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  1. So, I got internet for my husband (2 devices- him and my 14 yo).. Will I be able to use our D+ internet perks for me once on the ship?? Thanks
  2. I think it is cool to have a pool outside in the sun, for adults only..
  3. Does anyone know what the Wonder will be doing from April 25 to August 25??
  4. Wonder is Oasis class, so will appeal to all ages...(have not sailed on her) I have sailed on Odessey and liked 270 and the bumper cars...we did not do I fly or Northstar..I did not like the pool setup, (not a lot of sun) but loved the sitting edge in the pool.. I think for a multi generation family Wonder woukd be better
  5. No, the only way I would pay for it again was if it is the same price as internet.
  6. States Sky class amenities but only lists Coastal Kirchen for dinner?? Confusing 😕
  7. What are the perks?? I am confused.. Thanks
  8. Does the bar in Crown Lounge have stools?? And is it Diamond + and Pins, or are Diamonds welcomed during the evening hours??
  9. On Allure, my 12 year old was in teen club, six months later on Odessey, it was Adventure Ocean. Age groups depends on ship.
  10. Even if you transfer you will still lose 100. Per person
  11. Our embarkation day lunch was a joke...had to wait in line 30 minutes to get seated...then waited another hour...yes hour...to get served our meal and only because I went and complained...We finally got our food after 2 pm, and we were seated at 12:30...Us and the table next to us were somehow forgotten...Waiter took our order and never came back....service for breakfast on debarktion day was no better...
  12. I had the key last cruise on the Symphony in Nov...The only way I would buy it again is if it is the same cost as the internet.
  13. Diamond and or any other C&A tier (except pins) means nothing to board
  14. I never stated that OP was implying you had to buy brands names, I was stating that there was alternatives at a less expensive price..all it needs is 10mg cetirizine..
  15. You do not have to buy "brand names" store brands work just as well...as long as it has 10 mg cetirizine. and store brands are less expensive. Walmart brand is equate..
  16. Not really, Oasis and Adventure 5500 + and 5800+ respectively...I am looking at hubby's birthday in July, 25 (milestone) was hoping for a rc cruise, as stated can get a suites with drinks and wi-fi, suite benefits on MSC, balcony with drink, wi-fi, excursion credit and 2 night specialty restaurant on NCL...for less than a balcony cabin with no perks on RC.
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