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  1. The tour says that they pick you up from your hotel...will they pick you up from the cruise port? How long does the tour last?
  2. Do you know what the premium flavors are? Anything like lemon, raspberry or blueberry?
  3. Thank you...I will look into it
  4. Can someone tell me what the flavor choices are?
  5. Thank you very much!!! This is exactly what she wanted!
  6. Does anyone have the daily schedule for the stingrays and the penguins? My granddaughter wants to see what her and her sister are going to be doing. Thanks in advance!
  7. Christmas ornaments....family pictures....a tote bag with something printed on it about the cruise...
  8. It was me who posted the link...and I appologize for being so careless...
  9. I appologize for posting something so careless....I did not realize that it was not an honest site. if I could remove the post I would...again...I am sorry
  10. But as I also said...it was posted on 9/23/19 on the San Juan travel guide facebook page. If it isn't current...Not sure why the travel guide page would post it on 9/23.
  11. This link was posted on San Juan Puerto Rico Travel Guides FB page on 9/23( https://www.facebook.com/SanJuan.PR.Guide/) https://sanjuan.puerto-rico.ca/transportation/trolley-bus.html?fbclid=IwAR263UaiKh2UxdVy2jYQknROf9w4uk_c8fI-VqSwANWdoFuzGoVPRKT4flU It says that the free trolleys are running....I don't know how old the article is...
  12. Thanks..I will look into this tour.
  13. Still trying to figure out what to do when we are here....If we were to just book a taxi and ride to see the sites...What are some not miss places? How much is a taxi tour like this? Do they have large taxis...for 8 people? Thanks in advance
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