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  1. Yes, except you do not get the double points..unless you were originally in a junior suite or higher.
  2. Because friend told Royal we would be sailing in November...NO mention whatsoever that there was an expiration date on the FCC's by the RC rep..I hope you never have to ask a question...Must be comfy in your perfect little world.
  3. Perks start on your next cruise...it takes 5-7 days to upgrade your staus once cruise ends
  4. Hi, have a friend who canceled a cruise and got some FCC's.. She has transfered them to us, but just got the letter stating the transfer is complete but they have to be used by "sail date 9/20/23". Our next cruise is not until November..Will it be okay for us to apply to our November cruise?? Thanks
  5. Bring Allure back to Fort Lauderdale for the 6/8 night cruises she did in 2022!!!
  6. You get the cup also. Might be in your room, or you might have to get the cup from a bar.
  7. That did not happen in Fort Lauderdale in November...We are D+ and there was no secton for us...We were told not that "perk" was not avaiable anymore .
  8. The ledge is great for seating in the pool!!
  9. It was a ledge that went around inside wall of the pool..You could sit in the pool on the ledge...
  10. Hi, I was on the Odessey in November and I loved the "pool ledge" in the pool...Does any of the Symphony pools have that?? Thanks
  11. Can you book a refundable deposit on a junior suite?? I believe all suites are automatically non-refundable, just wondering if junior suites fall into that category. Thanks
  12. Are 4 passengers listed on the PDF?? How can you help a reservation for 4 in a 3 person canin??
  13. Almost froze to death in August?? Lol...I live in Maine year round...Did you go swimming in the ocean?? What part of Maine were you at?? I thought we had a fabulous summer...temp/sun wise...
  14. I do not know, my husband had beef and one lobster (2 ENTREES) he did not ask for another
  15. Yes, our sea days were 3 and 6, but there were folks who dressed up on Day 5.. Also the dinner in the dining room were choices of Lobster or Beef Tenderlion on the "dress your best" night #3.
  16. Just an FYI Our Odessey 6 night (11/13) the formal night was night 3.. Day 1 - FLL Day 2 - Perct Day at Coco Cay Day 3 - Sea Day
  17. No. . No one is allowed to leave until ship is cleared...Then self- disembarkation begins...once luggage is in holding area they will then start calling numbers..There is no priority on self-disembarkation for suite, pinnacle or key..
  18. It is required still in Haiti , Honduras and Columbia...We were asked if we had them last week on Odessey (stopped in Labadee) but did mot have to show them.
  19. Haiti, Honduras and Cokumbia still require them...but we were only asked if we had them ladt week when Ship stopped
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