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  1. Ryan, welcome back! Glad to see you wrapping up your cruise experience. Sometimes we lose people mid cruise and they never make it back. Thanks for posting the picture with Charlie. A week Sunday we will get to meet him first hand. Glad to read you are are feeling better. A cold sucks, at home and more on holidays.
  2. A&L_Ont

    No AC on Anthem of the Seas

    For those sending emails I would highly recommend you only send one, and send it to Michael Bayley. The only time I had to send one, I sent it to him and things worked out. Hopefully you all have the same luck.
  3. A&L_Ont

    No AC on Anthem of the Seas

    If you keep it factual VS emotional you should get traction. I’d also include a photo(s) of the thermostat and if you have been sleeping with your cabin door open as well. Sorry it happened and hopefully you will have a better resolve with HQ than the ship. If you return to Royal Caribbean hopefully your next adventure will be much better.
  4. A&L_Ont

    No AC on Anthem of the Seas

    Typically it is based as a percentage of the persons actual cruise fare. We have had 2 occasions to where we got them. The one time it was 10% and the other was 20%. In this case the cash values that I have been reading about seem extremely low, compared to the high level of discomfort that you have all been having with no or limited sleep at night and lack of cabin use. If they went with a straight percentage this time they missed the mark. IMO it should be half you daily fare once the AC broke, at minimum because you could not comfortably spend at least 12 of 24 hours period in your cabin. Just my take.
  5. Watching video really helps. In the beginning I filmed a lot and took it in. Once you really get the basics down of turning and staying steady on the wave, it comes quick. It sounds like you are almost there, if not already.
  6. Nick looking much better. You need to straighten your body from the waist up and open your shoulders, so you don’t have quite as much forward centre of gravity. Knees are bent perfectly. I bet you feel much more comfortable out there than your last sailing with a wave.
  7. They do have Pullman’s don’t they in the one bedroom? If so then 2 in the main bdr, 4 in the second bdr, and 2 on what should be a pullout in the living room. I’m sure someone told me it was a pullout.
  8. A&L_Ont

    Evolution of Dining Attire

    Yup, and I just liked your post about your change of formal wear over the cruises.
  9. A&L_Ont

    oasis star class

    I would say that you’re paying and treat them as short excursions. Star Cass guests pay for shore excursions. No one will know the answer until the ships start sailing there, unless they change the Star Class perks to include them.
  10. A&L_Ont

    oasis star class

    If you are referring to Perfect Day at CocoCay who knows as it is not open yet. Right now Star Class gets admission to Barefoot Beach at Labadee but if you want a cabana you pay for it.
  11. A&L_Ont

    My Review of Grease

    I’m surprised PETA isn’t trying to get them to change the name.😉 Danny tried to change himself, to be a Jock as well. He just didn’t have the same success. My wife just said we are trying to look at a work of fiction based from the 50s with 2019 eyes. It’s hard to change the past, in reality as well as in the theatrical world. On a side note, conspiracy theories say that Sandy actually died. Well, think back to the beginning of the movie. In the song “Summer Nights,” Danny explains that when he met Sandy, “I saved her life; she nearly drowned.” According to the theory, Sandy did drown. The whole movie is just a fantasy playing in her head as she struggles for oxygen, and the car flies away when she is sent to heaven. Add to that Chicago which was originally on Allure and Momma Mia currently on Allure. They are plays, right or wrong, which have been by acclaimed by millions of fans around the world. As for the OP, and others that might be sensitive to the subject don’t attend. A quick google search on any play would reveal if the wish to go or not. I throughly enjoyed The Book of Mormon. A modern play which one might describe as the coming of age of two young men as they travel to Africa and experience life in the village first hand. It doesn’t throw back to past values of Grease. However, for those that are sensitive to some topics this is not the play for you.
  12. My father-in-law wore this type of “ulcer” with pride, complaining to anyone and everyone that listened. More often than not his “problems” were resolved rather quickly and the mountain quickly became mole hills.
  13. Nick, I just caught up. Thanks for bringing us along, and safe riding on the wave.