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  1. Ourusualbeach

    rooms by Diamond Club ?

    Yes there are. 4 cabins on port and 4 cabins on starboard. They are adjacent to the service areas for the lounge.
  2. Ourusualbeach

    Grease on Harmony

    Both Allure and Oasis had their broadway show changed after 5 years.
  3. Ourusualbeach

    NextCruise question

    Yes, there is a reduced amount of on board credit. Full deposit.
  4. Chat is currently only available on Allure and Harmony.
  5. Ourusualbeach

    NextCruise question

    This is for non refundable deposits.
  6. If it’s like Allure at Chriatmas you just log on to Royal Wifi like you were going to purchase a package and the package that you purchased is one of the options, creat3 your own password. Perhaps they have added the pinnacle internet as a free package.
  7. As far as I’m aware Royal has never sought to have any of their ships US flagged. it only applies to those seeking to be US flagged,..not All ships as you stated.
  8. It doesn’t apply to all ships....only the ones that are looking to be flagged in the US, which in the case of the big cruise lines is one...the Pride of America as you mentioned.
  9. If it had happened then I would think the port agent still would have been there as the couple showed up within minutes of them pulling the ramp.
  10. So, where’s the Port agent with the couples passports that many say they retrieve from the cabin safe?
  11. Hit or miss. Some cruises I have received reminders for...others none. I did get a reminder for our cruise coming up in 3 weeks. Definitely agree with putting a reminder on the calendar as my phone.
  12. Wow...so many people paying attention to Robyn’s sleeping habits.
  13. It depends on the ship. On Oasis class there are support you posts that are easy to tie off to. On freedom class I found that small 3” C clamps attached to the steel I beams gave me a good place to tie off to.