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  1. London too. Did you know that London Ontario had Canada’s second McDonalds and the first in Eastern Canada? It is at Wonderland and Oxford Streets, and is still there today. Trivial facts.
  2. ... now you have me thinking back to the day.
  3. Simeon once called it the “Windy 500”, with all the scooters waiting for the flag to drop. The imagery is classic, espically with Simeon saying it
  4. Could very well be. But was in your cabin before they were fooling around with the dampers? Maybe they are just trying to make you feel like home. 😉
  5. I’m curious to where the soot is coming from. Is it getting drawn in from the stacks in the outside air make up? The way they are changing the filters they should be black. It would be nice if The Chief stopped in, he might be able to give an answer. Very bizarre.🤔
  6. A&L_Ont

    Ship to Replace Anthem in Bayonne

    You are right, They haven't plus non retractable scrubbers have be structurally added. I guess at dry dock that can be changed. Sounds like a lot of work and expense for part of a season in Bayonne. I will I’ll consider it though, if the price is right. Well, maybe just not the first sailing. 😉
  7. Please, just don’t wear sandals with those socks. 😱
  8. Bella looks ready to party too, she has her beer koozie locked and loaded. Safe travels to you and Laura. As 57, that’s shorts weather. 😉
  9. A&L_Ont

    Inheriting C&A status

    LOL, they each save 8.
  10. A&L_Ont

    Inheriting C&A status

    I have read where the scorned have notified RC about a separation and had their ex's status reverted. If they are not married or at the same address, I have read it reverts. That is, if RC is made aware of it. Like you said, "hell hath no fury". Then again on what I have read, not everything on the internet is true. Who wants to get divorced to share the real outcome with us?
  11. A&L_Ont

    Inheriting C&A status

    There is one flaw in this. When A and C split up and A contacts RC about their separation, then C reverts back to their actual status. There have been a few jilted A's that have called RC to report separations.
  12. Check out the Mobile Passport App. If they use it at your disembarkation port it might save you some time.
  13. A&L_Ont

    New Program called "The Key"

    Which is perfect. I have a feeling that there will be others who will think it is, and just for them.
  14. Terminal 18 in FL has had it. They do not have the machines, but a short line to an agent. We have never used it as we use the suite walk off which has a short line. I do know others that have used it. That being said, I have not seen any reports for it in the last while, so I can not report if it is still being done.
  15. I believe you are talking about the Mobile Passport App which can be downloaded for free. US and Canadian Citizens can do at no cost. Global Entry is another program to which all members are to be enrolled in, at a cost and takes a period of time to apply for and be accepted. We have the Canadian equivalent called Nexus and our son was enrolled in at the age of 9.