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  1. You say "dreaded" I say "finally". Far too often X does NOTHING and people spend time trying to find chairs that are all taken by mystery cruisers.
  2. To the OP, congrats on your rate reduction. I look at my cruise fare once a week and have already had two price drops for a March sailing on the Equinox. I’ll continue doing this until sail date (yes, even past final payment). Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t. X does make it hard by constantly switching up the promos meaning it’s a little difficult at times comparing Apples to Oranges and what perks mean anything to me.
  3. The answer is “maybe”. We find different venues offer a different selection and sometimes that selection changes during the cruise. I’ve had wines I’ve really enjoyed but by day 5 I couldn’t find them anywhere. Best you can hope for is the run out of wines avail in the classic package and offer a couple nicer ones to make up for it.
  4. A cruise I have booked is the same price it was last week (still more than I booked it for a few weeks ago) with the added perk. It however has changed to a non-refundable deposit. When I looked a couple hours later, it was refundable with the one perk fare non-refundable.
  5. Big difference is X doesn't take your money until you win your bid... and you can cancel your bid as long as you haven't been selected for a bid upgrade. It's not for everyone but I enjoy it. If I have a cabin I really love I won't bid. If I have a cabin that I like and the bid costs aren't too great I'll bid (I've bid and won) and if I happen to have a cabin I'm not keen on you can be sure I'll bid. But, it's not for everyone.... no need to bid if you're not comfortable with the process.
  6. IMHO promotions basically shuffle the various components of the offer but ultimately the total price doesn't change all that much. I've done much better catching a deal when Celebrity has actually dropped the price on a cruise due to cabin availability. As others have said, check out how many cabins are available... keep an eye on the pricing and go for it when you feel the price is right.
  7. RickT

    Wind speed.

    Google is your friend. I quickly googled you question and got a lot of results many of which were an interesting and informative read.
  8. You don’t mention the dates of your travel but even if they are next summer I agree with Zach. Any change wouldn’t happen overnight and they would still have flights operating. As a further note, it was in the news today that the government is concerned about Air Canada increasing its monopoly and will most likely delay any approval for at least 150 days.
  9. My wife and I usually take one suitcase and a small carry on. My packing list is quite simple...pack whatever I can fit in after my wife has completely filled both cases with her stuff....lol on a serious note, having access to the Elite laundry bag has certainly made traveling light much easier.
  10. I’ve never been able to upgrade my package on-line. I’ve always had to call.
  11. Really no different than most other things. Want to buy a car? Dealer A wants $X but will give you $15K for your trade. Dealer B wants $Y but will only give you $10K for your trade. Both result in a balance owing of $35K. Different route same end result. What I don’t like is booking a cruise then constantly watching the pricing in case a better deal comes along. Too often a cruise price will go up and down 6 times in a year.... current cruise I’ve rebooked twice already. Once to switch from CDN pricing to US, even with the exchange and credit card fees I saved about 10%. Two weeks later noticed price had dropped by $350 US (perks the same for both). I’m happy to have saved but as a loyal X customer you think there would be a better way? oh well... first world problems.....
  12. I’m on the Equinox in March. Do I care who the Captain is? Meh... as long as they get me from point A to point B safely. I do find the Cruise Director a bigger deal as they often set the tone for fun and entertainment. That said, get me on a nice ship with cold drinks and good food and I’ll be happy!
  13. When looking at a March cruise I decided to go with the Equinox over the Edge and save about $300. I’ve been on the Equinox and quite frankly didn’t see the need to spend more money for the Edge. I’m sure the Edge would be interesting but IMHO not worth $300 extra for a week.
  14. Many of us often say.... Thank god the onboard experience is better than the on-line experience.
  15. jelayne, not sure you’re talking about the new Premium Plus package (one level above the Premium Package). Both the price you quote and what it gets you are more in line with the regular Premium package. In fact the per drink prices you quote above appear to be from the Classic package (except for the $15 price you list).
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