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  1. IT IS MY UNDERSTANDING, that this vaccine MAY not keep you from picking up the virus. IT PROBABLY will keep you from getting seriously ill, but you COULD still have the virus and spread it to others. This is a NEWER VIRUS and NEWER VACCINES, so no one is sure. A lot of people don't seem to understand that wearing a mask helps to protect OTHER people, not just ourselves. At one time, celebrities endorsed tobacco products. But now, they don't. Simply because we have newer information showing it may be harmful to your health. As newer information is discovered, new recommendations are mad
  2. We were on a S America cruise when this first started. First thing I heard of it was when we were at the Buenos Aires airport checking in to come home. They asked if we had been to China in the previous month. I said "No. I have been here" All of us laughed. When I heard about the disease, first thing I asked was "Can asymptomatic people spread it?" At first,no one seemed to know. By the time they realized it, many people were sick and dying that maybe could have been saved IF we had known that. With a new disease, things change as new information arises. Their job is to keep u
  3. Good deal. Hope it all goes well and I look forward to your report.
  4. I am 73 years old. When I was in elementary school, polio was a big deal disease. People SAW what it was doing, especially to children. And then they invented the polio vaccine. And one day, we all lined up in the school hall and were vaccinated against polio. I do not remember anyone not getting vaccinated. I do not remember anyone saying the vaccine would be worse than the disease. Of course, this was before Watergate and Viet Nam and social media and election conspiracies and many other things that have made us question everything we are told. I never got polio and I do n
  5. I don't know. Where are they hanging out now? I do know that many airplanes also carry cargo, especially on international flights. I am thinking that some of the price increases may be due to possible limitations on how many passengers can go (50%). And some increases to make up for lost revenue. But I have never been on a cruise that was only half full. Like I say, the big thing, to me, would be losing my paid airfare.
  6. Is that $2,800 USD TOTAL for all of you? Or is it that price for each of you in an oceanview balcony for 3 nights?
  7. Just wondering.... None of us know for sure what is going to happen when cruising resumes. It appears that cruise companies are raising prices over what they were a year ago when it ended. Some of this is expected, as much income has been lost. But, what I am wondering is whether or not there is an income point when a cruise gets cancelled. What if a ship gets to the point that there are not enough paid customers to make it economically feasible to sail? Is it possible that we could make our final payments, and weeks later we are notified that the ship is not cruising? We wou
  8. Not much going on right now, so thought I would ask this question. We want to fly business class from DTW to CPT for a cruise next winter. Hopefully, cruises will be happening by then. The air fare is very expensive, but if we first fly to IAD, JFK, BOS, EWR, the day prior and stay overnight at an airport hotel, we can save thousands of dollars on the airfare.. I realize this first flight will be a separate ticket and has some risks attached to it. We could even drive. The issue is what would we do IF the required Covid testing is still in place. Currently, the test is required to be ac
  9. We book all of our cruises through our big box store - C----- We get the same price as on the cruise line site, and also extra perks, including a big store shopping card worth different amounts based on the cost of the cruise. Good service and easy to talk to a PERSON when you need to.
  10. I thank each of you for taking the time to offer your thoughts. We have booked a mid ship balcony on deck 10 for a 12 night cruise out of Cape Town, S. Africa for January, 2022. We hope it actually happens.
  11. I am looking at deck plans for the Jade. Specifically, on deck 10, it says that a Balcony stateroom (not Family or Sail Away) ranges from 200-289 Sq Ft and the balcony itself ranges from 38 - 61 sq ft. These seem like large differences in size. Do any of you know where the larger ones are located? I do see on pictures that some of the balconies for the suites on deck 11 seem to overhang the balconies on deck 10. Does this have anything to do with the desirability of being on deck 10? Any information/advice is welcome. This is for a cruise next January (2022), which I hope will actually
  12. Our first Azamara cruise was supposed to be this month out of Capetown. We are hoping to do it next January, or just do a land trip through South Africa. But maybe a light at the end of the tunnel - our CDC said yesterday that once you have had a second vaccine shot, and then waited 2 weeks, it would be safe to associate with other people who had also had the second shot. So, maybe by November things can start back up.
  13. We fly out of Detroit, where DELTA is the big dog. It mystifies me that business class rt from DTW to Capetown on Delta and KLM is a LOT of money. But, I can fly to Toronto for about $150 and then fly Toronto rt to Capetown on Delta and KLM for less than half the cost. Same thing for flights from Boston, JFK, or DULLES. I have found some occasions where I can fly from DTW to Boston. And then DELTA will fly me back to Detroit to connect with my flights to Capetown for a lot less than if I just flew from Detroit. The whole thing is maddening. The only IFFY thing
  14. GREAT review. We were to cruise out of Cape Town but Covid has ended those plans. Now, we think we may just spend 2 in weeks in S Africa when this all ends.
  15. I have flown on them 2 times, and both times I had major delays and crew difficulties. I would rather pay more and have a better chance of actually "enjoying" my flight.
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