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  1. Has anyone done this tour in the last couple years? It is an excursion at Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas port. We are not big adventurers, so it seems the perfect way to see the two islands. Mixed reviews, and only a few recent ones, but mostly people say it's decent. Current price is $64.00. From their website.... Spend a dynamic day exploring the sub-tropical forests and semi-arid scrublands of the Virgin Islands National Park before freely roaming around quaint Cruz Bay. Enjoy spectacular coastal scenery and soothing breezes while traveling by boat from Charlotte Amalie to the island of Saint John. Hop in an open-air safari vehicle for a ride around the national park’s coastal swamplands and sugar plantation ruins, viewing 800 species of plants. Enjoy free time in seaside Cruz Bay. Highlights: • Scenic Cruise: Set sail from Charlotte Amalie by boat and relish picturesque coastal views en route to neighboring Saint John. • National Park: Travel in an open-air vehicle through the island’s sub-tropical forests and semi-arid scrublands, home to 800 plant species. • Cruz Bay: Enjoy free time in the quaint seaside town, where you can souvenir shop or admire panoramic harbor vistas. • THIS TOUR IS OPERATED BY A TOUR OPERATOR THAT HAS BEEN THIRD-PARTY VERIFIED TO AN INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED SUSTAINABILITY STANDARD.
  2. We went on a Royal cruise back in 2005. Either Navigator or Rhapsody, I can't remember now which. It had a big screen tv above the pool area. In the mornings while I was getting dressed, my husband would go and sit because they had Good Morning America on. Do any ships or cruise lines still have this? We have been on several cruise lines since, but years later and have never seen it again. Maybe policies vary by ship/line? Does anyone remember seeing news of any kind on the big screens?
  3. Thank you everyone for your opinions, we decided on Harmony. Now the waiting begins.....
  4. Hello all! We are starting to plan out next cruise. Both Harmony and Allure have cruises that go out on January 3, 2021. The one on Harmony goes to St. Kitts, St. Thomas, and Coco Cay. The one on Allure goes to Coco Cay, St. Maarten, and San Juan. We would be picking an inside cabin with no view. I know that the ships are pretty close to the same, and that Allure will be getting updated before we go, but are the shows and food about the same also? Looking at the deck plans Allure's inside cabins might be smaller. (but not a deal breaker) We have always managed to do Western Caribbean, so this will be our first Eastern Caribbean, and I'm not sure which itinerary is best for us. I have looked at the excursions, and again about the same for the things we would enjoy. Prices are pretty comparable on either as well. So I am looking for some opinions. Ultimately I know it is our decision, but some opinions will help us weigh the good and bad, pros and cons. Thanks!
  5. This pictures remind me of the "Behind the Fun Tour" that we did on Carnival last year. Does anyone know if NCL offers something similar?
  6. We are cruising on the Getaway in December and thinking about the Jolly Roger Catamaran in Roatan. My parents are in their 70s and wouldn't do the snorkeling, but the rest may be something they would enjoy. How much walking and obstacles is involved with getting to the tour?
  7. Good question....I wasn't thinking about the pier walk. I know that can be far at some. Maybe they would have a wheelchair they can provide just for that.
  8. Maybe after a few margaritas I would be more inclined to get up and dance! ;)
  9. My family is sailing on the Getaway in December and we are looking for excursions for my parents that are in there 70s. They are up for anything.....it's usually the "getting there" that's difficult for them. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was looking at the Salsa, Salsa in Cozumel, the Jolly Roger-Roatan Catamaran, and maybe Jeeps or dune buggys, or the submarines that are offered at different ports (Costa Maya & Harvest Caye). Does anyone have experience with the "getting" to any fun places? Some walking and stairs is okay, but is there a lot of obstacles, etc?
  10. Did you do the Jolly Roger booked through NCL or booked through a third party?
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