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  1. We have Medicare and a BC-BS secondary that is "provided" by my retirement system. (Provided as long as I pay for it). The BC-BS people told me that it will cover me "anywhere in the world" EXCEPT on a cruise ship. We always buy a travel policy that will provide us a decent amount of medical coverage just in case something should happen. BUT we do not insure the entire cost of the trip. We also have a VISA that will reimburse us up to $1,500 of cancellation costs. I would not want to lose the cost of the trip, but could absorb it. I would really not want to be out-of-pocket for a LOT of medical cost.
  2. We took a free shuttle bus that was provided by the port. It dropped us near to "the green". We then made our way (20 minutes) to "the Spire" and met up with one of those free walking tours, which we found on-line. It was a great tour, but due to our port time, we left the tour when it reached the Temple Bar area. We then found a very nice pub for lunch and then strolled back to meet the shuttle bus back to the ship. Easy to do, except for probably walking 2 miles total for the day.
  3. My wife and I each applied for GE at the same time. She received an application approval in about 3 weeks. I am still waiting for mine after 2 months. There seems to be no "logical" way in which applications are reviewed and approved. When, and if, I ever receive approval we will try and schedule our interviews at the same time so we don't have to make 2 trips to the airport. There is a "warning" on the site that the "recent extended government shutdown" has slowed the process. Golly, who knew that a government shutdown could affect so many things?
  4. We are on HAL Zuiderdam with an overnight stop in Reykjavik in July. It is my understanding that we will be docked someplace about 2 miles from the downtown area. Do any of you know if either HAL or the city will provide a shuttle to the downtown area? If so, will it be free? If not a shuttle, which other transportation may be available? Any information is welcome. Thank you.
  5. I don't believe that you CALL Uber. You just use the app and they can locate you. Make sure you have your cell phone turned on and your location active. You will have to pay for international roaming charges unless you have a data plan.
  6. We have one way business class from Detroit to Amsterdam in July for $1,300 each, flying non-stop on Delta. Bought it from the cruise line the first day it went on sale. I am satisfied with it, so the price you have received seems satisfactory, at least to me.🤔
  7. teacherman


    I think calling and using the web site will give you the same options, BUT when I have used the web site I can find different options depending on what day I check. I would thing that DELTA would probably be the only non-stop service on this flight from Atlanta, but maybe there are different carriers offering it from Boston. For that difference in price i would go to Boston a day, or two, earlier and enjoy all that Boston has to offer.
  8. We were on Allure in April. I believe there were reserved seats by the pool, but there was seldom anyone sitting in them.
  9. We did it the last cruise of the year. We rented a car in Skagway (rent early) and drove into the Yukon. Absolutely beautiful with the trees changing colors.
  10. We also used taxis when we disembarked in Copenhagen. The only thing I would caution is IF you have an early flight. IF there are many passengers who live in the Copenhagen area, there may be a long line for taxis. This has happened to us a couple of times in Amsterdam and Copenhagen. We had a later flight, so it didn't really matter to us.
  11. Check Air2Sea AND the airline web site. If there is no price difference, you may want to book through the airline.
  12. Based on other cruisers' advice, we are booked on the HAL Zaandam, west to east, January 9, 2020. We have a Roll Call and are starting to book private shore excursions. We plan to leave the ship on the day it arrives in BA, rather than stay overnight. We have made plans to fly to Iguazu Falls for 2 nights and then return to BA for a couple of days before flying home. We booked our airfare through HAL. There do not appear to be many flights to SA, like there are to Europe. Come and join us.
  13. We will be arriving at AMS on a Wednesday morning about 9:00 after a long flight on DELTA. Our hotel is the Hilton Rotterdam (10 Weena-?). We are a little reluctant to take the train with all of our luggage and being "old" and tired, so we are considering UBER. Do any of you think we could get an UBER to take us all the way to Rotterdam? Do you know where we would have to walk to with our luggage to meet the UBER? Any information/advice is welcome. Thank you.
  14. We live about 20 minute drive from DTW. That is probably where we will go when the time comes.
  15. Silly me. I just "imagined" there was a list of applicants and that once we applied, our names would be placed "next in line" to be approved and interviewed. Also, with the backup due to the "recent" government shut down (probably not a good idea) and maybe more officers being moved to the southern border, who knows how it all works. Just keep waiting and checking.
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