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  1. Your welcome, I am only 20 minutes from Palm Desert, perhaps when your down next we can meet & finally go for lunch. Gay GLea472968 at aol dot com
  2. Plans have changed slightly regarding the Hotel our Roll Call is looking at group rates for the Embassy and one of the ladies is in touch with the Hotel now getting the information. Had I not gone with the group rate I probably would have stayed with the Hyatt Place.
  3. Good morning, I didn't find an exact opening date but they are hoping this year sometime, The address is 43-500 Monterrey Ave. Palm Desert at the College of the Desert Campus. https://codaastreetfair.com/ Gay
  4. We did a post cruise stay there after our 1st TA but that was a few years ago, yet enjoyed our stay.
  5. We are cruising out of Fort Lauderdale next year on the Allure for the EB TA and looking at the Embassy, Hotel Place or possibly the Hilton Marina.
  6. Before I had to cancel our cruise on the Harmony for this Oct, I had all our tours booked with them. I found them very professional and easy to work with.
  7. I have been in touch with them and they know our plans regarding the luggage and staying over one night. Daughter & I pack light, however, I will make sure since we will sign up for a shared/semi private Tour that they have enough space in their van
  8. I agree, with this Covid, one can not say how things will be in BCN in a year. I am due for my 2nd shot on March 12th and hope the daughter will get hers. We leave out of FLL to BCN on April 24th 2022 to May 8th for the TA, so will do the Old Gothic Walking Tour hopefully between cruises, then depart on May 8th for the Western Med and be back the 15th to do the City & Montserrat Tours. My husband & I never got to really see the sites our first trip but did the Walking tour & Montserrat so really would love the daughter to see those sites.
  9. I agree, we have plenty of time and will not be actually booking the tour until probably fall. Cruise is April 24th 2022. I have only done the one self disembarking off the Liberty and this will be our first Oasis Class so with the increased number of passengers was wondering meeting the tour in time. I will keep in touch with the tour company so will have an idea on what time they plan to meet us. It si a City Tour & half day to Montserrat.
  10. Yes, my daughter has never been to Barcelona so really wanted her to see some sites my husband & I saw a few years back, so will book through Barcelona Day tours. I am already in touch with them. I got thinking, I need to work out our best option for disembarking at the end of the cruise regarding the time. Reason I thought we better do self disembarking.
  11. The luggage will go with the daughter & I in the van then after the tour we will be dropped off at our hotel for the night.
  12. That is what I am thinking Mark, like I mentioned, we did self disembarking for the Liberty 2 years ago but that was in Galveston and got down around 5:45 and still ended up back in the dining room. lol and we had to drive back to IAH to drop off the car and get our afternoon flight. I am going to book through Barcelona Day tours so will check with them. I have time to work it out. Thank you.
  13. Thank you, I am thinking our tour will want to start around 8 AM. ( City Tour & half day Montserrat ) Have plenty of time so will double check with them. Since this is our 1st Oasis Class and only did self disembarking on the Liberty, so worried about the time.
  14. Daughter & I will be on our first Oasis Class next year and plan to do a Post cruise tour of Barcelona, then spending one evening before flying home. Should we self disembark and what time could we be off the ship to meet the tour. Thank you.
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