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  1. Hello! Was is sold as a studio or a balconyroom? What about the point as a solo cruiser, one or two points/ night?
  2. I am from Sweden so calling is not an option for me. I try to send an email. Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks! Its difficult to choose a gift when I don't know my choices, and I have a lot of towels now😊.
  4. So there is no way to see what choices I have before I call?
  5. Hello! When I use my link to "update your gift preference" I end up at my account. Can someone, please help med with the correct link or a copy of the page?
  6. Hi! I have two bids and when I look at them today it says that one is expired and the other is pendling. The one that is pendling have no where I can cancel/ change. Just curious why my bid is expired? Anyone know? Lena
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