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  1. Not to get political but I’m pretty sure our Government was scrambling to get vaccines and didn’t want a little thing like the mixing of vaccines to screw up their plans. Doubt anyone knows how the effectiveness of mixing of vaccines will compare to two shots of one vaccine but I doubt that was one of their major concerns.
  2. The OP brings up a good point. I was fortunate enough to get the Pfizer vaccine first and when it came time to get my second dose Pfizer was in short supply and it was being recommended that I could mix and match and should get the readily available Moderna vaccine. I did my own research and while many countries are doing that it was clear that many countries weren’t and like the US it seems they won’t consider you fully vaccinated. To that end I held out for Pfizer and am pleased to say I’m now fully vaccinated. While it’s possible the US and other countries will eve
  3. My experience has been hit or miss depending on which bar and what time of day. Often bars had both in stock but would run out of one or the other at some point in the day.
  4. Had my 2021 New Zealand cruise cancelled, unfortunately lift and shift to a similar cruise in 2022 wasn’t available so booked on Princess instead. That Princess cruise is now showing “currently not available” on the Princess website. Seems Princess may be cutting back on the number of ships down under in case Australia and New Zealand don’t open their borders.
  5. Based on my current booking (Emerald March 2022) it was a no brainer to go for plus. The price increase worked out to a couple drinks a day which is a deal compared to other cruise lines.
  6. Glad to see you back posting…. A few others have disappeared from the forum since Covid and I’ve wondered if they are safe and healthy and just taking a break like you.
  7. Based on the itineraries I am looking at certainly not! Prices now are significantly more than what I had booked and cancelled. My New Zealand cruise that was cancelled this past March is approx $2,000 more in 2022 and the only difference is one extra perk (I had 2 on my cancelled cruise). I’ve rebooked that cruise on Princess instead. Two other cruises I have my eyes on are also significantly higher than they were and generally more expensive than Royal and Princess. Hoping this is due to all the FCC’s out there and pent up demand but for now I’ll keep an eye on the price but
  8. My Celebrity cruise in March to New Zealand was cancelled. With the AI pricing (I had 2 perks on my cancelled sailing) the price went up over $2,000. I looked at Royal and Princess for 2022 and chose Princess as the price was about the same as my cancelled cruise and also included 3 perks. Princess has a very good product and while I prefer Celebrity there is no way I can justify paying $2,000 for an almost identical itinerary.
  9. Any time I’ve seen a discounted rate the amount of the discount was a joke… at this time I’m booking with other lines as they are offering more value and choice. I love Celebrity but am not blindly following them and their AI pricing.
  10. Was the 2021 sailing changed or cancelled by Celebrity? I’m in a similar boat with a March 2021 sailing that was cancelled. Celebrity moved my onboard booking deposit to a booking credit. I haven’t booked a replacement cruise yet but unless I find someone at Celebrity who will return it to an onboard booking deposit (including the shipboard credit that comes with it) it will simply be a credit towards a regular deposit. When I find a cruise to book I’ll contact the Captains Club to see if they can help. Someone posted earlier that they were successful but I can’t find that thre
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