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  1. Desert Cruizers

    Prepaid tips vs cash

    Biker, we leave out of San Pedro, on the Emerald Princess. to the Hawaiian islands and return on the 26th. In all the years my husband & I cruised, have never seen that. I was going to have my TA to include the Gratuities so i could pre pay but was told when she got off the phone, that it was free.
  2. Desert Cruizers

    Prepaid tips vs cash

    When I booked our upcoming Hawaii cruise, I was told the gratuities were free, which seemed odd, never had that happen so rechecked with my TA the other day and he called while I was there to verify. I simply can't believe there will be no daily charges so thinking they were built into the cruise price and not labeled as such. The daughter & I will still pay extra to our room attendant and wait staff as always but still bothered by the free gratuities. The crew work hard for that money and deserve every bit of it. BTW, the Invoice clearly says Free Gratuities.
  3. Desert Cruizers

    Pre Cruise Hotel Recommendation

    Daughter & I plan to stay in Old San Juan at the Decanter for our two nights, next March 2020. Most Hotels I believe have a 2 night minimum. I would have like to stay at the Sheraton but 2 nights would have been over $600.
  4. Desert Cruizers

    Day Pass for Cruise Ship?

    The only cruise line that was offering Day Passes that I know of, was Princess, however I don't know if they still do this. This doesn't help you for Royal. We did it once, had lunch on board but had to be off by 2 PM so didn't give you a lot of time to explore. Cost was around $40
  5. Those were the greatest TV shows
  6. We did have one situation where the husband had injured his foot and went to the hospital for a cast. The Capt announced we would be 30 minutes late to wait for he and his wife. We saw the wife racing for the ship and her husband in a wheel chair being run to the ramp. He grabbed his crutches and hobbled on board to cheers from everyone.
  7. That is sad & I bet they were not prepared to spend the night or find their way back to the next port and disembarking one.
  8. Desert Cruizers

    Website pain

    I just checked my sailings and was able to access the planner. To far out to do any check in . Still have a little over a year to go before our Freedom March 1st 2020 sailing.
  9. When I decide on a particular cruise I will book immediately upon opening date which is generally over a year out. I have found I get a better price and if I wait the prices are much more.
  10. Reader I had to make sure we were back in time so DH could grab a cold one. LOL. since we bought the drink package for him, he would wait to get back on board.
  11. I hate to see people being left behind however boarding time is clearly stated and one should be responsible to pay attention to their time. We never booked tours lasting within an hour of departure and gave ourselves at least 2 to 3 hours leeway to allow for walking around in port for a short time and being on board 2 hours before departing.
  12. Desert Cruizers

    Help with embarkation papers.

    My Boarding pass shows my MI. I make sure everything matches my DL & Pass Port
  13. Desert Cruizers

    Rome on your own

    Our plans have changed and we will be doing the 7 day Western Med on the Allure then TA back to MIA so will have a full day in Rome from 7 AM to 8 PM. Itinerary Barcelona Palma De Mallorca 8 to 4 Marseille, France 9 to 6 Florence 8:30 to 8:30 Rome 7 to 8 Naples 7 to 6:30 Sea Day Barcelona then TA
  14. Desert Cruizers

    I just cancelled 3 booked cruises...

    I enjoy doing City tours or the country side of places I haven't been to. Since this will be my 2nd time to Barcelona I want to show the daughter many of the attractions of Barcelona I missed during my husbands & my first visit. We did the Walking tour our 2nd day then a day trip to Montserrat the 3rd day then boarded the ship the following day so missed a lot of things in Barcelona itself.
  15. Desert Cruizers

    I just cancelled 3 booked cruises...

    We will visit Mallorca during our November Allure TA in 2020. what do you recommend we see. it will be my 2nd time to Barcelona our embarking city but daughters first