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  1. There is some nastiness today for some reason. Cabin fever I guess.
  2. Kevin you have been posting here for quite some time and I value your posts, knowledge and insight. So I figured it was a mistake - we all make them.
  3. Here is my situation for illustration. We have a cruise in Norway end of August. I really am hopeful that we can make that one. I have not cancelled it or shifted it. It depends on when we can start our vaccine shots. If we can get our two vaccine injections at the latest June 1 and July 1 we will be good to go by Aug 1. Our cruise is Aug 26th Now will Norway let us travel there? Who knows at this point.
  4. Maybe 50% vaccinated will make a major impact. We should not just assume they are the only group in the population immune to the virus. Consider the following. How many in the US have had SARS-CoV-2 viral infections? According to JHU over 14 million in the US today to date and that number is an undercount by far. CDC and others estimate it could be 5X that number right now (70-75 million). If their immunity can be counted in the overall herd immunity that is an important factor. Factors to consider for herd immunity include the actual population groups involved (n
  5. Here is the statement for what it's worth. It could change once the re-org plan is approved. They do state that they "continue to work productively with Pullmantur" so read that any way you wish. However, a spokesperson for Celebrity Cruises said that despite its support for the Pullmantur’s revival, it has not agreed to sell or lease any of its ships. “While we fully support the reorganisation efforts of Pullmantur and continue to work productively with Pullmantur as it develops its new business plan, it is important to clarify that we have not agreed to lease or sell any o
  6. It would be a good thing for the committees, boards, governments, and whomever prioritizing vaccine shots to specify the word "frontline" for the initial healthcare workers.
  7. Thank you for the link. Very interesting for sure. But will the US states require COVID vaccinations? I would not bet even a penny on that. Perhaps for public school children. Even that will be highly resisted.
  8. emmas gran thank you for your comments and trying to re-focus the thread. Much appreciated. Since I used the "ignore button" for that poster, I can only presume that is why the thread continues to go sideways up and down. Let's try to keep to the OP's topic on whether COVID vaccines will be required for cruise travel. I personally feel that they will be required. Vaccination certificates and eDocs and Immunity passports are already being developed if you search the news on this topic. Quantas is one airline that has stated this as a requirement to fly internationally. https://www.cn
  9. Yes that is my worry too and it is a common worry at this point. Maybe not a nightmare. COVID is the nightmare. But I realize that I might have to wait quite some time for my turn to be vaccinated. Maybe another 4-6 months. But at least all of the health care workers who are truly overworked and in danger will get the vaccine and be protected from serious illness. I will wait a bit longer for my leisure cruise for that any day. To put it in perspective, the virus was identified and the sequence released in January 2020. If I can get vaccine shots (even in my lower priority group) only
  10. OK now I understand. Sorry. You were talking about influenza illness risk reduction at 40-60% which is the overall effectiveness using a tri or tetravalent blended vaccine chosen before influenza season. I was under the wrong assumption that you were referring to the efficacy of the actual influenza vaccine in controlled studies. In my posts I have been trying to express the concept of vaccine effectiveness (real world) vs. vaccine efficacy (highly controlled clinical measurement). We really only care about vaccine effectiveness since that is what truly counts. The efficacy is only one c
  11. Maybe the end of February is the current date- but possibly mid 2021 if it is dependent on vaccine availability as the primary factor to resume cruising operations. I am thinking that all crew members will need to be vaccinated, and once a vaccine is available to them it will be two shots and two months. And they come from all parts of the world with highly variable vaccine access. Would you go on a cruise ship if the crew was not certified as vaccinated at this point? So perhaps Celebrity gets access to a vaccine quantity initially for the crews of Edge and Apex in March-April and brings
  12. I understand the question but why is it in the form of a poll? The answer is the fourth choice - Nobody knows.
  13. They would need to do regular nasal swab PCR tests as you state. I am not sure why these trials did not plan for this as one type of outcome. I sure wish they had. I think the Novavax COVID vaccine (and the GSK vaccine) will be interesting since this protein subunit approach is very good at inducing antibodies, but possibly not so good at inducing T-Cells. I hope they will measure both. It is possible that the T-cells are the key to longer lasting immunity but we shall see.
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