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  1. I guess they would have never seen the view from the trough on Oasis Class, ops I mean wind jammer. LOL, I totally forgot about the yachts until you mentioned it.
  2. I could see it disappearing in the beginning, and maybe coming back after things have stabilized. To get from Tampa to PC isn’t a terribly long drive for those that want to sail. And then there is that slight issue as well.
  3. That’s a tough question, as CoCo Cay beach Club opened late January/early February. Being followed shortly after by COVID things have been quiet there. There are not many Star Class cruisers on CC, so you might not get a response to your exact question. What I can say from our Star Class experience at Perfect Day day is we asked our Genie for a prime spot, for our cabana at South Beach. We had a great spot, but they were maybe at 1/6 capacity that day. I’d say ask your Genie, and he might be able to have some pull for beach chairs even though they are first come first serve. I’m fairly certain (almost 100%) he would for a cabana. Hopefully someone will chime in with the exact answer.
  4. I haven’t looked for a while at the stock price and it’s now over $50. I’m surprised.
  5. I don’t like sliced brisket. Chopped is much better. Note to self, skip brisket at Portside.
  6. Here on CC, the RC boards, maybe even this one.🤷‍♂️
  7. They are arresting, but I haven’t seen any deportations reported. A news article about one guy being charged. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/16/hawaii-tourist-new-york-arrested-coronavirus-covid19
  8. HBE4, please read in a Southern accent... Why HBE4, I’ll kindly meet you on the grand porch this afternoon, during the high days sun. Maybe @Milwaukee Eight can join us for an iced beverage. I might offer you some sweet tea or perhaps some peanuts in Coke. We shall have a plate of Cracklins made from our state fair prized boar. He sired many a piglet from our drove and with the young gilts. Alas (swoon), he suffered an unfortunate death at the trough, hitting his head. May he live on in prosperity. Might I add the hospitality here is wonderful. (accent off) What I know is everything started well for Scarlett O’Hara but it didn’t end up that way. Let’s hope those case counts continue to stay low. For me I’m thinking it is more like Foghorn Leghorn... “Now looka, I say, looka here“ at the low case counts in my zip code. Please don’t be offended Hazence, because as Foghorn Leghorn would say to the small chicken in the yard, “That's a joke, I say, that's a joke son”. I too have a vivid imagination, and sense of humour that is often lost on others. 😂
  9. Gamecock, here is a link to my live review from a few summers ago on Radiance of the Seas. We sailed southbound after doing a land tour in Alaska. I booked the Royal Suite and it was great space for the four of us. We used the balcony a great amount as the weather was spectacular. Now for the suite perks aspect. We almost sail exclusively on Oasis Class ships so the suite perks on Radiance were a huge difference for us. No Costal Kitchen, if there was priority seating at the pool I didn’t notice it, but the breakfast in Chops was great. We went to the SL once but at the end of every day we were so exhausted we just flaked out. We only went one night to a show. YMMV, the room size and balcony was the biggest “perk” and the rest was nice. As for the review, there are videos imbedded in it but after CC changed their format they are no longer a direct link. After the switch this is what the link look like in the red circle. Copy and paste it into Internet Explorer or Safari and it will come up. If you paste it into YouTube it isn’t always the first video to come up. Here is a link to that video to get you in the mood for Alaska. We have been three times and it is spectacular. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
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