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  1. Hi, There was no link in my email, either. I did some searches for "refund" on the Royal Caribbean website and finally found a link. I received a confirmation email after I submitted the request. Chuck
  2. Hi, I was booked on the cruise scheduled to depart on Feb. 26, 2021. I received the notification of the cancellation from Royal Caribbean this morning. I already have applied for the refund of my deposit. Chuck
  3. Hi, Unfortunately, I think more cruise ships will be scrapped in the near future. The second-hand cruise ship market is now very weak. Also, cruise lines are trying to reduce or eliminate the high cost of maintaining the idle ships. Many of the passenger ships are scrapped in India. In the past, a well-known ship historian and author has rescued some art work and fittings from the scrapped ships. I have purchased some interesting and beautiful items that were once part of classic ships such as the SS Norway, Eugenio C and Statendam (of 1957). Also, I have two original dining room chairs that were used on the QE2 for over 20 years. It is nice to have and preserve at least a small portion of these great ships. Chuck
  4. Hi, I am booked on the seven-day cruise on the Crystal Serenity that is scheduled to depart on October 29. It obviously is a long shot, but I decided that it is worth the gamble. I think that a spacious ship such as the Crystal Serenity with a relatively low passenger capacity is more likely to return to service before the huge ships. However, I have been keeping my cruise plans fairly quiet. Chuck
  5. Hi, I cruised about the Sky Princess in December and really liked the ship. The public areas on the ship are beautiful. Chuck
  6. Hi, I am booked on the Crystal Serenity's cruise that is scheduled to depart on October 29, 2020. Unfortunately, I think this announcement increases the likelihood of my cruise being cancelled. Hopefully the situation will be more clear before the final payment is due in late August. Chuck
  7. Hi, I may be overly optimistic, but I believe that Crystal currently intends to operate these cruises from Miami. The COVID-19 situation could improve by October. I live in a high-rise building in downtown Chicago and the situation (at least at this point) seems to be improving. I am very careful (always wear a mask outside and try to maintain distance from people) but realize that I run a risk of catching this every time that I enter a grocery store, get my mail, or walk my dog. I live on a high floor and must use an elevator every day. I think that Crystal has a better chance of returning to cruising in the Caribbean compared to some other lines. The Crystal Serenity is a spacious ship with a relatively small passenger capacity. I think the Crystal Serenity is more likely to resume cruising prior to a huge ship such as the Oasis of the Seas. Of course, I realize that my October 29 cruise on the Crystal Serenity has a high probability of being cancelled. No one knows what the situation will be in October. I had two cruises booked with Cunard this year and I am still awaiting my refunds. Prior to Crystal's announcement the other day, I was not planning to book a cruise until the ships had started to resume cruising. However, I decided to take a chance by booking this Crystal cruise. Chuck
  8. Hi, I booked the October 29 sailing as a solo. I realize that the cruise may be cancelled, but I decided that it is worth the gamble. The deposit was only $100 and the final payment is not due until 60 days prior to the sailing. The two Cunard cruises that I had booked for this year were cancelled. I have taken at least one cruise every year since 1982. My most recent cruise was in December 2019. I hate to break my streak by not taking a cruise this year. Chuck
  9. Hi, I received a refund today for the amount that I paid on the Cunard Voyage Personaliser for shore excursions. I submitted the refund on March 30 for the Queen Victoria cruise that was scheduled to depart on April 26. The refund appeared on the credit card that I used to purchase the excursions. I still need a refund for the cruise fare, but at least I am making progress. Chuck
  10. Hi, Does anyone know if the 60 days begins running from the date that the refund was requested? On March 30 (the day that I received notice that my cruise was cancelled), I submitted a refund request for my Queen Victoria cruise that was scheduled to depart from Southampton on April 26. Does the 60 days begin on March 30 or April 26? Thanks, Chuck
  11. Hi, Until recently, I always liked Caronia for a Cunard ship name. It always brings the luxurious "Green Goddess" to mind. However, I seriously doubt that this name will be used again due to its similarity to the name of the virus. Chuck
  12. Hi, I think this list may not be reliable. For example, it lists the next Holland America ship as "Nieuw Ryndam," but the ship is simply going to be named "Ryndam" (without the "Nieuw"). At this point, the name listed for the new Cunard ship probably is a guess. Chuck
  13. Hi, On March 30 (the day that I received notice that my cruise was cancelled), I submitted separate refund requests for my cruise fare and for my prepaid shore excursions for my Queen Victoria cruise that was scheduled to depart on April 26. I haven't received notice concerning either refund. Chuck
  14. Thanks, but I think part of the reason the scones taste so good is the wonderful atmosphere in the Queens Room. Chuck
  15. Hi, I have taken 94 cruises and obviously love cruising (started cruising in 1967 when I was two years old), but cruising in the new environment doesn't have much appeal to me. I don't think a cruise that requires me to wear a mask, be subjected to medical testing, constantly worry about becoming seriously ill, and face the risk of a long quarantine period sounds very enjoyable. One of my favorite aspects of cruising (especially with Cunard) is interacting with other passengers. For me, cruising always has been a wonderful escape from my everyday life. I love such aspects as attending the interesting lectures, enjoying afternoon tea in the Queens Room, having dinner with seven interesting people, and going to the evening show. Unfortunately, I don't know how this is going to work in the present environment. I certainly wish for cruises to continue, but I am not optimistic that the new experience will be very enjoyable for me. By the way, I was supposed to be boarding the Queen Victoria in Southampton today and the Queen Elizabeth in San Francisco on May 30 (in a Queens Grill suite). ☹️ Chuck
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