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  1. From the time our March 15th sailing was cancelled on the Freedom, it has taken 4 months for all money to be returned to the credit cards used. In fact the last amount just posted to the CC this morning.I don't understand why they can't do 1 person refund at one time. My deposit came in two different payments & odd amounts.
  2. I am still waiting on the $600 off our March 15th Freedom cruise. Got everything else back
  3. Heard from the daughter, she finally got her refunds, but I am waiting on the Deposit now of $600 so hopefully that come soon.
  4. I am still waiting on $600 and daughter is waiting for her refunds on what she paid in. Last week for me was #58 days when I got most of mine in.
  5. My American Express is the only one who notifies me of Credits, I used a couple other cards for the excursions and only found out the credits by checking regularly. The excursions came in fairly quickly but one and that was because it was a post cruise tour from the 1st sailing of our b2b so was missed until I called the Excursion Desk on it. I am sure it was picked up in the 2nd credit amount this morning. I wrote my TA to let her know, so maybe she can find out what the difference was. I kept the invoice from that sailing to keep track of everything and placed in folders.
  6. Mine came in two separate credits, final payment $743 & change plus Insurance, Gratuities, Taxes & last of excursions although there was a difference of almost $7 so not sure where that is.
  7. My refunds took 58 days. I am still hoping for the $600 down payment yet.
  8. Good news, I receive this morning my final payment plus the Taxes, Gratuities, Insurance and Post Cruise Tour but the second amount isn't adding up, difference of almost $7 so not sure where that is. I am still out the Deposit money so hopefully that will come.
  9. From time my TA put in for our full refund, we are now at day 57, only excursions have been credited.
  10. I recently contacted Royal and because I was through a TA, she told me that if my TA gives Royal permission to talk to me about our March 15th cancelled cruise then they can provide me with any updates. The main thing here as you mentioned they are dealing with unbelievable amounts of refunds yet all of us waiting, would like that money back on our CC's or use to pay toward another cruise. I can't add a payment to our April/May 2021 cruises because I am waiting on the credits. The 30 days extends to 45 then longer each time we talk to them.
  11. When I called this morning I was told if my TA gives RCCL permission then they can discuss our Refunds, see if Cosco will do the same.
  12. Nothing showed up yet on my CC, I check the card regularly and now calling RCCL not that it will get me anywhere. happy to hear you finally got some refunds back. We have the Taxes/Port fees, gratuities, etc pending,
  13. We are hoping when it comes, we can apply it toward to Ovation for next April out of Singapore and the Transpacific.
  14. Ken we are still waiting on ours also. Excursions have come through but had to call on one earlier this week and it got missed because it was actually a Post cruise Tour from the March 8th sailing so keeping fingers crossed it will come in next week.
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