re: FCD...a few months ago canceled a Feb. 2021cruise and wanted to transfer the FCDs to a future cruise the FCDs were just a few days beyond their expiration date and no go.... the system pulled new FCDs from our acct and the rep did not figure that out until my TA amd I started questioning why I had less FDCs in my acct. I did get a credit on my credit card for the deposits just last month...no mystery envelope in the mail as I have received before... So reuse them before they expire..according to princess the only thing I could have done to save them was to rebook the cruise I
  6. wow..... Majestic going out of LA..now that's a treat....I love that ship...sign me up.....
  7. LOL there is always something to be thankful for.....
  8. In the last 7 years we have done many last minute cruises, after final payment...... just got to get away......we live in Southern California so Mexico, Alaska, PC and Hawaii are calling when rates are good and cabins don't matter and I simply gotta get away.....availability changes from year to year...2018, worked well for us...2017, we paid more for our " last minute cruises" and 2019 we were lucky to get on at the end of February, but no deal on that, we booked way in advance and pricing never budged. Regarding those who have gotten price drops after final payments...it happene
  9. I am hoping for Hawaii at Christmas out of SP...well one can dream.....it's possible...I booked 2 other Hawaiis in 2021..so maybe one will go.....fingers crossed.
  10. me too....I've always used a cruise for transportation..... Princess has no ships that I would enjoy being on for several sea days in a row, three is my limit...now other cruise lines...I could go for Panorama out of San Pedro or a mega RCI(if only) Not enough variety food/ entertainment on board with Princess...always has been a port cruise line for me...
  11. Totally of topic, just curious OP, have you received your rewards from your citibank card for your "trip"?
  12. LOL....No, but I have been pretty fortunate, so you might want to cruise with me....even though I have had many difficulties...which have been overcome, those experiences have make my outlook far more positive.
  13. Don't think a vaccine will make a difference, it will be the delivery of it and how effective it is, that will have an impact...I believe cruising will begin faster than many think...
  14. I think Australia might begin sooner than you think...many cruises don't need international travelers ...with all ports in Australia and all Australians on board, why wouldn't that work?...just sayin'...
  15. How can anyone benefit from a cancelled cruise...? You lost out on experiences which are priceless, at least that is what master card tells us...🤪Anyway...IMHO no amount of money can replace opportunity lost...Never could understand why people would accept move overs for a future cruise. I have accepted a downgrade, but having to replace an existing cruise with a possible free future cruise....not appealing to me as one never knows what the future holds.....
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