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  1. When I lived in Nova Scotia it was lobster... here in Ontario seems to be BBQ.
  2. Happy Canada Day 🇨🇦 Wishing my fellow Canadians and fellow cruisers from around the world a Happy Canada. We’re 153 years old today. Stay safe everyone.
  3. I understand the economics of opening your borders, but until Covid is eradicated or a vaccine is found I’m not sure why you would. Where I live we haven’t had a new case in a week but IMHO that’s no reason to think we are in the clear. So, while the EU is open I don’t think I’ll be traveling there anytime soon.
  4. I suspect this is just Celebrity's IT dept at work. Every few days I recheck the pricing/promos for my March New Zealand cruise and every now and then it's sold out... go back a few hours later and every category is open.
  5. Congrats. I have a March Auckland to Sydney cruise and while I’m skeptical that I’ll be on it I feel it’s too early to switch.... who knows.... stay safe.
  6. My option is Together/Both Together. If you can't update it on line just call... with the X website sometimes just as easy.
  7. Title is incorrect. The video is titled 7 Reasons You Should Delay Booking A 2021 Cruise Now
  8. I miss planning the details of my next cruise (a little off topic... apologies). I have a New Zealand cruise booked for March 2021 and normally I’d be busy researching the ports, flights, etc but given the uncertainty my heart just isn’t in it at the moment. We were on one of the last cruises in March so those memories are still fresh.... simply trying to think back to all the good times and adventures hoping to sail again when it’s safe.
  9. We actually got them in the Cody Ceci trade. It was originally an option for a bag of plucks but we upgraded to masks.
  10. I'm surprised at the number of people who list "masks" as a show stopper. While I'm not a fan of masks I currently put one on when I need to do errands or run the risk of a social encounter. Once cruising starts up again if that was the only requirement to adhere too I wouldn't think twice.
  11. Checked my March 2021 cruise and while the no Perk rate seemed better there was no change to my 2 Perk rate. Thanks for the info.
  12. On our second cruise, the Millennium was docked near The Bridge of Sighs (very special, would not be allowed now), DW and I were at the back of the ship, drink in hand, waiting to enjoy a beautiful sail away from Venice. The street vendors were packing up, the streets were almost deserted and the ship started hauling in its lines. We noticed in the distance a woman sauntering out of the Piazza San Marco, bags in hand, sauntering towards the ship. After the last line was pulled in the ship moved 10-15 yards from shore and the woman started waving here arms and started yelling “Hold the ship, I’m almost there”. An officer was nearby and a few people went to him gesturing towards the woman.... he looked at his watch... shook his head and said no. Later that evening we found out that the woman paid a local boat owner to take her to the pilot boat and she luckily made it on board. We spoke with a person who said she was at their dinner table... he said he wasn’t surprised because she could never make it to dinner on time. That was our lesson to never ever cut it close when returning to the ship.
  13. It’s been discussed on other threads that The Jones ACT (or whichever act prohibits transit between US ports without a stop in a foreign country) could be amended to allow cruise ships to sail solely to US ports. This would allow East Coast, West Coast and Alaska sailings..... assuming it is safe and there is any demand. Doubt that will happen but who would have guessed the cruise industry would be shut down either. Stay safe my friends. Until we sail again.
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