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  1. coffee is free at the buffet, hey george free coffee
  2. If interested they seem to do one bag of laundry for $20, that deal is usually announced around mid cruise, seems like the last sea day you can get some deals on junk at the shops, every day they always have some type of special drink deal, like today we will have the "beach roundy" for $12.95, or with souvenir glass for $16.00.
  3. just remember the megabus from New Brunswick, NJ, Downtown to nyc is between $1 to $8 dolllars.
  4. ahhemmmoh, "we are not ncl employees we just act like them when we are at the cruise terminal"
  5. dont you have to switch trains somewhere along the line if you do that?
  6. Man geez, 4 people well at least you have many to split the fare with. I dont think this is a good option for regular people but for me it would work depending on cost, everything is about cost. If you could get some sucker to drive you to New Brunswick, NJ, Downtown, then from there you could take megabus to Port Authority Bus Terminal - Gate 417, New York, NY 10018, then from there you could just walk down 40th street or 42 second street to the hudson and then to the pier about 3/4 mile (or take the m42 bus) or you could take the northeast corridor train from new brunswick to penn station and then walk about 1.2 miles down 34th street to the pier. With 2 people it probably would be cheaper for megabus/train but with four splitting the cost of transportation dont know if it is worth it. Traveling on the frugal!
  7. Your analogy basically supports the premise that if you pay for haven club you get haven club if you dont pay for haven club you dont get haven club. NCL is deciding to give a perk that haven passengers pay for to non haven passengers. We are all different I would not like it after I spent thousands more for haven, but that is just me. opinions vary that is just me i would not like it. Many people in the usa these days believe they are entitled to everything, because it is their right. I am not one of them, I had to steal everything I got and if i would have gotten caught i would have had to pay the price. "Dont do the crime if you cant do the time"
  8. Yeah the first and only time I had a minisuite, it was such a dissapointment walking into the room with anticipation and then getting nothing, notta. bummer. Worst part was I paid more for it
  9. Oh no, not at all, rules do I apply to me and if I get caught I must suffer all the consequences for breaking the rules, I just hope I dont get caught, you gotta have a good plan. Believe me even under the best of circumstances I would not want to dine with me either.
  10. ??? what, come one, Just let the government pay for it, they have a lot of money, There is no reason why my student loans should not be paid off by the government, as well as my starbucks, netflix, apple phones, car, apartment, etc. The government has plenty of money, people who dont want to work (like me) should not have to, THAT IS MY RIGHT. For those that do want to work, you can only have a job at a recycling campus, no big business ever - jobs that are created by business people are devil jobs that will destroy mankind. No way I will let you come into my neighborhood to create jobs, I know what I am talking about because i saw it is on youtube and the facebook and the twitter.
  11. Well I cannot afford the haven but if i could I would not like the steerage (people like me) dining with me. I would find it offensive.
  12. We had it, no problem, we also had an obstructed port hole (life boat) on a higher deck. Id take deck 4 over that obstructed view any day.
  13. Whew, I dunno if I am paying thousands more for the Haven I think it would bother me that others are getting the perk for free without paying anything.
  14. Just curious since I am not familiar with the Haven, how would anyone else know that your friends were not also staying in the Haven. Couldnt they just use the sundeck, restaurant on the down low?
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