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  1. A bit of action tonight which has just wrapped up. A road sweeper showed up around 7:30 at moms and just finished at my place. Tomorrow should be lane way paving. Chance of rain late afternoon so they have to have it done before then. 🤞
  2. One can never have enough garage space. We have 9 spots and in the summer something still has to go outside. I advocate for as much as space possible. 🙂
  3. Can’t vote, but we are currently D+ and might get one cruise done next year in October if the border opens. Highly doubt our March one will happen and already cancelled our January cruise. Instead of 84 points we might get 28. It still leaves us 150 points away from what Pinnacles currently is.
  4. I agree. I take my grapes in original, liquid, but not the pills format. 😂
  5. I stirred that pot yesterday. 😉 Liking the Audi Avatar as well. Good choice.
  6. Which I am fine with. Nothing is free. I was responding to someone who said the CDC and government make and sell vaccines for profit, which is not the case. .
  7. CDC nor the government produces vaccines. Private business produces vaccines that are patented for profit.
  8. I’d sooner eat a slice of raisin pie. 😂
  9. Even in checked luggage the TSA goes digging for them. We have had our luggage opened more than once because of them.
  10. Just a throwback to the cave times. You know, like today. 😉😂
  11. I went through my photos to double check if I had some but alas, I didn’t. I met and talked with a couple different owners who have them. One was owned by a guy who has done a few Power Tours with his and another was a local couple who travel from Ontario to Arizona every winter with theirs, well except for maybe this year. Their’s was a lime-ish green colour. Thought you’d appreciate that one. Found one in the same colour combo.
  12. The double points is their “payment” for the interest free loan, from the die hard cruiser. That is, if the ship sails. Ingenious move on their part to increase cash on hand.
  13. The GMC was cutting edge when it was made, and amazingly has quite the cult following today. It sure is not for me but there are others that love them.
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