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  1. Last night they forgot with their 2/0 loss to the Rays. They are tied with Boston and the Yankees for the wild card. All are 9 games back.
  2. Cute cat photos today everyone. Lenny, hope Your wife has her surgery sooner than later.
  3. Jays playing the Rays tonight… Boo Rays. 😉 I’ve used wet and forget for moss with some luck. Hopefully you have more than us. I used Chemical Guys Honeydo Snow Foam with the Tool Daily Foam Cannon. The cannon was cheaper than the soap.
  4. Speaking of clean… I used Lisa’s hand sanitizer in her car after Owen’s hockey practice.
  5. I bought a foam cannon from Amazon and did some washing. Foam and let sit. I’d give it a rinse and reform. Then scrub with a telescopic brush. Power wash for the finished product. They haven’t looked this clean in a while. Done in 2.5 hours from start up to clean up.
  6. Our last few Star Class sailings, pre-covid, the drink cart only happened on sea days. I think I like the idea of delivered beverages like you had.
  7. He should be back soon. He is helping with Elections Canada, as we have an election September 20th. Advanced polls opened Friday and close Monday. Lisa and I actually voted this afternoon. I suspect we will be seeing him back here around the 21st.
  8. I watch this video every year. It hits me hard. Thank you for sharing. He and his crew helped these people more than they would ever know. The same for all of those that helped in this mission.
  9. Morning sunrise. So worth running out to see it. It would only be better from a cruise ship.
  10. Happy Birthday to this special girl!!!! She looks like she is ready to roll.
  11. I saw my lovely dentist today. I had two cavities filled, an upper and bottom both on my right hand side. I’m frozen from my eye to my chin. Can’t wait for it to wear off, so I can feel a my sore jaw.
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