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  1. How near future is near future? Our next cruise is in mid-June. I’m high risk, so I should be vaccinated by then. But I’m traveling with my daughter and 12-year old granddaughter. They probably won’t be. So, what’s our game plan?
  2. I don’t think we’re that close. Probably not until the beginning of 2021. High risk individuals will get it first. Then medical workers. Then the rest of us. Possibly not until 2022. We are booked on a four night cruise in June out of Miami. Hoping that is still a go. I’m also hoping that rapid testing will be more accurate. Because I don’t think I’ll be vaccinated by then. We have eight months. Fingers crossed.
  3. Where would it cruise to. We would need a foreign port. Cannot cruise to nowhere anymore. Bermuda is too far. Is Nova Scotia or New Brunswick too far also?
  4. Now I’m worried. I bought my cruise insurance through “Insure My Trip.” And I bought Nationwide. Hope I won’t have to use it.
  5. I’m following too. My my daughter and son-in-law were on your cruise. What a roller coaster. We babysat their ten year old daughter while they were gone. We were planning on a week, not ten days. But we survived. Surprised you weren’t informed about the itinerary change. We’re you signed up for text or email alerts? My daughter was, and she immediately text us the changes.
  6. Yup. I remembered you. Wasn’t sure if you remembered me. 🙂 Happy cruising to you too.
  7. I’m willing to take the gamble. As long as you have insurance and fly in a day or two before departure, I’ll cruise during hurricane season. I cruised in October two years ago. My daughter just disembarked yesterday. You have to be flexible. My Eastern Caribbean cruise turned into a Western Caribbean cruise. And my daughter’s seven day Eastern Caribbean cruise turned into a ten day Western Caribbean. Seriously, the chances of a major disruption or itinerary change during hurricane season is very low. Just get insurance, and you’ll be fine. Cruising again in a little o
  8. On our Alaskan cruise next week (Seattle to Vancouver), I’m assuming we’re clearing customs in Vancouver and not Victoria, right?
  9. Your pictures look beautiful. Are they of the Ovation? Or from the Ovation? If of the Ovation, what time did you disembark? My daughter was already at her gate at FLL at 8:00. She had a 10:30 flight. My daughter said the waves went up to deck 5 last night. Pretty rough.
  10. Thanks. My daughter is on the Allure too. I’m not worried about her safety. I’m worried about her getting home.
  11. Thanks for answering both my questions. 🙂
  12. I’m talking about the Allure, not the Harmony. The Allure was scheduled back to Port Everglades today. Did the Harmony sail out of Port Canaveral?
  13. That’s true. Has an oasis class ship ever sailed out of Houston? But
  14. And I would be the first to complain. (Signed a nervous mama with her daughter on the ship). Changing course: Per the 11 AM National Weather Service advisory, there is only a 6 percent chance of tropical storm winds in Fort Lauderdale from Tuesday into Wednesday. And a 0 percent chance Wednesday into Thursday. Isn’t that good enough for the Allure to head back home?
  15. Except this is more than a few days late, now. This is a week late. Most on the ship have lives. They need to get home ASAP. If they don’t get back until next Sunday, I’m not sure if some will be coming back to jobs.
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