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  1. We are planning on just getting off the ship and exploring a bit and finding a local lunch spot. Any recommendations?
  2. So regarding covid testing. Which test do you do at CVS? What do you need as proof? My brother has to take medications with his lunch each day, He was planning on just taking the one dose off the ship with him, so he wasn’t planning on returning to the ship with him, Does he need to bring a proof of script or anything with him off the ship? For the steakhouse, I made a reservation for two of our rooms, but the other people in our party are making their own reservations. Would it be best to try to get them linked or just tell the hostess when we get there? I’m not a 100% sure everyone has add their reservations. Is art at the table worth it? What is your favorite item from the steakhouse? Do they still offer coffee cards? First time going on the Dream, any comments regarding the ship?
  3. We are booked in August for this ship 😄 out of Galveston! How was the check in process? Does the ship have a Sauna? Do they still have the Chef Demo on the first Sea Day? What is on your must pack list? Any other tidbits about this ship would be appreciated 😉
  4. We are going on the Dream in Galveston also, so good to know. Out of curiosity, what excursions if any did you do.
  5. My brother had a back surgery that left him unable to feel his left leg, so he walks with a cane and wears a brace. He takes multiple medications. Does he need a letter from Dr or pharmacist? Some of the meds are narcotics. He also has a stimulator implanted but has a card for that. I noticed on the excursions some say back problems may not sign up. I know for a fact that he is able to do some of the ones listed. He just has to take time to rest. How should he fill out the form so he doesn’t get refused for the excursion? He uses a collapsible cane to stabilize himself on uneven ground. This is his first cruise and I don’t want him to feel isolated or singled out.
  6. A question for anyone traveling with medical implants. My brother has a medical implanted stimulator for his back. He has a card that shows that he has one when going through medal detectors and security at an airport. Does he need anything else for carnival? Does anyone have experience with these?
  7. We are traveling there in August. I have one person in my group who has mobility issues so we are not doing the ruins. The mobility issue also eliminates swimming so what else is there to do at this port?
  8. It has been a very very long time since I cruised and I don’t remember if I prepaid for my excursion or specialty dining prior to the cruise! Do you pay for the items at booking or when you are on the ship?
  9. We will be traveling to Belize in August. We have done a Mayan ruins excursion through the ship and it was awesome, but this time we are looking at snorkeling and I would rather not be crowded with a ship booked excursion. I saw a 2 site snorkeling with Shoreexcursioneer and was wondering what everyone experience is with this company. I see they offer a ship return guarantee, but how is their service, are they easy to book with, do they communicate well?
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