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  1. I became eligible today. Hoping to get my first vaccine within the next week.
  2. For people that don't want to get a vaccine, fine. But get the pork out the way so I can get mine!
  3. Although the terms would seem to lead to this conclusion, that has not been my experience. The disqualification applies not to the free at sea offers, but to discounts such as interline rates. I bought high (🙁) and have received the shareholder benefit OBC on 3 separate cruises. I also took advantage of the free at sea offers on each of those cruises.
  4. Aw, man. I had been holding out hope for Canada/New England in October.
  5. Now if we can only get the vaccines.
  6. Check out 11 day cruise on NCL Epic embarking on October 2, 2022. Cruises & Cruise Deals | Plan Your Cruise Vacation | NCL
  7. Yes. After you reach an agreement with someone, you will need to call NCL to have it transferred to that person. You'll need their Latitude number, if I recall correctly.
  8. Yes! By the time they get to me, there will have been plenty of experimentation.
  9. My first shingles shot just made my arm very sore, but I had no other side effects. I was prepared for another sore arm with the second shot, but it was nothing.
  10. I just made the decision to cancel an April 2021 cruise in the Med. I'm rebooking a similar cruise for October, 2022. Next up is October, 2021 - New England and Canada. Fingers crossed!
  11. Regarding the conspiracy theories, it occurs to me that if the vaccine results in Bill Gates controlling our minds, at least some will wind up much smarter than they are now. 🤣
  12. That your proud refusal to cooperate with requested contact tracing, and the rather common, selfish attitude which leads to such a refusal, is part of the problem that is causing this virus to spread unabated. Contact tracing is not necessarily only to determine where you got the virus, but to notify others of possible exposure so that they can take precautions and not spread it to others.
  13. And perhaps this section explains it even more thoroughly: "We have been harassed with phone calls from the local health department trying to do contract tracing, which is a joke because there is NO WAY to know where anyone picked up anything! Needless to say, we have not answered any of their calls or messages."
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