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  1. Mark, Yes this is the issue. No local sites for rapid testing if you are staying within the city of Seattle pre-cruise. I wonder if the cruise lines leaving Seattle for Alaska understand this?
  2. Yes I am looking for a test arriving in Seattle. But concerned about what happens after we get there and if we test positive for some reason. We could not board the ship. We would need to quarantine somewhere. How would we arrange that last minute?
  3. And if we test positive pre-cruise after getting to Seattle- then what?
  4. Thank you. The Alaska cruises have become more complicated and glad you were able to sail in normal conditions. We are going Sept 24 and as of now we will need to find a rapid testing site in Seattle within 3 days of embarkation. And of course test negative. We are from the east coast and have flights booked already and we planned to stay a few days in Seattle. If for whatever reason we test positive we will likely need to quarantine and find a local place to do so at the last minute. Very soon people are predicting a mask mandate onboard ship even though it will be fully vaccinated for everybody 12+. So this is all going in the wrong direction.
  5. Yes a lot of us are in this situation. If masks are required on board a fully vaccinated ship- we will likely cancel our cruise and take the FCC.
  6. Please let us know if you find a rapid antigen test in Seattle. We are flying in early before our cruise and will need to be tested there within 3 days of sailing. Sept 24 sailing.
  7. Thank you for the review! Do you know how many unvaccinated kids were on board? Were they wearing masks?
  8. Yes I agree on your strategy. But it is a bit of a hassle and a worry.
  9. Does anybody have any experience or thought about Covid testing in Seattle before an Alaska cruise? We are from the east coast but spending a few days in Seattle prior to our cruise. In order to meet the 72 hour (or three day) requirement we will need to get a test there. Hopefully it will be negative or we flew a long way for nothing. Or we need to fly there just the day before our cruise I guess.
  10. We sail later in September. We have flights booked for a few days earlier to Seattle. It is a dilemma. We will need to test in Seattle somewhere. I would hate to fly across country and then get a Covid positive test once there. Then what? Same for flying home. We are vaccinated but we can still test positive.
  11. Delta seems to be different and propagates in the nasal passage even in some vaccinated. That is why the concern about increased transmission. But the unvaccinated are still most at risk for serious Covid disease.
  12. So if cruise lines like Celebrity are requiring testing of the vaccinated because of Delta, then it is perhaps time again to reconsider the safety of cruising. We were in a happy bubble if we were vaccinated and cruising on 95-100% vaccinated ships since June. And a couple of onboard positive tests here and there. No big deal. But now there is a panic response about Delta. I understand the heightened concern but personally feel that it is a bit orchestrated by the CDC and media to scare more people to be vaccinated.
  13. I think K12Guy was just trying to be funny. Not offensive to you.
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