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  1. Well that is pretty harsh I would not agree with your conclusion, probably just miscommunication and embarrassment.
  2. oh that is quite another big jump, a big assumption, no of course not, i simply adjust the DSC, easy peasy, quick and easy 😃
  3. probably the staff was embarrassed and tried to protect themselves, probably some miscommunication between the staff as to what is allowed, there is no here.
  4. thats quite a jump from what i communicated, I pay tips for services rendered, (example I never use a maitre de at buffet so I will not give him/her a tip because they work in the dining room)
  5. Probably just removed by the staff and tossed out because it is not allowed and against the rules, treating it like debris, probably no theft involved
  6. if I never use the dining rooms why should I pay the full amount of DSC, I'll pay my appropriate adjusted DSC for the services used.
  7. guess we all have different opinions, losing a stop and making another stop virtually useless on a short 7 day cruise would not be minor for me, especially from a cruise starting in puerto rico (incredibly high hotel rates for crummy areas)
  8. $30 here, $30 there it all adds up, $30 can get you 46 cans of mini ravioli!
  9. So basically 7 responses that give no useful information to the OP, now 8
  10. We have done several of them, we have had seas like glass and we have had rough seas. Took one from Southhampton we saw London and did not have to pay the insane airfare taxes ($200 per person) flying back.
  11. yes the lawyer has been interviewed several times, yes the family was interviewed on the today show, it is all over the internets.
  12. it was a post about the definition of criminal negligence, plus you only cut out a portion of the post, Grandpa's negligence put the child's safety in danger. In fact the child died due to negligence.
  13. Criminal negligence occurs when someone acts in a way that is an extreme departure from the way that a “reasonable” person would have acted in the same or similar situation. Criminal negligence generally involves an indifference or disregard for human life OR for the safety of other individuals. There are different degrees, Grandpa does not necessarily have to be charged with murder or manslaughter, it may be something less. Grandpa actions and his actions alone caused the death of a human being.
  14. thanks, great find, kind of seems like the railings are there to actually prevent fools from trying to lean out the window. hmm does anyone else think that if the child was sitting on that railing that they could fall forward enough to fall out of the window?
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