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  1. Desert Cruizers

    Allure March 1 2020 cancelled

    Ken I won't disagree but my other concern was losing a good choice of rooms on the Freedom sailings. I still am not sure why after all the cruises I have booked for my husband & I, was why I chose the non refundable, I never do that with a hotel . Gay
  2. Desert Cruizers

    Allure March 1 2020 cancelled

    Molly that is true but then I probably would have been given a choice with the Oasis or something similar. I really wanted to do the Southern Caribbean out of San Juan . I did get the 600 FCC so applied 300 each to the two Freedom sailings. The main thing, I am happy with my cruise choices Gay
  3. Desert Cruizers

    B2B question

    In 2014 my husband & I flew to Sydney and did a NZ cruise then a B2B ( 9 days later ) from Sydney to Honolulu and Honolulu to Seattle before flying home.We spent the 9 days sight seeing around Sydney and re boarded on April 1 2014 for a 30 day cruise. A few years ago friends of mine wanted to board in Seattle to Vancouver, then do the Coastal from Vancouver to San Pedro but they couldn't do the Seattle to Vancouver leg so they just flew up to Vancouver for the Coastal.
  4. Desert Cruizers

    RCI drydock schedule

    se8117396, daughter & I are on the March 1 & 8 2020 freedom Southern Caribbean out of San Juan. The March 1st sailing gives us 2 extra ports ( 5 ) not counting San Juan our start & end port. because there is only 1 sea day.
  5. Desert Cruizers

    Passport Confusion

    Sparks for us and my husband having a hear attack 3 days out from Halifax, our next to final port, I am glad we had our pass ports. They were picked up immediately upon getting to the pier in Newfoundland and ambulance. All I had on me during the 9 days was my DL. It cost me 1 way ( 12 min) to the airport from the hospital $40 each trip to get husbands PP. I had to go back to the airport to get mine when I left 2 days later. The medical expense on board went on my WF CC over riding that. Our insurance sent me a check to cover that. I pray nobody else ever has to endure the tragedy of having your loved one suffer an emergency on a cruise or anywhere outside the US as I did. All I can say, the feeling that it will never happen to you or I will wait is a bigger risk then spending the money for pass ports.
  6. Desert Cruizers

    Allure March 1 2020 cancelled

    I waited over 1 1/2 months for word and finally told my TA to move us to the Freedom. The itinerary was far better with more ports over the 7 days because 1 less sea day on both. Because I had a non refundable booking on the Allure I received 600 FCC which was applied to my two Freedom sailings. Daughter & I are still doing a B2B All in all I ended up withseveral ports I had never been to and the daughter will be doing her first Caribbean
  7. Desert Cruizers

    Allure March 1 2020 cancelled

    That was the message I got through my TA but I never heard back from RCCL when I inquired about our 2020 Allure sailings.
  8. Desert Cruizers

    Allure March 1 2020 cancelled

    Bob I only wanted to sail an Oasis Class just to see what they are like. I prefer a Radiance to Freedom Class myself. Gay
  9. Desert Cruizers

    Passport Confusion

    Another point regarding Pass Ports, US will ask for them when re entering from a foreign port although Canada isn't cosidered one, the medical flight couldn't bring my husband back into the US without his since our stop was due to a medical emergency they took our PP at the pier when we were tendered over until we left. I had to go out to the St Johns INTL Airport to retrieve them upon our leaving.
  10. Desert Cruizers

    Passport Confusion

    I would recommend you get the Pass Port. Regardless of a closed loop or not, as you brought up in an emergency, your flying back to the states will go more smoothly. We hope an emergency never happens to us, but better be prepared with proper documents from the start. I can speak from personal experience after my husband had a heart attack a year ago on our TA and we were diverted to Canada. To get him home with a medical flight, they needed his PP.
  11. Desert Cruizers

    Allure March 1 2020 cancelled

    Ken daughter & I are booked through 2020 so perhaps if we don't get our Greek Isle cruise booked for 2021 I may still get on the Allure. Gay
  12. Desert Cruizers

    Allure March 1 2020 cancelled

    My they cancelled our April 2020 sailing so had to move us over to the Freedom. what is happening. Is she going in for March instead. I haven't looked to see if she is back on for April.
  13. Desert Cruizers

    Traveling solo

    My husband always let me know that in the event he decided not to travel anymore or passed away that I should continue my travels because he knew I enjoyed it. He was to cruise for the final time a year ago this coming April on the Oasis but we never made it so now I cruise with the daughter yet will travel solo in the event she is unable to go.
  14. Desert Cruizers

    Royal Caribbean online check in

    Just a reminder in regards to printing your Set Sail, it needs to be done no later then 4/5 days from sailing. They will close the ability to print 3 days out. As far as checking in, we have arrived at the terminal by 11 AM.
  15. Desert Cruizers

    Traveling solo

    I am deeply sorry for your loss, as I lost my husband. near the end of our cruise in 2017. I did travel solo on one cruise with friends and enjoyed keeping active with Roll Call activities and being among others. There is no need to change if your used to getting acquainted with others on your ship. This March the daughter will be joining me on a cruise and again the following year. Remain as active as you can and being with friends is the best.