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  1. I guess it’s a work in progress as the UDP still shows up on my Anthem cruise for March and says multiple entrees. Does not surprise me though.
  2. While homelands security may say that is valid Royal won’t let you on the ship with that. As a Canadian you need a passport to board.
  3. John, if I missed this I apologize but it looks like they are doing early seating in all 3 restaurants and then starting MTD after the first seating is done. I guess that would allow them to seat more people for early seating.
  4. For all you complaining about smelling smoke on your balconies that looks like an ashtray to me.
  5. Hey Serena, What week are you travelling? We are on with the kids over Christmas.
  6. And even though it only mentions Sabor when were were on SY in March we were also given the option of JR’s
  7. BW balcony gets meal for 4 at JR’s and a free soda package for the first 2 guests. they opened up the available restaurants that the people in CP balconies can use. They also allow Sabor on OA AL and HM
  8. Same. lunch at JR’s or Jamie’s and a bottle of red
  9. Johnny Rockets is it. No other places for milkshakes. Whether you have to actually dine at JR’s varies by ship and probably by whose working.
  10. I’m going to try and get some pictures this Christmas and post them unless someone on a sailing earlier does
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