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  1. I'm sorry...I meant from the airport to the Holiday Inn....My bad.
  2. I was wondering if there was a place close to port in Tampa to buy diapers, wipes etc so that we don't have to pack them? Thanks in advance!
  3. We stayed at the Holiday Inn recently which is just down the road from Intercontinental...right across from Bayside Market. The difference in price between a taxi and uber was HUGE...Uber was $16 a taxi was $60....
  4. We just stayed here a couple weeks ago (for the second time). The location is great and there is a lot to do/eat at Bayside Market across the street. The beds are very comfy...the only downside of this past trip was the traffic on Biscayne BLVD the night we stayed...We heard all of it...especially the motorcycles revving their engines at al hours of the night....I still loved the hotel...and we were given an upgrade to a suite upon arrival which was nice.....
  5. I know that they have the groups starting at 2 years old...but does Carnival do any type of babysitting service for infants? Thanks in advance
  6. Thank you all...I will check these out.
  7. Is this a tour that is doable without being on an excursion? How far is it from the cruise port? Can you tell me what is involved in the tour? A lot of walking, etc? Thanks in advance...
  8. Which hotel did you book in Tampa and why? I am looking for something that has a shuttle, pool, and wifi. Close to places to eat (within walking distance) reasonable priced (not in the slums...but not in the ritzy area. I have never been to Tampa...so don't know the area at all. Thanks in advance!
  9. Thank you...We haven't made a definite decision...but this one is tops on our list I think...
  10. Our cruise on the magic just got cancelled....looking at possibly booking the Pride out of Tampa...Whats the good, bad and ugly about this ship...would love to hear people personal opinions...even get links to reviews/pictures if possible... Thanks in advance...You all are wonderful!
  11. I'm booked on the Magic in January...They aren't taking any more reservations because it is booked...
  12. Thank you very much for all the info. I really appreciate it!
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