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  1. Fully agree and fully understand. Agree with you, and that suit is sharp.
  2. We received this the other day.... what time would you show up?
  3. I haven’t had to alter one pic on my current live review. They do load slower than Tapatalk but it isn’t horrendous. I miss the quickness that came with app. I figured I’d give it one more go before I throw in the towel. Rick, sorry for the hijack.
  4. I recognize that suit. Lookin good.
  5. Hockey update. They lost 3-2. The following update comes from a mom at the game tonight. We should have won that one. Frustrating. So many chances. Many forwards not in position. Owen had a great game. Their goalie was good. And they had 2 or three really good players but that’s it. They had at most five shots on our net and they won 3-2 intense last couple of minutes. We we just FaceTimed with home. Owen got one of our 2 goals. He was in front of the net, when a defenceman shot from the blue line. Owen deflected the puck down, it bounced off the ice and went in. We also pulled the goalie in the last couple of minutes but couldn’t get it done. Oh well, that’s sports. Win some, lose some.
  6. The day of travel is complete. We are beat, but that’s part of travel. Feet are up and we are are relaxing in our room. We hit Publix to pick up a few items. Extra sunscreen and some pop, or as some call it soda. We also helped the cause. With a jackpot of over a $1,000,000,000, why not. If we win the full billion we will book a RC ship, and take anyone who posted before this one, on a free cruise. Allure was about $10,000,000 for the week, so it should do the job. For those interested in Lisa’s iPad download for the cruise, it is Top Chef Texas. It’s the 2012 season, and it turns out that one of the Chefs worked for RC on Allure of the Seas. What she’s really waiting on the next season of Handmaid’s Tale and Outlander but she has to wait a while.
  7. Dinner tonight at Gilbert’s 17st Grill. Best burger in SW Florida. Creature of habit and out last time out of Port Everglades for a while. Pre-dinner shots.
  8. In our hotel room, with shorts on. Feels awesome. Nothing better than the heat slap in the face, as you exit the plane. LOL, our iPads still recognize the wifi here.
  9. A&L_Ont

    10 Ships in 10 Years

    And bring one to Lake Ontario.
  10. I’ll have to go back to see the porcupine now. The wolves were sleeping when we were there. The earthquake forest was cool too.
  11. Over Florida. Lunch on the flight was abysmal. Lisa’s was some sort of sandwich, which looked more it had a diaper accident in it.😱 Delta, what are you doing? On a positive, I forgot how good this movie was.
  12. A&L_Ont

    10 Ships in 10 Years

    Yes. Bring on more Oasis Class I say.
  13. JC, when you were at the animal reserve did you see the lynx in the large enclosure? It took me a few minutes but I did see it. I sure smelt it.