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  1. Hi, does anyone know when bookings will open and possibly what ship?? Thanks
  2. Why do scooters get an "obvious" pass...I have seen folks ride them into the room...The hallways are supposed to be kept clear...
  3. Agree, it is out of our family's reach...booked opening day for August 2024, and same week in 2025 is 2,500. more...crazy prices for sure...
  4. They can eat wherever they want, but in Coastal Kitchen, it will be only them unless others in group are in a Jumior Suite or higher
  5. They "confiscated" my cousins on Allure (Fort Lauderdale) last year...She picked it up on the table when we disembarked..
  6. My daughters expire April 4, 2024 and we have a cruise on Nov 12, 2023...Shouod I be getting her a new passport now??
  7. Mine went up 188 for 3 if us, 63.0 pp...I do not understand the math...Some get refunds, some see 10%, some see a couple odlf extra dollars.. and we see a huge increase
  8. Ours went up to $188.00, for 3 of us on the Icon in August of 2024...Not a happy camper
  9. Is any section better?? Both Chill Isand and Breezy Bay are the same price. Thanks
  10. Yes and it is also my favorite cruise port...off the ship in at airport in less than an hour
  11. Should have shown them this. I woukd have been pissed..it is a perk you are entitled to
  12. How did they know??? Set sail pass only says "suite"
  13. Do you think they will keep the Symphony there for summer 2025??
  14. I have no interest in this BUT my hubby might...Do they pair you up if you are solo??
  15. Not worth it to me, my cruise has it for 188.
  16. We buy my daughter 100.00. And we all play air hockey..we are usually playing the last night to use up the balance...She always knows how much is left, but I do not know how she knows
  17. Last year they had a decent (imo)"labor day sale"...that might work for you
  18. When bookings open, will they only go out to April 2025 or further into the year?? Thanks..
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