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  1. Yes, we do all have to make choices and they can be difficult choices if you like to holiday and cruise. I would have no issue with being offloaded at a European destination, but I would feel much less happy about being offloaded in the Caribbean. We have a cruise booked for September (around the Med) and I am not too worried about that one, but I am much less likely to book a Feb cruise (with any cruiseline)than I was yesterday before I knew about how the Covid protocols are being followed.
  2. I think that it is available as an extra costing £40. Obviously, the full T&C's would need to be studied to see if it fully complies with what they are demanding. This is the extra to the cruise cover which is standard on the policies and which does include Covid cover (again, this may not be what each individual deems sufficient) Cruise cover This upgrade includes extra benefits specifically for a cruise trip that is not covered as standard. For instance, missing a port departure and compensation if you're confined to your cabin or if a port stop on your schedule is cancelled.
  3. If you have a FlexPlus account with Nationwide you get free travel insurance and various other cover for £13 a month. We claimed on it when my husband had a detached retina and couldn't fly and they were fantastic. You are 'allowed' two pre existing conditions before they add an extra premium.
  4. Thanks for the review. We are Celebrity cruisers usually but looking to book P&O for Feb for the itinerary and now wondering if we are doing the right thing. Did it seem that Celebrity are handling the protocols differently?
  5. We were just about to book a cruise in Feb departing Barbados, but then the issue of being offloaded at the next port if you tested positive for Covid reared its head. Additionally, it seems that if you are the travelling companion but don't test positive your expenses are not routinely covered, even by the P&0 recommended insurers. To me, there is a major difference between having to quarantine onboard and being offloaded (particularly in the Caribbean) and the lack of insurance cover is a worry too. Iona has offloaded passengers to Cadiz and they are in quarantine hotels in separate rooms according to fb posts and other threads on here. To me, that is not a great situation, but better than being put off in for example, St Martins where medical care may not be as good. For these reasons we have delayed booking. Thoughts?
  6. Well, on the subject of weather it is dire here in the north of England. Unmitigated rain for days. Our middle son finally gets married on Saturday after several Covid related postponements and we are really hoping for decent, even if not exceptional, weather for the day. On the subject of Covid, we are doing well with the vaccination prog but we still have a lot of cases, although thankfully, not many deaths. Travel is hit and miss with countries in Europe. We are booked for Spain in early September and our son for a Greek Honeymoon. Just yesterday, there were rumours of Spain being put on our Red list which means mandatory hotel quarantine on return at a cost of £1700pp. We are very unsure what to do, but we desperately want to travel. Of course, if Spain goes red we would have to cancel, the worry is that we get there and the status changes whilst we are away. We are hoping that Greece stays as is and that the honeymoon can go ahead, even if we don't get to Spain. We have several holidays booked for next year including a cruise. I love this thread, it makes very interesting reading.
  7. Boris is due to address the country at 5pm UK time and it looks like we are headed back into a full national lock down for a month.
  8. We are in the North of England and the situation here is not good. My middle son and his fiancée have the virus, but they are (thankfully) just having flu like symptoms. They had their positive tests on Tuesday and are self isolating. We will be doing care package drops onto the driveway when needed. It is worrying as a mum not be be able to go and see them but obviously, that is not allowed. Many places in the north are now in tier 3 which carries with it the highest restriction levels; closure of bars and nonessential services such as gyms, but shops and restaurants can remain open but must not be visited by other than live together family groups. No inside or outside mixing of households in private homes is allowed either. We like most of the UK are currently in tier 2, but tier 3 seems likely very soon. Our son is in tier 3 which is for areas with the highest infection rates. The virus seems to be spreading in schools, colleges and universities but the government seems adamant that they will not close, and wants the hospitality industry to close where the transmission rate appears to be much lower. The virus seems to be out of control and the government appears powerless to stop it. There was a suggestion of a national 'circuit breaker' lockdown for 2 weeks or more to try to stop it in its tracks, but that would mean education closures and as yet (aside from Ireland who have taken this approach) the government seems reluctant to use this tactic. The general public is very fed up and worried about the virus and the knock on effect on the economy. Sorry I don't have more cheery news to report.
  9. In the UK many schools are sending whole school years home for testing, however, our system for doing so is in crisis. Few tests available as the labs have a bottle neck of results to process. Hence, the kids have to stay at home for longer than needed. It is a shambles. All our emergency 'Nightingale' hospitals are re opening awaiting the 'second wave' that seems to be coming. Regional lockdowns are announced almost every day and nationally we are only allowed to meet as a group of 6 people. Inside or outside. The PM said yesterday that further tougher measures now seem inevitable, and it has been suggested that we have a 'circuit breaker' national lockdown during the school October half term. No one is sure what they will look like. We are having a family meal out tomorrow. It may be our last chance to see all our grown up kids together for some time, if as expected, the situation worsens.
  10. In the UK, the new 'rule of 6' comes into law today. You cannot have a gathering of more than 6 people inside or outside. This applies to family homes/gardens, as well as bars/restaurants where tables of 7 are not now allowed. However, this is set against the fact that schools and colleges are open fully with 'bubbles' of up to 200 children in each one. Staff are not masked and neither are the children/young adults. Many schools have had outbreaks and had to send pupils/staff home. The cases are rising again all across Europe and going into the colder weather it does not bode well. It doesn't feel as if we have this virus under any kind of control.
  11. How is that being policed? I can't imagine that happening here in the UK, although I think it is a great idea. From yesterday masks were 'compulsory' in shops with fines for non compliance, but in practice the police have said they don't have the resources to enforce it.
  12. I think that worldwide there are people who are just not getting the seriousness of the issue. Or they simply do not care as they believe they won't be affected. We watched in despair all the BLM protests in our country and worldwide. The merits of the issue apart, we are in a pandemic that is killing thousands and specifically thousands of BAME people, and they protest in mass numbers endangering us all. Our shops opened here yesterday and the scenes from London outside the NIKE store were disgraceful. Again, BAME in the majority, who needed a shoe fix....night after night hundreds are dying and still shoes are a priority, and one worth dying for or killing others for it seems. Crazy.
  13. In the UK we are slowly being released from lockdown, but many remain very cautious that although the huge death toll has lessened the virus is still out there. In the NW of the UK the R number is just hovering on 1 which is the indicator for infection spread. However, the economy now seems to be driver for change and it is hard to know if the changes have a basis in science or not. We are still behaving very cautiously, working from home , shopping online and seeing family in a socially distanced manner. My husband is 60 tomorrow and his birthday celebrations will be very low key, which is such a shame but it is what it is. My MIL is 83 is still shielding as she has had lung cancer and has heart issues, and we are visiting and sitting in the garden to try to keep her safe. Schools will not now fully re open till September, but shops and other businesses can open from Monday albeit with strict 2 metre social distancing in place. Bars and restaurants will be able to open in July if they can comply with the 2 metre rule, which many fear they cannot. A medical official stated last night that had the UK locked down from March 13th rather than March 23rd in the region of 25000 lives could have been saved, which is a sobering thought. The way the virus had spread through Italy and Spain and the death toll in both those countries was obvious to everyone at that time, but the UK government dithered for a further 10 days, and even then they did not lock down our borders, meaning the virus came here both from Europe and further afield. We had 3 overseas holidays booked for this year, two have already come and gone and been refunded, and the third will be cancelled shortly as the cruise to Canada has now been replaced with a three day Bermuda stop, which is not what we wanted. We also have Virgin flights booked to NY which we are now not keen on using and so we are hoping we can transfer them to 2021/22. Our TA is looking into our options. We also intended to cruise Australia/NZ next year but had not got around to booking that, now that seems as if it is unlikely to happen, which is such a shame. This is such a surreal state of affairs, the whole world is grounded and there is no real end in sight to social distancing which in itself will make holidays less relaxing and carefree than they should be. Stay safe and let's hope there is some good news very soon.
  14. We are in the UK so further distanced than you from what is happening in the US. We are in serious lock down here so who knows how it will pan out ?
  15. We have Canada / New England cruise booked for October and given that our August Med cruise looks unlikely we were pinning our hopes on that. I suspect we may be disappointed!
  16. We are in the north of the UK close to Manchester and Liverpool, and are in the same boat (no pun intended!) as you. We are both 60 this year and had several celebratory holidays planned and events and parties. Of which, only one event was in time to escape the lock down! We should have been on our way to Corfu tomorrow, I should have had a ladies afternoon tea event today and so it goes on.....but we do have to be thankful and mindful that this too will pass and that if we do as we are told we might get through it unscathed. Is the lock down being observed where you are? It seems to be getting better here but the sunny weather forecast for tomorrow will be a test of resolve for many I think. Let's hope the faces of those two young nurses who died yesterday make anyone thinking of breaking this lock down to enjoy the sun, think again and stay at home. My husband worked for a company based in Essex for many years, the HQ is in Basildon, although he primarily worked from home. Stay safe and I hope you get on the Eclipse, our next cruise is August so that seems much more doubtful than yours.
  17. Stay safe and we will all hopefully come through to the other side of this awful event.
  18. We should have been going on a land based package later this week so we await a refund for that. Our next cruise is the August 1st departure around the med. We also have one booked for October which a US/Canada trip. All would seem to be in doubt.
  19. I see, well strangely, it was a friend who drew my attention to the change and she is insured with Axa and she sent me this from their policy wording: If I postpone my trip or change my destination will my insurance still cover me? If your transport provider or tour operator moves your trip destination or dates due to the outbreak, then we will class your original booking date as your booking date, therefore the exclusion for new trips booked will not apply. You will need to amend your insurance to reflect your new dates and there may be an additional premium due for doing this. If your trip is cancelled and you book a new/alternative trip, then your policy will not cover cancellation relating to Coronavirus. Also remember that the general rules regarding FCO advice and travel restrictions will continue to apply. Her TA had told her that a change in dates constituted a new booking and an 'alternative trip' which would, therefore, be no longer covered. The wording on our insurance does not include the word 'alternative' and so seems even less definitive, but it still means that if we change dates we are no longer covered as the virus is now a known risk. I think, from the wording, the devil is in the detail!
  20. Our insurers have stated that all new bookings ( and changes constitute a new booking) will not be covered for Covid 19. So deferring will not give us continuous cover. We are from the UK too and our insurer is via our Nationwide Flex Plus Account, who are usually good insurers. I believe this clause has been inserted into other annual policies too.
  21. Checking in again to say that here in the UK we are now in lock-down. We can only go out for very limited reasons. The weather is fine though and we had lunch in the garden whilst working from home so we will be ok. It is what it is and hopefully, if we all do as we are told it will be over much sooner. Take care all.
  22. John, from another UK resident, please thank your wife for responding to the call, it is a very altruistic thing to do at this time of crisis. We are all (mostly) doing anything we can to ease the situation, but the minority will cost society dearly if they don't wake up and do as they are told.
  23. We are in the north of the UK near Manchester. We had a trip planned for Easter (April 5th) to Greece to celebrate our 60th birthdays, but obviously, that is now cancelled. We sail Celebrity regularly are due to sail Silhouette again later this year. We would love it to happen, but we are not optimistic. The UK has now closed all bars, restaurants and gyms and most who can are mandated to work from home. It is Mother's Day today and many will not see their Mums today due to self isolation ( compulsory for the over 70's) or self distancing. We are not yet in lock down as Spain and Italy are, but it is coming.... Supermarkets and shops are open but panic buying has hit hard and items are rationed to 3 of each product, not due to shortages but due to idiots who are buying up everything they can get their hands on, and going back several times to top up. We are trying to shop for elderly relatives and neighbours and who are now told not to leave their homes for 12 weeks. On the plus side the weather is fine and sunny here today. We have the family close, we are all well, working from home, and we are salaried so not personally financially impacted. We are warm, dry and have sufficient food and wine (!) to get us through. If any of us get the virus we will self isolate in a spare bedroom and take all necessary precautions to stop it infecting others in the family and the wider community. This is an interesting thread to give us all an insight into where others are and how this virus has impacted worldwide. What a scary thought that is, but we must try to remain upbeat and count our blessings.
  24. Great information, many thanks. We have just booked Encore for October 2020, but reading some of the reviews on the review section here did make me wonder if we had done the right thing! Your review has relieved my worries.
  25. I see, how does that work if you have a speciality restaurant booking? We board on our 39th Anniversary and are considering doing Murano for that first evening, how will that affect our table going forward?
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