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  1. Wow! I've never seen that packing method before. Pretty cool! I may try it one of these days.
  2. You have a great attitude! Hope to cruise with you one of these days.
  3. When I was in grade school, we learned that a spoon full of sugar would make them stop. It always worked for me when I tried it. Of course, now I try not to ingest so much sugar.
  4. All of the ships I've been on had thermostats in the staterooms.
  5. Are you able to access HDML ports, and will the remote control allow you to change input? Thanks in advance.
  6. I wonder if there is some confusion here. I'm under the impression that OP was unable to log on to his/her NCL account because the NCL website was not recognizing the username. It seems that others believe OP is referring to getting logged on to Cruise Critic.
  7. I was told by NCL rep that all usernames were being changed to your email address that they have on file.
  8. I have found the lines have more similarities than differences. Enjoy!
  9. NCL no longer allows you to bring beverages aboard. The Bird recently posted menus of specialty restaurants from, I believe, the Encore. Hope you have a restful and rejuvenating vacation!
  10. Ah, the return of the chair hog threads. How I missed them.
  11. Your shareholder OBC should show up when you click on the vacation summary tab. Scroll down to vacation add-ons. It should be in that section along with your Free at Sea stuff. It won't say shareholder benefit, though. It will just show "Free $100 USD On-Board Credit Certificate Non -Refundable." Or, if you are traveling with another person in your cabin it will probably say $50 (each person will be assigned $50).
  12. A bit more than $150, but that represented just the gratuities on the dinner and beverage package, as I did not have it before.
  13. If I had 15 I probably would not be able to get out of the bed for the rest of the cruise. Back in the day I could probably do 15 beers and only be laid up for one day after.
  14. splurge on lots of spa treatments. And buy all of the products they hawk. 😁
  15. Same. I'm an NCL regular thinking of trying Carnival. Especially interested in one of their newer ships.
  16. I wouldn't complain about FCC. But I was just able to get upgraded to a balcony with Free at Sea from an inside sail away when price dropped after final payment. I think I like that better.
  17. When I used this package (2011), the bottles were delivered to my cabin. I hope they still offer it.
  18. I'm retiring at the end of this month, and will go on my first solo cruise in November. The wife has 2 1/2 years to go before retirement, and will be a bit jealous that I am able to go without her, but is okay with it. I can't wait!
  19. What a relief to see that the Alaskan ports have Tanzanite International and Diamonds International! 🤣
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