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  1. S-Class is my favorite by far and I enjoy M-Class too but find it a bit limited in offerings such as specialty dining. I have sailed on EDGE and enjoyed it but did not do the infinite veranda thing. Stayed in a suite.
  2. How would the captain and senior officers even know they were passing somebody staying in an upper suite when they passed them in the hallway? It sounds like a pretty egocentric person posted this.
  3. @Definitas To answer your question of the thread title- No. If Celebrity wanted to "kill" any program they would just do it. What you might consider reduced benefits compared to years ago is probably true for a number of things (no argument) but every loyalty program like this in the travel industry changes and adapts to new trends, styles and customer base. So here is the thing that we cannot really come to grips with. Many of us just don't like the idea that these loyalty programs are actually to attract and hook new customers. They already got the rest of us loyal customers years ago. Pulled a lot of money from us already. Maybe we will continue to cruise and pay them. But their future is based on new ships and new customers. That is what a Loyalty Program does for the company. It is not really designed to pay benefits for existing loyal customers that have reached the upper tiers. Why is it so easy to move through the first few levels? Low hanging fruit to get new customers hooked. Why is there an enormous gap between E+ and Zenith? You decide.
  4. Or you just need to accept the new direction and sail EDGE, APEX and BEYOND. Or another line.
  5. She would not want to be the CEO of Celebrity. Her popularity here would plummet!☺️
  6. @39august was correct. And thanks to @Turtles06 too. Here is the official RCG (Royal Caribbean and Celebrity) Refund And Cancellation Policy For COVID-19. From their website. Yes full refunds or FCC if you test positive. But it still does not solve what happens to you if Covid+ and stranded in the port city pre-cruise. ROYAL CARIBBEAN GROUP REFUND* AND CANCELLATION POLICY FOR COVID-19 The following information applies to sailings on Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises (collectively, referred to herein as “RCG”) scheduled during the nationally declared Public Health Emergency involving COVID-19. Except as specifically stated below, or as otherwise provided in the Cruise/CruiseTour Ticket Contract (the “Ticket Contract”) for your cruise, the standard cancellation policies and penalties described in the Ticket Contract apply. The below policies are effective April 28, 2021 and apply to all RCG cruises scheduled to sail between April 28, 2021 and October 31, 2021, inclusive: Cruise Cancelled By RCG If your cruise is cancelled by RCG or boarding is delayed by twenty-four (24) hours or more due to government order or declaration of a Public Health Emergency, you are entitled to a refund of the cruise fare paid to RCG within 180 days, or an optional Future Cruise Credit (“FCC”). Cruise Cancelled By Guest • If, following a declaration of a Public Health Emergency, you cancel a booking for a cruise scheduled during the declared emergency, or must cancel your booking because you are prohibited from traveling to the vessel due to a governmental travel restriction, but the cruise is not cancelled, you are entitled to a FCC for the cruise fare paid to RCG. In all other cases our standard cancellation policy will apply, as set forth in the Ticket Contract for your cruise. • If you, or someone in your Travelling Party, cancel a cruise booking due to testing positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of embarkation, you and they are entitled to a refund, or an optional FCC, for the cruise fare paid to RCG. If you had close contact with a positive or suspected COVID19 case within 14 days of embarkation, and RCG deems you are unfit to travel, you, and anyone else in your Travelling Party who cancels, are eligible for a refund of the cruise fare paid to RCG, or an optional FCC equal in value to the same. To qualify for a refund or the FCC, if your COVID19 test was administered by a provider other than one retained by RCG, you must present your verified positive test result in a form acceptable to RCG. • If you report, or we identify, that you may have been exposed to or are likely to have been infected by COVID-19, we may require that you and others in your Travelling Party do not travel to the port. This is in order to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Anyone effectively denied boarding in these circumstances will be entitled to a refund, or an optional FCC, for the cruise fare paid to RCG. Denial of Embarkation or Reboarding; Quarantine and/or Disembarkation • If you, your family members, travelling companions or other close contacts are denied embarkation or reboarding, or quarantined or disembarked during the voyage, due to a positive COVID-19 test or being suspected of having COVID-19, you and they are entitled to a refund, or an optional FCC, for the cruise fare paid to RCG in the event of denial at embarkation, or a pro-rated refund or prorated FCC for the unused portion of your cruise fare in all other cases. 1 • If you test positive for COVID-19 during the voyage, the cruise line will: • cover the cost of necessary COVID-19 related medical treatment onboard the ship; • coordinate and cover the costs of any required land-based quarantine for you and members of your Travelling Party; and • coordinate and cover the costs of travel arrangements to get you and members of your Travelling Party back home. We will also provide the same assistance to identified close contacts if they are required to quarantine onboard or are disembarked or denied re-boarding due to have been in close contact to a guest who tests positive for COVID-19. • If a guest who purchased flights through the cruise line is denied boarding at embarkation or reboarding, or is disembarked during the voyage due to a positive COVID-19 test or being suspected of having COVID-19, the cruise line will coordinate the travel arrangements, and cover the airline change fees and any difference in the airfare for the same class of service, necessary to fly the guest back to the city of their original flight departure point. If such a guest did not purchase flights through the cruise line, the cruise line will assist with coordinating travel arrangements necessary to get the guest back home but will not be responsible for any associated costs. Obligation to Comply with RCG COVID-19 Policies and Procedures Guests denied embarkation or reboarding, or who are disembarked or quarantined during the voyage, for failure to comply with the RCG COVID-19 Policies and Procedures in effect at the time of the cruise, shall not be entitled to a refund or FCC, compensation of any kind, or any of the assistance described in this Policy. Please refer to the Ticket Contract issued for your cruise for complete details. General For purposes of this Policy, your “Travelling Party” means your family members living with you in the same household and travelling companions assigned to your stateroom on the cruise. This Policy does not apply to guests booked on chartered sailings. The terms of this Policy will remain in full force until we choose, in our sole discretion, to update or modify all or part of it. Updates or the modifications may be made and shall be effective without publication, although we will endeavor to post any updates or changes in a timely manner to a publicly accessible forum such as the Royal Caribbean Group websites or mobile phone applications. ________________________ *All refund requests must be made within six (6) months of the date your booking is cancelled or the scheduled embarkation date, whichever is earlier, or you will only be entitled to a Future Cruise Credit for the amount specified. 04/2021 2
  7. Yes I understood the point from @zamgwar about cruising at reduced capacity being more pleasurable and how that can be a real advantage. But it is still cruising with risks, restrictions, port closures, itinerary changes, testing, limited excursions, etc. Not a Golden Age to me even if there are fewer passengers on board. Probably not a Golden Age for the crew not able to get off the ship for months.
  8. OK you are a nerd. Granted your wish.😊
  9. Trying to clarify. One person of the other couple has decided not to go and it is in their same cabin? So an exchange of one passenger in that reservation? Should not be a problem. Just call them and wait an hour or more on hold.
  10. I don't think 2020-2021 qualifies for the Golden Age of anything. Sorry.🙃
  11. It is actually hard to find the "Prime" graded steaks in supermarkets. Most are "Choice" graded.
  12. Hi cruise kitty. We were on this cruise with you as you know. In a suite. Our express passes say PALL.
  13. I thought it was FCC but honestly it does not matter. Being stuck in the port city is the point.
  14. OK here is the current scenario for most needing to fly into the port city. In this example, the cruise leaves on Saturday. You have a flight on Friday because you did not want to fly on Saturday, the day of the cruise. You need to test on Thursday and hope for a negative result delivered to you on Thursday before you board your flight on Friday. All good at that point. Happy cruisers. But that scenario assumes flight(s) and connections within the timing needed. But what if you live in a place where that timing is not possible? You need to leave on Thursday instead of Friday for the Saturday cruise. So you decide to test on Wednesday which gives you some confidence that you will be negative before you fly- but not valid for the Saturday cruise. So you get to your port city and do the 2-day test on Thursday or Friday. But it is positive. Then what? Yes Celebrity will compensate your cruise with FCC. But how do you quarantine? And where? How do you fly home? The change from 3 days to 2 days has a lot of impact for some people in terms of risk if you cannot fly to the port city with a negative valid test result in hand taken 2 days prior to the cruise.
  15. OK let's go back to post#1. Back on Aug 18th, the OP @somat simply asked if Captain Kate would be on Edge the week of 9/25. Now we have 60 posts with a lot of comments that do anything but address this simple question. IMO mods should just close the thread.
  16. My dw uses the simple method of making me carry it for her - unless of course we are in separate places.
  17. Celebrity had the program from FLL where you check your luggage on ship if you are using a domestic airline and they will take care of your luggage and get it checked in at the airport. It was called Luggage Valet. Not sure if they still have this now but maybe somebody recently sailing EDGE will know.
  18. So you never had a NY Sirloin? They come bone-in or boneless (also called NY Sirloin Strip steak). Very common menu item in a lot of restaurants and steakhouses in the US. Also very common in supermarkets. Then of course there is "chopped" sirloin or ground sirloin (used in hamburger).
  19. Yes the rapid antigen test is perfectly acceptable. As long as it is verified. You can do this at a local test facility like a pharmacy or order at-home kits that are monitored, and verified right on your phone. Celebrity has even got into this at-home method and provides a link to order these tests. https://www.celebritycruises.com/healthy-at-sea/accepted-covid-tests
  20. There is always a way to try and understand their logic as you say about the incubation window perhaps. But they will not catch asymptomatic cases with the rapid antigen tests and that is true for 3 days or 2 days. But of course no evidence that it has even been a problem on cruises since June. And why target only the cruise industry at two days? I totally agree with your point about unscientific. As I keep saying, Delta has been dominant for several months now in the USA and longer in other countries like the UK. Where is the data for cruise ships specifically that would drive this change? Cruise ships have been just fine with the current testing (3 days) and revised operations. A few positive cases here and there. Just in my county in PA we have been averaging over 100 positive cases a day- but almost all from the unvaccinated. Our county is close to 70% 12+ being vaccinated.
  21. OK if worried, just wash your hands (and seapass card) after it is used. Take some small alcohol wipes (like for cleaning lenses) and wipe your card. Really on a fully vaccinated ship COVID virus should not be spread by hand contact.
  22. Yes good advice and we will do this to hit the 2 day window. Our recent problem was due to the changes in requirements (again) after our trip was re-set once before. When they went to 3 days we changed our dates, flights and hotel to accommodate. A pain but still worth it. Scheduled the tests. But then the near last minute change to 2 days meant changing our entire trip a second time. And the Celebrity at-home test kit was announced several days later. We had flights scheduled with airline miles. No seats left the second time around. Just unfortunate. As of now everybody can just plan in advance for a 2-day window as you suggest one way or another. We just got caught in the transition.
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