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  1. I have preferred to bring my Pass Port on all cruises, and this is mainly, should I need to fly home from a Caribbean Port, it helps expedite the process as to re enter the US they will want to see one.
  2. We are currently booked on the March 8th & 15th sailings.
  3. Since we will have the 1 full day Saturday to see OSJ. I am thinking for the first sailing, March 8th we possibly will board later on Sunday. The 1 area should we decide to leave between sailings, that will mean a cab ride to perhaps San Juan itself and come back around 1 or 2 PM for the 2nd sailing. We will talk it over. The nice thing we aren't changing cabins. i don't think the daughter will want to remain on board since we don't leave until 8:30 yet have to be back for Muster
  4. Thank you we are really excited to visit San Juan and enjoy our b2b cruises . I know she will enjoy a Freedom Class. We will be there 2 days pre cruise so spend Sat touring OSJ. Not sure what we will do on turn around day. Gay
  5. Thank you, right now it is either AA or United. AA flight: PSP to PHX 3 hr stop PHX to PHIL 2 hr stop PHil to SJ arrive 1 PM Return SJ to DFW to PSP United PSP to SFO to CHI to SJ arrive 2:35 PM This flight also connects in Dulles vs CHI Return 1AM 3/23 SJ Newark to Denver to Home or SJ to Houston to Home
  6. To stay an additional day would add close to $200 with the taxes, food. If I did stay over, I would take an earlier flight like 6 or 7. I am better off paying the $60 Day pass at the Marriott. I will book my flights probably by september and make up my mind on AA or United. if I go united I am looking at the PSP to SF to CHI flight over, layover time no more then 2.5 hrs home via SJ, Den to PSP at 1 AM on the 23rd. I do like AA going home with the SJ to DFW to PSP though.
  7. I am looking at flights to and from SJ which have been difficult. My return to home is limited to 10 AM the day we disembark, March 22nd or 1 AM to 1:30 AM March 23rd on United or AA. Is a 10 AM flight possible out of San Juan. Short of spending the night I have no other choices. Our Cruises are March 8 to 15 then 15 to 22, 2020 To even get to SJ is a nightmare. ( United PSP--> SF--> EWR or Dulles ---> SJ ) on AA ( PSP --> PHX --> Phil or Atlanta --> SJ and return SJ--DFW --> PSP, 10 AM or 1:30 AM )
  8. For this coming March if I have to leave at 1 AM I will get the Day Pass at the Marriott, although they say until 5 Pm you can stay longer. To store luggage it would be $2 per item. I would like to go out on the AA 10 AM flight after the cruise but not sure if that is wise.
  9. Mike now sounds more like what we plan to do, but will try and grab a beach chair & umbrella at least.
  10. Normally I would choose the Radiance Class but have done TA's on the Freedom and as two others mentioned will be enjoying the Allure for our first time by doing the Oct 25th Western Med followed by the TA to Miami on Nov 1st 2020. I am looking forward to enjoying the Allure over the 25 days vs 7 days for a Caribbean on her. To compare ships, I also agree, look at the itinerary first cost by ships doing the itinerary you like.
  11. We will be in OSJ next March for 2 days before our b2b. starting the 8th
  12. I stopped getting the transfers after our 3rd cruise. Especially going back to the airport since the buses need to wait on everyone needing that bus before they can leave for the airport. , much faster to just get a cab back to the airport. Daughter & I planning on coming in 3 days early to enjoy Barcelona which will be her first time there.
  13. There is to much that can go wrong, landing 15 minutes from 1st boarding on your connection. I won't do DFW under 1 1/2 hours. One flight through DFW, due to a gate change and my phone's battery going low and no workable charger, I missed the notification and didn't check the overhead screen. My error. I was put on a flight connecting in PHX for PSP out of T C, I arrived and 30 minutes later they are telling everyone to go to A, plane issues. I had just left A for C LOL. Once in PHX I received a hotel voucher and with meal. . I got to the PHX INTL early bought new charger cable and waited. The whole trip was traumatic as my DH had suffered a heart attack on cruise and trying to get home where he was medivac to Sat. I left Sunday to arrive on Monday at 11 AM. i was already an emotional and physical wreck.
  14. I won't do this connection to close for my comfort, looking at the option 2 flight through Newark with 54 minutes then unto Denver, where daughter can head home, I will have a 1 hr 15 minute wait in Denver for my flight to PSP. Trouble with 44 minutes, if no delays, I would have landed at 6:16, possible heading to new gates by 6:30 ( boarding for 7 Pm flight already started ) , doors close 6:50. Only chance making that if no terminal change and departing gate within the same section of T C.
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