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  1. We sailed RCCL for years and we still do occasionally. But we have mostly shifted away from them to Celebrity. In general Celebrity offers a quieter ship and more relaxed experience overall. Lots of people will offer their subjective opinions on food and entertainment. I will not. We enjoy both lines. One difference is that there is no equivalent to the Diamond Lounge on Celebrity. But as you will be Elite you can get free drinks at happy hour at most bars. Also it is a lot more common to have a beverage package included on Celebrity. But don't expect rock climbing walls, bumper cars and water slides!
  2. As much as I have considered trying Azamara it seems like it is very expensive compared to Celebrity. I would rather do suite class on Celebrity. Am I missing something?
  3. Do you have a photo of an Icelandic horse and how are they different?
  4. You can see if anybody currently on Equinox will post their daily cruise planners. It won't be exactly the same but you will get an idea of how things work.
  5. But what is your actual question or what are you objecting to ?
  6. We have got them and used them pretty consistently. However after sailing on Edge earlier this year we did not get one. Maybe eliminated for 2019? If I were booking a cruise I would tell them to apply the THANKYOU promotion and see what happens. Nothing to lose really.
  7. Impulsive Puppy, Some advice for getting the most out of these discussions. It is really hard to give you an informed opinion since you have not told us anything about your likes and dislikes when cruising or even the type of cabin you are considering. Specific details or questions bring more informed responses. If you are only concerned about the best price, then probably Equinox. This type of general question will bring out answers from people giving an opinion based upon what they like or believe. How is that relevant to you? Only you can decide.
  8. I make dw manhandle her own bag. LOL! (not really)
  9. Tampa is a great option. I'm looking forward to sailing from there.
  10. I love posts where people seem to be truly enjoying their cruise vacation!
  11. I pack my bag. My dw packs her bag. Her creature comforts are about 20 extra pounds of shoes. If we are flying to the port we need to meet 50 lb baggage limits so some of the shoes stay at home. If we are driving to the port she gets to have all her shoes. Of course she can get around these limits by making me fly business class or first class which has a 70 pound baggage limit!
  12. Jane, Technically they actually did not introduce charges for the Mast Grill (S-Class) or Pool Grill (M-Class). Instead they did set up a new pay concept called Top Deck Burger Bar on one ship (Constellation) which I sailed on at the time. The Pool Grill was eliminated and people had to get their free burgers and hot dogs inside at the Oceanview Cafe so they still had that option but of course less convenient to those using the pool. This lasted for a few weeks only. It was a trial concept that met a lot of customer resistance.
  13. We did the Alla 2 day "comfort tour" which was in a smaller van with only 8 people. We saw everything we wanted but at a slightly slower pace. It was excellent.
  14. This was eliminated at least three years ago for non-premium suites.
  15. sippican, This is a horrible situation and I agree that if I was involved and waiting for a resolution I would be quite angry too. My previous comment was just a general one and I only meant that I feel that LLP was overall respectful in her responses in the Q&A in my opinion. I did not focus on any one response one way or another. This Galapagos issue involves a foreign government regulatory authority. It is clearly a complicated issue and I would hope that all of you involved would expect and receive communications directly from Celebrity, perhaps daily. But why would anybody expect any key info on this situation be delivered in a general forum Q&A on Cruise Critic to a very limited audience? That is not the way to do it either. Really unfortunate situation and my sincere wish is to see it resolved and communicated to all of you properly.
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