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  1. Tried reading through posts....does anyone know if Allure will get the Abyss and waterslides or is that a NO, and what about playmakers??? Thanks
  2. Hi, just saw a great price on a grand suite for this August and I realize if I were to book I would have to pay full amount as final payment would be due.....so my question is... if the cruise were to be cancelled by Royal or I would have the option of Lifting and Shifting to next August (4 week window) would I be able to use my (soon to be) existing FCC for a cruise I already have booked....In other words, pay full payment, then apply FCC and have Royal refund my cc for FCC amount. Thanks...
  3. It is my understanding that breakfast is served in Coastal Kitchen and the concierge will escort the Suite guests of the ship so my 2 questions are 1. Do you put the luggage out the night before and pick up in terminal or do you carry it off yourself....and 2. Do the Suite guests go through an "express" line at customs or go through the regular custom line. Thanks
  4. Why not??? IMO it would be great PR...keeping your "loyal" customers happy...
  5. Well I think it would be a great "good willl" effort on Royal to give the points for all cancelled cruises. "win" for C&A members and "win" for RC by honoring "cancelled" cruises
  6. Not sure if you know about "lift and switch" program but if you choose this route... you would not lose your deposit (if cruising in 2021 is an option you are interested in)
  7. Does the Sky Class Suite Perks/Oasis include A thermal spa perk?? and what is it?? Thanks
  8. Does Royal Caribbean offer the "Luggage Valet Program" from Miami Port to either Miami Airport (participating airlines) and Miami Port to Ft. Lauderdale Airport and does anyone know what time the flights have to be between. TIA
  9. Is a non Thanksgiving Cruise switch to a Thanksgiving switch not allowed?? I thought just Christmas, New Years and Chinese New Year were the only exclusions
  10. I read Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year cruises were excluded from L&S in Royals Blog on the program
  11. What if it was opposite..I have allure (western...no perfect day) but would like to switch to Symphony Western w/ perfect day...Both leave from Miami and are 7 days in length.. Would I be able to L&S??? Thanks
  12. If the drink package comes down you can cancel the one booked and rebook at the lower price up until I think 48 hours before sailing
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