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  1. Thanks for the very detailed review. Much appreciated!
  2. You will get different answers here if you compare NCL to Celebrity Edge/Apex versus other Celebrity class ships. If you are booking other Celebrity ships note that some are undergoing major refurbishments (The Revolution).
  3. Thanks! She will have an easter egg hunt tomorrow. We put doggie treats in plastic eggs and hide them. We used to do this for the kids years ago but they preferred candy to doggie treats! Now we just have Lena home to pamper.
  4. You can try to do a mock booking as one method. And if you go to the Celebrity UK site usually all of the inventory appears.
  5. Modern Luxury is just a Celebrity marketing term. Yes it is a bit of a stretch. Not all that meaningful in comparing cruise lines. Most experienced cruise passengers would probably characterize Celebrity as mass-market premium. Probably in the same category as Princess and HAL. The true Luxury lines such as Crystal and Regent and Seabourn are smaller ships with much higher crew to passenger ratio and usually significantly more expensive.
  6. The code means they are expecting trouble from you on board!
  7. Actually the Radiance class are very close in age, size (90,000 GVT) and passenger capacity (2400) to the Celebrity M-Class ships. Also a similar elegant feel.
  8. No doubt your post here will bring out the people with the room steward horror stories. But I think ours have been mostly good to excellent on Celebrity, including on Summit. Like everything else some will go to an extreme to meet your needs but a few will just do the minimum (not the norm).
  9. We have sailed Serenade but quite a few years ago (2009). It was much newer then but RCCL usually keeps its ships in pretty good shape. It is Radiance Class about the size of M-Class. The Radiance ships are my favorite RCCL ships - good size with everything on them and a bit more elegant and less like the behemoth RCCL amusement parks. As Elite you should call RCCL Crown & Anchor and join as a Diamond. That gets you into the Diamond Club nightly which is a great perk to achieve. I cannot really comment on food, service, entertainment etc. since it was too long ago. We did recently cruise on RCCL Harmony and very much enjoyed it. But it is three times the size of Serenade and much more crowded and full of kids too.
  10. Yes the Edge has a lot of unsold cabins but the prices are still very high. This situation cannot last from a market perspective.
  11. Denny - I always enjoy reading your posts and your perspectives. Thanks!
  12. We got it for free in our Celebrity Suite on the Jan 20-27 cruise. So they changed it since.
  13. If you put Edge-class prices aside (for now), you can get some very competitive deals on Celebrity M-Class and S-Class ships. But not always so need to do the homework. And try to come up with a value for the "perks" to truly compare apples to apples across ships and cruise lines. Longer destination cruises tend to have higher price/day as the ships sell quickly. Market forces rule. You might get deals on remaining cabins post 90-days final payment dates if not too picky about your cabin. In my experience the Celebrity prices compared to the next level like Azamara are usually better.
  14. The HAL Westerdam and its Vista class of ships are significantly smaller and older than Celebrity Solstice class ships such as Silhouette. If that is fine with you or even a preference then go with the better deal if price is the most important factor.
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