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  1. November 30th. All of these sailings today have nothing to shift to as they are all for Fall 21 and fall 22 hasn’t been released
  2. They may have already taken the appropriate rooms out of inventory to move you to. I can’t imagine they have all sold in the last 30 minutes.
  3. Just read that the Explorer itineraries are up for sale even before moving people over, unless they removed them from inventory.
  4. Here they go again. Putting the new itineraries up for sail before moving people over that were on the cancelled sailing. Thinking of those on the Freedom that had a choice cabin. Now anyone can come along and book it and the person on the original sailing gets screwed.
  5. I am looking at that 3 day. Over Easter, we could fly out Thursday night arrive Friday morning and then fly home on Monday and back to work Tuesday and not miss a day of work......very tempting especially after missing the inaugural.
  6. They probably used an overflow lounge during the nightly event where appetizers and drinks were served which would have been on deck 4 and that is why you had to show your card because there was no card reader on the door as there was for the place you got your coffee Which was the DL.
  7. That was the Diamond lounge. The location was changed at its first drydock.
  8. They are sticking with the same game plan they have used from the start. A couple months at a time...after final payment. Don't think they will change now unfortunately
  9. I feel the same issue is going to affect lots of non US Citizens once cruising resumes in the US. No reason to think that all brands (separate companies) under RCG would have the same policies...those under carnival certainly don't.
  10. I saw that last night for the Westbound. If your theory was true and they are sailing empty then why would the last Alaska cruise be a Seattle to Vancouver. I'm wondering if they are still trying to finalize port stops on that Hawaii to Alaska leg
  11. Yes, it includes previously booked sailings
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