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  1. Free drinks from 5-8 pm in suite lounge for grand...not junior suite...
  2. Count Explorer out.. No slides ..I wouks do whichever ship (Sym or Har) is less expensive...
  3. Hi...was wondering if you could get some pictures of the "suite deck"...Will be on Allure soon and while I realize she was not "revamped" someone posted (on another thread) that they did upgrade some of the loungers there.....Thanks.. Have a great trip!!!!
  4. Traveling in a suite.. you will be walked off the ship.. bypassing the lines....airport is 10 minutes away..I think you will be fine
  5. Just booked a 2 bedroom suite with 4 adults and an 11 year old child...Will she be allowed in the suite lounge with us??.. Thanks
  6. Hi...do the Central Park, Boardwalk or Ocean View balcony dividers on Allure open up between balconies?? Thanks
  7. Could you tell me what the 6 night itinerary is please??
  8. Hi...could you tell me what the 6 day itinerary is please???
  9. Since Wonder is replacing Allure in Europe (Summer 2022)...could Allure finally be going to "refurbishment" in spring 2022 while Wonder is doing a couple of weeks in caribbean??
  10. Hi...did a search on youtube for pictures/videos of the suite sun deck on Allure and nothing came up...Does the Allure have a Suite Sun Deck and if so...anyone have a video.??? Thanks
  11. I have 7...one still in plastic wrap ..let me know if you still want 2
  12. Do the soda machines serve flavored water ( no sugar) or just various soda?? Thanks
  13. I spoke with multiple reps and specific ally asked if I could go to casino, casino bar, schooners etc.. (Symphony list) and was told no..I cancelled (told rep Royal will lose my business after all my FCC are used)..I was told I MIGHT be able to cancel for full refund (after final payment) IF and when Royal announces the new protocols and I did not want to go at that point..I cut my losses..
  14. I was told no by a C&A rep...I was told if you are traveling with unvaxed children..you are considered unvaxed...even with the vaccine ...because of this information we have cancelled our cruuse in October..
  15. My sailing is at the end of October...Final payment is due tomorrow...I have unvaccinated children under the age of 12 (which are on the reservation)....and I was told either way my options were a FCC....whether I pay off the balance or not. If I pay off the balance and then the "protocols" are announced (which they have not yet for October) and do not fit with my situation...I can cancel for a FCC for amount paid minus taxes and port charges (which would be refunded)...SO...IMO Royal is getting the best of both situations and leaving me no choice as to what is best for my family....so ..again no customer loyalty...
  16. That is not what I was told...I was told I would get the taxes and port charges back and the rest in a FCC.and it was a. C&A rep
  17. I also called and questioned my options...and I was told a FCC also
  18. RC told me I could cancel my cruise (unvaccinated children) receive a fCC and book the same cruise next year for 7000.00 more.. screw Royal...Or i could pay off my balance...Give Royal a (subatainal loan) with no interest and maybe if I am unsatisfied with the "protocols" at the time of the cruise....I could cancel for another future cruise credit...Sounds to me the only one making out is Royal.. .So much for customer loyalty..smdh..I would think they would be happy to have a family with "unvaccinated" children not on their ships till a later date...
  19. do not understand why you cannot "lift and shift" if unvaccinated or you do not like the "protocols" ...yeah...give me another FCC...
  20. could you explain the "wait until the protocols are announced and then cancel for a full refund" Is Royal offering a full refund (not a fcc) if for some reason the "protocols" do not met with the passengers standards...i.e. unvaccinated ?? Or in my case my 11 year old child is unvaccinated and is required by the state to quarantine 7-10 after a cruise...There is no way she can miss 12 plus days of school...or if we took the cruise would she be allowed in "Adventure Ocean" being unvaccinated..Thanks
  21. I did and found one picture without the couch under the window...but Royal advertises it as a promanade room (which has the couch under the window...so that is why I was asking??
  22. Hi...was wondering if anyone has stayed in an "Oasis" class Boardwalk Interior cabin?? I was wondering if there is a chair/couch as in the "Central Park Interior"s by the window, or if it is just the big "porthole" with no built in couch thanks in advance
  23. I hope Royal (sooner rather than later) will post a 'redeployment list" like NCL did. At the very least it will stop all the guessing. I am sure Royal already has a list and plans for what ship and when.....Hope they share!!!
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