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  1. I don’t think they will move deposits from two reservations onto one. I think the best case scenario is that they will move one couples deposits over. That would cover guest 1 and 2. The other couple would have to cancel their GS and take a FCC. They would then have 2 FCC’s . One for the deposit plus another for the $1349.. Guests 3 and 4 will also have to pay the deposit for the cruise in the 2 bdrm GS. Another guess but the fare for guests 3 and 4 will be under $1000 per person so they will be able to apply part of the $1349 but won’t be able to use it all plus they will still have a FCC for the deposit from the GS they cancelled. I’m pretty sure that Royal won’t allow extra FCC from guests 3 and 4 to be applied to guests 1 and 2 as the 4 people weren’t on the same initial reservation. I would definitely call and talk to Royal about this. Maybe they will make some exceptions.
  2. I believe that was to balance out FCC amounts. you could definitely Cancel the 2 reservations and book one suite. Are you after final payment and are people getting large FCC’s or are they before final and it’s only the deposit amounts. the only downfall to this would be that 2 of the people who had been guests 1 and 2 on their original reservation will now be 3 and 4 at a substantially reduced rate on the new one so could have FCC that they can’t use.
  3. I'm at 4 hours 45 minutes currently on the same call. The first part wasn't bad but then they had to transfer me to guest relations...then they had to call the department that can apply the FCC. As I was typing this having been on hold the latest time someone answered but it was not the person I was first talking to so we are starting over....
  4. Agents will make anything up because they don't want to spend the time trying to get the right answer or alert someone to an issue. They figure that since they work there and you don't you will believe whatever they tell you. Call center 101 to get rid of a customer.
  5. It doesn't matter as you can do a closed loop cruise without a passport
  6. Or at least gives you a good idea when you should maybe question what the rep is telling you.
  7. The only issue that you have is that a FCC cannot be used for the deposit so you would have to put down a new deposit then get one larger FCC
  8. It is occupancy.. every category that starts with an odd number holds more than 2 guests. every category that start with an even number holds 2 guests. Location is determined by the letter but since all CP balconies are considered midship (between the elevators) there is only one letter associated with this category.
  9. The only other place is the suite sundeck deck 17 forward
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