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  1. Thanks, the more I read the more I think it's better to pay for each drink, I am so used to prices on RCI where you'd only need 2-3 drinks to break even.
  2. thankyou for this, we got so used to RCI prices where a cocktail is $14-15 so nice to see lower prices on here. We are not huge drinkers but do like a coffee, juice, a beer with lunch and then some drinks in the evening so would probably get value out of a package.
  3. Hello, We've cruised quite a few times but only ever on RCI, we are trying MSC soon and looking to book a cruise with P&O on Iona in December. Pleasantly surprised reading some posts at how much more reasonable bar prices are than on RCI, can anyone tell me if P&O do drinks packages and if so what the approx cost is please?
  4. Been on Vision a few times, the Steam is better than the sauna, it has a little more space. Remember though that they may not be open yet, I thought I saw another post that RCI are not opening them due to the pandemic.
  5. We've just had the email for two Voyager cruises now cancelled, I've lost count now of how many have gone, and also getting confused with the FCC's which have moved to different cruises only to then be cancelled, I think I'm going to start asking for the refunds instead and hold off until there is more certainty, I know RCI are suffering too but it does not help when they do these rounds of cancellations when they may not be necessary.
  6. Thanks, I did it a few years ago for myself and got what was black membership at the time but is now Diamond.
  7. Thankyou, yes, he's D+ with RCI so will give them a call.
  8. Hello, I am a Diamond member of the Voyagers club but my husband is not yet a member, if he enrolls will he get the same benefits as me or does he have to work his way up to it? Tia.
  9. Hello, which ship are you sailing on? We sailed on Anthem where it was free, but then Ovation from Hong Kong where is was chargeable, a while after we sailed on Quantum where it was advertised for a fee online but once you got onboard it was free. Usually i've only seen a charge where ships are departing out of Chinese ports. Hope this helps.
  10. Nice to have something different to read, this looks great, we are sailing on her in September and hoping things will be in a better way by then so maybe some restrictions will be relaxed. Looking forward to seeing the ship as only ever sailed on RCI
  11. Windjammer for Paella, it's a start of the cruise taste! Either that or Park cafe for the roast beef.
  12. We did and L&S from June to June 2022, if they do start sailing again I wonder if we can shift back to this year?
  13. Agree, almost like a 'frankie and bennies' experience. Only tried Jamie's once, that was enough, I find him a bit too preachy.
  14. Hello, just another FCC question to add to the pile... I've been applying my FCC's online and usually get an email confirming it's been done within 24-48 hours, Last week I applied 1 more to a cruise which is currently scheduled to go ahead in November but have not heard anything back and my balance due has not changed. I know they will be busy so don't want to call yet but just wondered if anyone else has noticed a slow down in applying these?
  15. Thanks, on this one we don't really plan on getting off, so it will be nice not to have to worry about running out......
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