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  1. How about we split the difference and call it 6:00 for Park Cafe. Compass is from Allure Oct 14.
  2. Symphony does start adding in San Juan as a stop starting next June. This could change the second formal night from her usual night 6 (Sea day) to night 5 as she departs San Juan (day 5) at 3pm and is in Labadee on Day 6 until 6pm.
  3. A shout out to LuCruise who posted in our roll call that Entertainment is open for booking at least as far out as March 9th, 2019 which is 109 days away. This is a huge jump from the recent 40-50 day windows Symphony cruisers have recently seen. All shows were available to book with the exception of the Headliner. Happy planning.
  4. Ourusualbeach

    OASIS Muster

    Don't forget the bananas.😂
  5. Ourusualbeach

    MDR entree delivered to coastal kitchen

    If you ordered it to your room would you be allowed to bring it into CK or is it only packaged food that you can take in.😇
  6. It’s there in the cruise compass on the first page of each day you are in port. Here’s a recent Oasis compass.
  7. Ourusualbeach

    3 in a Room / Cancelling 1

    Don’t forget that you can do a name change on the third person up to 24 hours prior to sailing if you find someone else who you wouldn’t mind sharing your cabin with.
  8. Ourusualbeach

    3 in a Room / Cancelling 1

    Would it just be cheaper to keep the cabin arrangements as they are and have the 2 guests be no shows and get their port fees and taxes refunded.
  9. Yes wonderland is included. I saw reports a while back that it included 1 visit to wonderland with extra visits being $10. Additional cost items are still an additional cost.
  10. Ourusualbeach

    3 in a Room / Cancelling 1

    Unfortunately that is exactly what can happen. If the price of the 2 person cabin is more than what you paid for the triple then you would still have to pay it.
  11. Ourusualbeach

    oasis lobster night western itinerary

    Oasis has her second formal night on night 5 which is a Sea day. There can be some confusion as it can vary between night 5 and 6 depending on the itinerary.
  12. Ourusualbeach

    3 in a Room / Cancelling 1

    If it was booked as a refundable rate then yes you can cancel up until final penalty phase (14 or 15 days prior to sailing) and get a full refund. You still run the risk of them moving you to a double cabin and bring repriced. For non refundable deposits regular cancellation fees apply.
  13. Ourusualbeach

    3 in a Room / Cancelling 1

    Thanks for the compliment. I would have given the same advice that you did. I would add that since the cabin is paid for isn’t there any way you can find s9meone else that would like to take your place for a real cheap price. I would not tell Royal what you are doing.
  14. Ourusualbeach

    Does RCCL run a cyber sale

    Cyber weekend sale.
  15. Ourusualbeach

    Ship In Boston for 2020

    One of the Radiance class ships.