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  1. about 3 million people in the usa die every year, 2020 will be no different.
  2. Unfortunately in the USA right now, no one has any rights, it all comes down to the opinion/political affiliation of the judge/district attorney of your case, not based on legal facts/precedent.
  3. it is nice to get off the ship but not a necessity, we would just stay on the ship, would not pay for an excursion. Once we took a post Brazil Olympics repositioning cruise from Rio - Florida, zero ports/stops about 13 days aprox, one of the best cruises we ever took.
  4. My home is the little orange striped one on the upper right
  5. I get flu shots every year and almost every year I get the flu, 2019/2020 has been a humdinger for me Dec 3 a cold virus, Dec 22 some type of flu virus, Jan 29 some type of flu virus. Been basically locked down since march 23 but i have to go back to work in october during wave 3. What have i done to prepare myself - exercise, diet. my blood pressure is now normal so if I get the Wuhan I got a fighting chance.
  6. da crepes are to big and heavy, they need to be smaller, light, somewhat crisp, in concept I like crepes but after I get one I am disappointed and I dont try again until the next cruise, one bad crepe experience per cruise is my limit, always trying to recapture that first crepe experience as a backpacker on the streets of Paris so many years ago.
  7. Hmm we have done about 4 TAs, if cost is a factor fly to europe and sail back to the states (you pay no international flight tax on the way over to europe, it is flight back that pays that tax, this would save about $200 pp if the port was in England) Once we got an outside 15 day for $299 on Royal, we probably booked within 2 weeks of departure.
  8. NCL, Holland, Disney, Royal, Windstar, Carnival, used to be a backpacker, just so convenient to cruise only down side is the time in port, however we had two nights shanghai, tokyo, and the port closest to Beijing. Overnights are the best. Reposition cruising is very reasonable pricing, also off season and after holidays, cheers
  9. bummer but not really unexpected, thanks
  10. We have done a 28 day Hong Kong to Vancouver, and a 30 day HNL to Syd (ending dec 1, 2019) We use to just really enjoy cruising.
  11. im not the smartest tool in the shed, took me a bit, thanks lol
  12. So is the 12/15 true? I was eyeing a 46 day on princess from US to asia around the middle of Oct, I was hopeful but now things look bleak
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