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  1. Could it simply be due to the rising number of Covid infections/deaths in Europe, Canada and the US? While I’m looking forward to the day I can cruise again I’m more looking forward to the day life becomes Covid free.
  2. This is very odd... I can see crew/staff being upset about being contacted. It would seem that a warning would suffice rather than a cruise ban.... but what do I know.
  3. Equinox received a partial Revolution while is drydock. The link below is to a thread discussing the changes made. I was on the Equinox in March (the last sailing before the cruise shutdown) and other than the hull being blue and some minor items I really didn't notice a whole lot different. I was in a Concierge Cabin which had new deck furniture but the cabin itself was not changed. Sorry you aren't on your cruise. Stay Safe!
  4. I guess I’m skeptical of any numbers coming out of China. Johns Hopkins is reporting 216 new cases and 1 death in the past week. While I understand things work differently in China and the Government has significant power over its citizens I fail to see how the numbers are that low given their population and how hard they were hit in the beginning. Be safe everyone, we’re in this together and won’t be safe until there is a vaccine.
  5. Maybe not the response you are looking for but overpaying to me means the Price of a cruise is significantly higher than a land based vacation. When traveling I look at cruise prices (Veranda) and compare them to land based vacations that are of interest to me. I will pay a premium (approx 20%) for a cruise however if a trip to Europe, California, Canadian Rockies or any place of interest to me is a better price I’ll do that instead. At this point I find cruises remain a competitive option.
  6. I’ve never booked a cruise with X simply because I was Elite... I did however factor in the value of the laundry, one category upgrade and wifi in my price comparison when shopping across different lines. If this makes X less attractive there are other lines available. Given how important loyalty is to many businesses (hotel, airlines, etc) I would be surprised if X doesn’t tweak the current Captain’s Club benefits to still provide something to repeat customers... but who knows.
  7. I’m available.....lol As the OP I think a lot of the higher prices this week are because X has removed all incentives in order to “look” good when they announce their Black Friday sale....
  8. Ding Ding Ding... we have a winner.
  9. I have my eyes on a few cruises and was eager to see if November 3rd brought a new offer or simply a continuation of the October offer... turns out there is really no new offer (for the cruises I am looking at) and Celebrity has dropped the $500 per person discount. I’m guessing this year Celebrity is holding off with a plan to announce what appears to be a strong Black Friday sale. Now waiting for the Black Friday sale to see if it’s a simple return of the October offer or something completely different. Stay safe everyone!
  10. What ship are you on? Must be Edge/a Apex as M and S class both have Aft Concierge cabins. Aft Concierge gives you the best of both worlds.
  11. Agree... X pricing often makes no sense. We were on one of the last cruises in March (Equinox) and had a Sunset Verandah booked.... saved a couple hundred dollars by upgrading to an Aft Concierge Class... always following pricing and pay attention.
  12. Hi BP99, Yes, definitely a small world. We just moved back to Halifax after 23 + years living in Ottawa. Good to be home. We now live downtown however when we lived here it was in Lakeside and Clayton Park. We've only had to cancel one cruise and are holding off booking others until there is light at the end of the tunnel. Stay Safe!
  13. Very thankful to be living in Nova Scotia. Fewer than one new case per week yet people willingly wear face masks and practice social distancing. Most businesses are open with reduced capacity and strict enforcement of face masks and other safety protocols. We know that a few wrong moves can push the needle in the wrong direction.
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