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  1. Add the local dealer getting the Storm Troopers snow tires switched to it’s summer tires.
  2. Looks great. I am sure Toby will love it. I wonder when they will call again and ask about the wheels and rims now they are stuck with them.
  3. Beach walks and ocean sunsets should help to make up for it. 😀
  4. I’m still following Stroman, even though he is no longer a Blue Jay. We’d love to see him play again, but we’d have to make a road trip south. Hopefully one day.
  5. I have seen two “regular” Huayras in person and one Zonda R. The Zonda was a total beast in comparison. The one is sophisticated and the other is pure animal. There are some prototype Huarya photos yet to come.
  6. Last Monterey post of the night. I will pick it up in a few days so I don’t over load the daily thread. This turned out to be the highest priced car we saw sell over the weekend. This one could/should be near and dear to Grahams’s heart. I can picture him and Pauline roaring across the English countryside in it. Head down to the beach maybe, just without the coffee. When the hammer fell it was certainly near and dear to someone’s heart and bank account. It was fun to rub elbows with the 1% for one night. From what I heard the car was headed
  7. They had all of the cars assembled outside for guests to walk around them. We grabbed a bite and a drink and walked around taking it in. Just a few that caught my eye. @singinalotthis Lamborghini prototype might catch your eye. Maybe a bug in your eye too, if not your hair. How about some luggage with your gullwing. This is a carbon fibre Pigani Huayra. A modern Italian super car. The interior. How about Classic Italian super car. Luggage, we
  8. To be a fly on the wall. I guess if it was tough before this could only be more awkward.
  9. After the sale wrapped up we joined Peter at his car and he gave us some extra wrist band passes for another auction happening that night. A nice little freebie as it was a VIP event. All the auctions are pay to enter so at this point we were 1 for 2. We ditched our car at the hotel and headed the the RM Sotheby’s auction a couple blocks away. RM is actually a restoration and auction company based not far away our home in Chatham, Ontario. These two micro car cuties greeted us at the entrance, to which they both sold later that night. Hard to believe they w
  10. After our Italian lunch we headed to one of the many car auctions that were being held at a place called The Quail. Pebble Beach on Concours week has become an auction Mecca. We have a friend who was here from home who was selling some cars at this sale so we came to see him and how it went. The dust in the parking lot was perfect for our Subaru, and small potholes were no worry to us. If you have watched the TV show Legendary Motor Car you might be familiar with our friend. Peter was there with his two sons and Dave, one of his salesman. Lisa and I joined them at a table, after
  11. We booked a room with the pool courtyard view. We had to book well in advance pay and pay with no discount on booking day. The room rate was substantially more than the regular rate, think RC President’s cruise idea. There was a very convenient Starbucks around the corner for our morning snack before heading out.
  12. Many months earlier we booked a few presentations at the Inn on Spanish Bay. They have many different speakers on different topics automotive related. The funds raised to towards community efforts. As it turns out it was a small and intimate gathering. Maybe around 65 people but it might have held 100 in total. Friday morning we saw Jerry Seinfeld. He spoke about the Porsches that he has owned over the years and did some Q&A at the end. He spoke a bit about his acting career but not much. Right outside the events tent was a
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