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  1. Only sailings after mid October have been cancelled. Nothing wrong with the OP’s sailing in August.
  2. Your cruise is fine. Only her sailings from mid October have been cancelled.
  3. OP is on Anthem. There are no Pullman beds on Quantum class in balconies or below.
  4. If one of your kids will be under 2 at the time of sailing you can add them to a cabin meant for 2 guests. There are lots of connecting balconies and insides on Anthem that hold 2 guests. Use a TA or call Royal to book as you won’t be able to book this way on the website. if all your kids are over 2 then you need to search for rooms that hold 3 guests AND rooms that hold 2 guests.
  5. You were the one who said there were no details, I simply provided the details. "As for the covid app or tracelets there are just too many unanswered questions. How close do you need to be to someone and for how long to be notified? How many days out? How contagious was that person at that time? For instance could you have been in a store, passed by a person, who 5 days later tested positive? On the ship could you have been in the same dining room but far away from someone who tests positive causing you to be let off at the next port?" The examples you hypothesized
  6. My step mom got a miniature schnauzer last year and about 8 months in learned of this. Instantly stopped the bad behaviour.
  7. These are the parameters that Royal has set. Unless you know the person I highly doubt you would ever meet these parameters. Also it does not state that you would be put off at the next port. If you are found to have come within 1 meter (3 feet) of a COVID-19 positive person, for at least 15 minutes, certain actions may be required for your safety and the safety of your fellow guests.
  8. Still says nothing about the cruise lines that may be forced to comply with other countries requirements.
  9. That has yet to be determined in the case of cruise ships where it may be a condition of one of the countries that they visit.
  10. Your test that you have to get (I am assuming that is the $1000 you are talking about) has nothing to do with the CDC. It is a requirement of the Bahamas to enter their country.
  11. If I had my way, I’d fill it in but my wife likes it so I’m stuck with maintaining it. In 20 years I’ve been in less than a dozen times. id take your “pool” any day of the week.
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