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  1. Ships have already been pulled by both NCL and Royal...At this point you cannot book a cruise from Boston 2021.. whereas you can still book from Bayonne, NJ
  2. Is that +-2 weeks the same for a 6/8 nighter??..so not to be confusing...I would only have the option of choosing 1 cruise before or after 6 or 8 night sailing) vs 2 before or after for a standard 7 nighter??
  3. Freedom was only out of her dry dock for a week before the pamdamic shutdown...There might not be pictures...I think her "maiden" post dry dock cruise was mot even allowed to dock in Puerto Rico...Had to dock in Miami...I would jump at the chance to have a room that is brand new on the pool deck...
  4. Unlimited dining plan for 79 or 99 per person.??? Or did you mean the 3 night dining package??? I
  5. New Hampshire is starting to head the way of Vermont also...Live Free or Die is (imo) no longer a valid state motto
  6. So....does the 5 drinks anywhere anytime also mean....Any drink...or is it still the list of brands from the diamond lounge.... example....not New Amsterdam....but Grey Goose??
  7. You only need to put one person to buy the bed.
  8. So...no email explaining why they are in a "holding pattern"...When you call, the reps "know nothing"..So the great plan is to "frustrate" your base because Royal can not send notification as to what is going on and why...A little consideration to their "booked paasengers" could go a long way...but nope...nothing but silence
  9. right now Royal is taking bookings on the 6 night Indy..Royal is also taking bookings on various 7 nighters and various 3/4 nighters...so why would the "governing regulator body" state that said modifications would NOT be allowed?? Royal pulled the bookings of 8 nighters MONTHS age so they are not taking on any financial strain by altering it...at this point.
  10. Royal has known for months.....all they have to do is make a decision. Pretty simple options... 8 nighter to a 7 nighter, or cancel cruise and go 3/4 nights. We are being JERKED around with no information and that sucks....
  11. So Royal can pull a ship and send it to a new "Homeport" with an itinerary..no problem but cannot let us Indy 8'nighters know if we even have an itinerary... Frustrating....and before all you "yahoos" say "you might not even be sailing"...I get that...just wish I knew IF I WAS...TO WHERE
  12. There is a post today regarding the Mariner "sail dates" being changed....You might want to read it..
  13. I have always heard...middle decks, middle of ship to avoid the motion
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