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  1. Boris is due to address the country at 5pm UK time and it looks like we are headed back into a full national lock down for a month.
  2. We are in the North of England and the situation here is not good. My middle son and his fiancée have the virus, but they are (thankfully) just having flu like symptoms. They had their positive tests on Tuesday and are self isolating. We will be doing care package drops onto the driveway when needed. It is worrying as a mum not be be able to go and see them but obviously, that is not allowed. Many places in the north are now in tier 3 which carries with it the highest restriction levels; closure of bars and nonessential services such as gyms, but shops and r
  3. In the UK many schools are sending whole school years home for testing, however, our system for doing so is in crisis. Few tests available as the labs have a bottle neck of results to process. Hence, the kids have to stay at home for longer than needed. It is a shambles. All our emergency 'Nightingale' hospitals are re opening awaiting the 'second wave' that seems to be coming. Regional lockdowns are announced almost every day and nationally we are only allowed to meet as a group of 6 people. Inside or outside. The PM said yesterday that further tougher meas
  4. In the UK, the new 'rule of 6' comes into law today. You cannot have a gathering of more than 6 people inside or outside. This applies to family homes/gardens, as well as bars/restaurants where tables of 7 are not now allowed. However, this is set against the fact that schools and colleges are open fully with 'bubbles' of up to 200 children in each one. Staff are not masked and neither are the children/young adults. Many schools have had outbreaks and had to send pupils/staff home. The cases are rising again all across Europe and going into the colder weather it does n
  5. How is that being policed? I can't imagine that happening here in the UK, although I think it is a great idea. From yesterday masks were 'compulsory' in shops with fines for non compliance, but in practice the police have said they don't have the resources to enforce it.
  6. I think that worldwide there are people who are just not getting the seriousness of the issue. Or they simply do not care as they believe they won't be affected. We watched in despair all the BLM protests in our country and worldwide. The merits of the issue apart, we are in a pandemic that is killing thousands and specifically thousands of BAME people, and they protest in mass numbers endangering us all. Our shops opened here yesterday and the scenes from London outside the NIKE store were disgraceful. Again, BAME in the majority, who needed a shoe fix....night after n
  7. In the UK we are slowly being released from lockdown, but many remain very cautious that although the huge death toll has lessened the virus is still out there. In the NW of the UK the R number is just hovering on 1 which is the indicator for infection spread. However, the economy now seems to be driver for change and it is hard to know if the changes have a basis in science or not. We are still behaving very cautiously, working from home , shopping online and seeing family in a socially distanced manner. My husband is 60 tomorrow and his birthday celebrations will be very low key,
  8. We are in the UK so further distanced than you from what is happening in the US. We are in serious lock down here so who knows how it will pan out ?
  9. We have Canada / New England cruise booked for October and given that our August Med cruise looks unlikely we were pinning our hopes on that. I suspect we may be disappointed!
  10. We are in the north of the UK close to Manchester and Liverpool, and are in the same boat (no pun intended!) as you. We are both 60 this year and had several celebratory holidays planned and events and parties. Of which, only one event was in time to escape the lock down! We should have been on our way to Corfu tomorrow, I should have had a ladies afternoon tea event today and so it goes on.....but we do have to be thankful and mindful that this too will pass and that if we do as we are told we might get through it unscathed. Is the lock down being observed where you ar
  11. Stay safe and we will all hopefully come through to the other side of this awful event.
  12. We should have been going on a land based package later this week so we await a refund for that. Our next cruise is the August 1st departure around the med. We also have one booked for October which a US/Canada trip. All would seem to be in doubt.
  13. I see, well strangely, it was a friend who drew my attention to the change and she is insured with Axa and she sent me this from their policy wording: If I postpone my trip or change my destination will my insurance still cover me? If your transport provider or tour operator moves your trip destination or dates due to the outbreak, then we will class your original booking date as your booking date, therefore the exclusion for new trips booked will not apply. You will need to amend your insurance to reflect your new dates and there may be an additional premium due
  14. Our insurers have stated that all new bookings ( and changes constitute a new booking) will not be covered for Covid 19. So deferring will not give us continuous cover. We are from the UK too and our insurer is via our Nationwide Flex Plus Account, who are usually good insurers. I believe this clause has been inserted into other annual policies too.
  15. Checking in again to say that here in the UK we are now in lock-down. We can only go out for very limited reasons. The weather is fine though and we had lunch in the garden whilst working from home so we will be ok. It is what it is and hopefully, if we all do as we are told it will be over much sooner. Take care all.
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