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  1. Hi -- we rent a vehicle @ the airport, for the # of days we will be there & then drop the car @ the port location - utilizing shuttle service to the ship...
  2. Like many, we have our favorite spots/bars, bartenders & visit the same locations throughout the cruise - for the great service (which we generally always receive @ the bars) - we include a Thank You Note & Tip in an envelope @ the end of the cruise.
  3. Greetings -- Today is my first post in the 55+ Forum... Since Johnny was officially in the 55+ category - I've been lurking for a year or so 🙂 My first 55+ Cruise is planned for March - San Antonio, Chile to San Diego We are speculating on booking a cruise for this October - need to decide in the next couple of days 🙂 Cheers All -- Wanted to pop in & say "Hello" -- Von
  4. Kim -- your writing & fantastic photos, make us feel like we are there with you!
  5. Kim -- regarding the service failures - I hope this was just a one-off on this ship & that future cruises improve. Our last NCL cruise was Sept/Oct 2018 - Transpacific on the Jewel & all Team Members were friendly. At that time, we thought the main food (non-specialty restaurant) had improved. We are looking at a cruise for this October - nothing like waiting until the last moment... And we hope to find NCL is still improving. If you select to cruise w/ NCL again -- here's hoping things improve!!!! Cheers -- Von
  6. The worst is when the pain creeps up on you & wham out of no where there it is... Take care - hopefully you'll have impending warning signs most of the time 🙂
  7. I called TA today & they contacted Celebrity - no info yet. They think it will be released next week.
  8. Wishing You a 100% Successful Surgery!!! I’m sorry you have to experience this. As tough as it is - follow the Doc’s requests (orders to some people). If they suggest PT - hit it hard!!! After 5 knee surgeries, I finally get it... Wishing you the best in your recovery!
  9. Sorry for your loss... He will live on through your memories.
  10. Congrats on the cruise - swaying towards one in October...
  11. OP is utilizing a companion ticket to Seattle - quite possibly there are not applicable flights to Vancouver &/or additional expense...
  12. It's due to personal reasons... Although also not overly fond of STBX coffee...
  13. Not b/c of the Sonics - but Starbucks is my last resort & only if I'm desperate & there are no other options... I'll happily drink the ships coffee, for the time I'm on-board 🙂
  14. Which port are you seeking a helicopter tour?
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