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  1. Hi, Sorry about my confusion. I thought you were determining the "case fatality rate" or in simple terms "how many people die if they get covid". The numbers Jamie uses is total size of the population NOT how many die from covid (in that age group). It's a bit misleading because most didn't get infected. Yes, I agree, most will not die from covid if they were not infected with covid. I wasn't clear on Jamie's quote.
  2. Hi, A friendly comment: Yes, you are NOT calculating it correctly. In the USA: 32,700,000 have gotten covid and 581,000 have died. Yes, 581,000/32,700,000 = 0.0125 BUT that is NOT a percentage (%). To be a percentage means out of a hundred. So you must multiply by 100 to get a percentage 0.0125 X 100 = 1.25%. A simple example. If 1 out 100 people eat bacon then: 1/100 = 0.01 and 0.01 X 100 = 1 . So 1% eat bacon. Also the graph on the web site https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/mortality says that USA has a 1.7% covid mortality in the USA which is low compared with many countries in the graph. Health care is great in many countries and recently getting MUCH better since they know a great deal on how to care for people who have severe symptoms.
  3. When we waited many many months to get a refund for cancelled cruises (with no response at all) most said it was due to their IT department using Commodore 64 computers. Did they recently upgrade to Radio Shack?
  4. Hi, The "good" news is that we will likely get the vaccine by September. If you call that "good" news.
  5. Hi, I live in Halifax also but was not offended with your comments. Each person has their own opinion. For example you list Urquhart Castle as a great visit. I have visited Scotland several times including Urquhart Castle. I would NEVER put it on my list of must see castles. Lots of broken walls and little WOW factor. Yes, it has history and the area (Loch Ness) and the scenery is beautiful but... You should have replaced it with Eilean Donan Castle for the Scottish Highlands as a must see. Of the multitude of castles I have visited it would NOT be on my list!! I was once on a tour of Olympia Greece and the guide told us to use our imagination when viewing the ruble of broken rocks! If you like castles/chateaus/ Palaces try Southern England, Rhine valley, Loire valley, Spain etc. Those are spectacular and have WOW factor! Southern England
  6. We ALWAYS give extra tips even though we stay in inside cabins. I was quite shocked when people asked CC if they should give extra tips to the butler if they stay in a suite.
  7. Hi, We have been on Celebrity Solstice a few times (Australia, New Zealand) and always in an inside cabin. I don't remember the rooms but we were also up high. Since you have rooms below and above you you should have less noise as compared to being above or below a restaurant/casino/shops etc. You will also hear less engine noise than the lower decks. Also staying in a room next to an elevator is a no no. They make noise that travels. However, for extreme movement, you will notice more if you are not in the middle of the ship (especially high up). Again this greatly depends on the weather (storms, swells, waves etc) and where the ship sails. If it sails near the coast you may not even notice it moving. We have done many (12?) transatlantic and transpacific cruises during storm seasons and that was a different story when it came to extreme movement. The Solstice is a fairly large/newish ship and doesn't rock too much due to its size and ways of compensating movement. Hope this helps.
  8. Hi, We have sailed on many Princess cruises and loved them all! We are Elite/Diamond on Celebrity/RCCL but would NOT hesitate taking another Princess cruise. We base our decision on price and destination. We did a long Princess cruise to Tahiti etc and it was fun!. We have also done the Baltic cruise twice (on other lines) and had a GREAT time. It's action packed (many ports) and if you can walk well you do NOT need an excursion for for almost all the ports (except St.Petersburg). The ship parks downtown in most of the ports and there is lots to see and do on your walk. Many complain about the food on different ships BUT I thought Princess was very good. Many say that some cruise lines have terrible food. Huh? My only reply to this is: What do you eat at home? You WILL have a GREAT time on your Princess Baltic cruise!
  9. Hi, My refund for 2 cruises that were paid in full took close to 4 months. This was after many many emails and phone calls. They gave me a multitude of lame excuses that changed daily. They were very creative.
  10. Hi, "I mean, what good is the vaccine exactly? " The vaccine will likely prevent you from dying or having severe lifelong damage to your lungs. Aren't those reasons "good"?
  11. Hi, I totally agree with your points. One of the MAJOR issues of decreasing transmission of viruses (eg Flu) is due to low numbers of vaccinated individuals in the community. To achieve herd immunity by vaccines you need to immunize a large proportion of the population. Some estimate 90%. Since this is usually not achieved it often looks like herd immunity doesn't work (or poorly). Also the Flu viruses swap pieces and new strains arise which also complicates transmission effectiveness. However, after getting immunized with different strains over different years you get partial immunity (cross reactivity) that will offer you some protection against some newly arising strains. It is well known that immunization decreases the virus shedding and decreases the ability to pass the virus (transmission).
  12. Hi, We also liked the "evening event in the Sky Lounge for the top three tier levels" BUT LOVED the Diamond Club on RCL BETTER!!. We became Elite on Celebrity first and automatically became Diamond on RLC. The drinks, food, etc is OUTSTANDING in all the Diamond lounges we tried (usually 4-6 cruises per year with many >12 nights and many being B2B. RCL has not (yet) changed it's perks/Diamond club. In fact we now prefer RCL. My "only" minor problem with RCL is that their french onion soup sucks compared to Celebrity. Otherwise the are very close.
  13. Hi. Most viral vaccines that prevent the disease do DECREASE the viral load in newly infected individuals that have been previously immunized. To prevent the the airborne virus from first infection you need to have a vaccine work at the mucosal surface (mucosa immunity IgA type) that many vaccines don't induce perfectly. But most effective viral vaccines lower amount of virus (called load) and the transmission (spread) is greatly decreased. Thus herd immunity with vaccines does work. This was also shown experimentally (recently) with chickens. Yes, it's not perfect BUT decreasing symptoms (some severe and long lasting) and preventing DEATH is a HUGE advantage of a potential covid vaccine. As I mentioned before, the reduction of DEATH and severe long lasting symptoms would IMO be GREAT,
  14. Hi, There are few vaccines that are perfect in all aspects (protecting all, inducing perfect herd immunity, not causing side effects etc.). This is a very unusual common cold virus. It KILLS many that are infected. This is what scares most! Also many have severe symptoms that cause long lasting problems. Most that have issues are over 70. As I mentioned earlier, if the vaccine eliminated DEATH and severe symptoms it would be GREAT! If it was long lasting, inhibited transmission and induced herd immunity it would be a bonus! Also, some that are asymptomatic were really pre symptomatic which also created terminology issue.
  15. Hi, Yes -80C (rare ultra freezer)is needed for LONG term storage for Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines. However short term storage (5 and 10 days) is fine at -20C (close to your home freezer). This will create some? problems but hospitals and research labs have -80C.
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