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  1. Does anyone know IF and WHEN the Harmony is scheduled for an upgrade/drydock?? Thanks
  2. Not new to cruising....and not new to RC....They have changed their website when booking a cruise in 2020. And I am not embarrassed by "saving a buck" ... Royal never made you pick an option before booking your cabin (at least since 1998) and now they are.
  3. When you go to book, you get two options for the category "Let us pick your room" or "you pick your room" If you choose to pick your own room it is usually 100+ more per person....which IMO is insane...
  4. So Royal is charging you more to pick your cabin??? WOW!!! I guess it is "anything for a buck" IMO -- CHEAP TACTIC.... So my question is...if you have Royal pick your room, after it is assigned....can you switch you room to a "same category" room without a penalty??? Thanks
  5. Hi....tried doing a search....could not find. What is the Diamond Balcony discount for a Junior Suite....Is it the same as Balcony?? Thanks
  6. Was on the Freedom in August and on the first day in the windjammer for lunch we got BOMBBARDED by waiters trying to sell us the Specialty Restaurants and even after we explained MULTIPLE times that were already had reservations, they tried selling us the packages...IT WAS ANNOYING to say the least.
  7. I went into the "flyer" and even searched "Oasis" with nothing....I am looking for more specific enhancements and the flyer is tjust general information imo about the navigator and the mariner....But I do thank you for your time and trouble.
  8. Does anyone have any clue about what will be happening to Oasis during her 2019 drydock....Waterslides, Abyss, etc??? Since she will be the only ship sailing from Ft. Lauderdale (my fav), I would like some more info on her please.... Thanks
  9. Does anyone know how far out the bidding will start... (i.e. 3 months, 6 months, 60 days)??
  10. I agree....We just pack slacks, a nice dress shirt and tie... He also wears suspenders to "jazzy" it up. He looks fine. No need to pack extra suit, shoes, etc.....
  11. Program is easy....you sign the children up.. Since they will be 6 and 8 they will be in the same group (Exploreres). The hours are: 9-12 2-5 7-10pm.. If you chose to keep them in there longer (after 10 pm) you will get charged 7 per hour per child. The children do not have to go to every session or any of they do not like.. (we limit one session per day of the child's choosing-- she loves it) Once signed up, you will receive a "kids compass" in your room to describe the following day's activities. Any questions, feel free...
  12. question and if you answered it I am sorry I did not see. Curious....how did you assign bedrooms......Who got the rooms with the balconies??? Thanks
  13. Was on the Freedom of the Seas in August and they (pool attendants) were removing towels and such early in the morning from 7 am up till about 9 am, then you did not see them BUT they were there early morning....Lots of disappointed "chair hogs" came back to find their chairs, towels and other belongings gone. This has been the only cruise I have ever seen it enforce (for a couple of am hours only)
  14. While I am happy that you all got upgrades, it makes me still feel bitter (the salt in the wounds really sting). I am at the point where I feel that Royal does not care about me (or my 19 cruises and the thousand upon thousands I have spent onboard, in casino and on cabins....I am done with being "loyal to Royal" as stated earlier I like how NCL has the "upgrade bid" and I think my next couple of cruises (after the ones I already have booked) will be there. Waiting to hit "diamond plus" so my "little one" will be able to utilize their "crown and anchor" program. Maybe they will do good by her, as I feel used... Keep those upgrades coming for the first time/gold/emerald cruisers and enjoy!!!!
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