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  1. Desert Cruizers

    Tours requesting cash

    I generally will plan out how much I will need and get it from my bank before leaving, this way I don't have to worry about ATM's.
  2. Desert Cruizers

    Rome on your own

    Thank you both for your recommendations, I will go over this with the family. We certainly will have no problem walking unless to far. Good thing we have time to plan our travels during our stay in Rome before the cruise. Gay
  3. Desert Cruizers

    Rome on your own

    i am in the beginning stages of planning but the hope is to come in 2 to 3 days before the cruise to see as much as we can then shuttle to the cruise port Whether we decide to spend 1 night post cruise or return to the States afterwards will discuss with the family. I am the oldest of the group, I will be 76 by time we take the trip since daughter & I have 3 others We are going on. Hawaii 2019 & b2b Southern Caribbean in 2020. Daughter will be 63 granddaughters young adult. The boy will be 14. Hopefully I won't have any problems walking by then. so should be able to walk around to sight see.
  4. Desert Cruizers

    Rome on your own

    Having never been to Rome, I welcome all tips. I was thinking we could use it to get close to places we can't walk to , then walk to them. If the granddaughters are able to do this trip with their mother & I and grandson, there will be 5 of us.
  5. Desert Cruizers

    Rome on your own

    Daughter & I are planning a trip with her 2 daughters and son and just today I am looking into the 48 hr HOHO. it will include the tickets into the Colliseum and other places and far cheaper then a private tour. https://www.hop-on-hop-off-bus.com/rome-bus-tours
  6. Even tables of 10 are to big to really converse with each other You find yourselves talking to those at your end unless you rotate. We cruised with friends and I seem to recall 3 tables near each other and some rotated.
  7. Desert Cruizers

    FCO to Port to Rome to FCO

    There is a later flight leaving around 1:30 with 2 stops. Toronto, LAX then PSP I might look at.
  8. Desert Cruizers

    FCO to Port to Rome to FCO

    Right now even though we are a long way out and the dates haven't open up yet for 2021, I am planning on returning to Rome post cruise and spend 1 additional night. If the cruise port was in Rome, I wouldn't look at a return flight before 11 AM or later. I don't like the idea of spending an additional hotel night. Will study all the possibilities and then decide. Last night one of the grand daughters expressed an interest in going with her Mom & I along with her now 12 yr old son. I thought it was odd that I can find flights and back easier then trying to get to San Juan and back. Actually getting to SJ isn't the problem it is getting home. No afternoon flights, all early AM or evening.
  9. Desert Cruizers

    Ft. Lauderdale Q&A/FAQ Part 2

    Your not leaving yourself any room if there are delays. Flight delay, getting off the plane, getting luggage for one, especially if your not near the front of the plane. I think most ships leave around 4:30 in FL so that means you need to be at the counter and checking in by 3 PM. .
  10. Desert Cruizers

    Ft. Lauderdale Q&A/FAQ Part 2

    I generally am at the ship to check in by 11 AM.
  11. Desert Cruizers

    Can we carry on our luggage

    Mens dress shirts I wouldn't roll. but I would fold them as they should be and place in a medium size packing cube to protect them. When my husband & I packed for our 18 day trip to Copenhagen plus 15 day cruise, he had a couple jackets for Formal night and change of pants, shoes, socks, t shirts, toiletries all went into the 22 inch Delsey, plus med jacket & sweathirt for Iceland Ports I will roll my evening slacks/skirt and day blouses and place in individual packing cubes. Tor this trip it included levies. I packed his suitcase for the first time, since he didn't want to figure out how to get it all in the suitcase. of course our personal items are included. Ladies packing 5 to 6 evening slacks or skirt. I will lay out on bed and match with 2 to 3 blouses that will go with each. ( 1 weeks worth then repeat the 2nd week ) My daily clothes will be done the same Shoes: Pair of walking shoes/tennis shoes, flats depending on weather conditions, 2/3 pair evening shoes for dinner Light to med jacket or sweaters . I also pack a couple ponchos for rainy days. Plus my make up. I like the packing cubes because I don't have to pull everything out to get certain items. I just pull out the particular cube holding blouses, pants or slacks.
  12. Desert Cruizers

    Can we carry on our luggage

    Good advice Vicki, I only bring my 1 carry on 22 " so don't mind and know rooms are not ready until 1 or announcement they are ready. I wouldn't think to bring two bags with me. I would check the larger one in.
  13. Desert Cruizers

    Suggestions for short day, repeat visitors

    What is the earliest recommended return flight I could select. Everyone I see is either 5 or 7 AM or 10:28 AM. After that the return flight jumps dramatically. If I do walk off can I do a 10:28 AM flight.
  14. Desert Cruizers

    LA residents - help needed!

    Other then a red eye, traveling from Calif, I can't get to FLL/MIA leaving at 6 AM, any earlier then 4 to 4:30 PM . By the time I get to the hotel it going on 5 so not much time to relax but still better then trying to come in the day of a cruise. I have also come in 2 days early so I have the extra day to relax.
  15. Desert Cruizers

    Can we carry on our luggage

    Our worst disembark, was following our TA, We had a post cruise Tour and met in the Schooner bar to go off around 8:30. We finally were called at 10:30 but spent the next hour working our way through the line that was backed up through the ship All this because of Customs. Husband got scanned at the door way & I spent another 30 minutes waiting for another bunch to be cleared from the ship. We missed the tour. Needless to say people were still getting off the ship after 12 noon. Fortunately we had a 3 PM flight but extra buses were called in to get those 200 passengers waiting for their post cruise tours, to the airport.