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  1. seacruise9

    Millennium Revolution -

    Hi, In a few years, there will be another revolution and Celebrity will colorize the interiors. Chuck
  2. Hi, I was at CocoCay last month. I saw the new pier under construction. It did not look close to opening. Chuck
  3. seacruise9

    Millennium Revolution -

    Hi, The new renderings look like scenes from a black and white movie. Chuck
  4. Hi, I completely agree with this post. In the past, when I cruised solo, I always requested traditional dining and a large table. This worked out very well and I enjoyed talking with my tablemates. However, this has greatly changed during the past few years. In the dining room, many people don't show up for traditional dining. I have dined alone at tables for eight on several occasions (which feels awkward to me). I typically arrived at my table on time and waited 15 to 20 minutes to see if anyone else would join me. MTD is probably the best option for solo cruisers in the dining room. Chuck
  5. seacruise9

    Remastered QM2 – New tonnage measurement?

    Hi, Isn't this the same tonnage figure that was listed before the 2016 refit? It looks like Cunard has not changed the tonnage to reflect the refit. Chuck
  6. seacruise9

    Happy 15th Birthday Queen Mary 2

    Hi, It is hard to believe the QM2 is already 15 years old. I clearly remember when the ship was first announced. In 2001, I did a special Queen Mary theme crossing on the QE2 in celebration of the 65th anniversary of the first Queen Mary and a preview of the upcoming QM2. Some of the designers of the QM2, including Stephen Payne, provided lectures and insights of the new liner. Also, Pamela Conover (the president of Cunard at the time) participated in the events. This crossing remains one of my favorite trips. I first sailed aboard the QM2 in May 2004. I am looking forward to my seventh trip aboard the QM2 this April. Chuck
  7. seacruise9

    Cunard VS Celebrity

    Hi, I honestly like both of these lines. I have sailed with Cunard 18 times and Celebrity eight times. I think the food and service are fairly comparable between these lines, but Cunard definitely has a more formal and traditional atmosphere. If you like Celebrity, I would recommend trying Cunard. Chuck
  8. seacruise9

    Advice please !!!

    Hi, I have done five Cunard transatlantic crossings (three westbound and two eastbound). I am booked on a westbound crossing on the QM2 for late April 2019. I personally prefer the westbound crossings (Southampton to New York) because you gain an hour each day. I recommend flying to London at least one day in advance. A few years ago my flight from Chicago to London was cancelled. I was forced to fly to London the next day. If I had not planned to spend the night in London, I would have missed the ship. If you decide to sail from New York to Southampton, the trip to Heathrow is not bad. Cunard offers a transfer service that takes about 90 minutes to travel to the airport. The North Atlantic weather is unpredictable, but your chances for good weather are better in August than most months. I highly recommend a transatlantic crossing on the QM2. It is a wonderful experience. Chuck
  9. seacruise9

    Merry Christmas everyone

    Hi, Happy Holidays! I sailed aboard Cunard ships in November 2012 and November 2014 and purchased Cunard holiday cards aboard the ship (similar to the graphic in the first post above). I enjoyed mailing the beautiful Cunard cards to my friends. Do they still sell Cunard holiday cards aboard the ships? Chuck
  10. seacruise9

    Cunard Christmas "card" email

    Hi, I am Diamond status and received the e-mail Christmas greeting on December 2 that is in the first post above. I most recently cruised aboard the Queen Victoria in September 2018 and I am booked on the Queen Mary 2 for April 2019. However, I did not receive a Christmas card in the post or the yearbook. Happy Holidays, Chuck
  11. seacruise9

    QM2 TA advice needed.

    Hi, I have sailed on the QM2 six times since 2004 and always take a picture of Homer Simpson. Unfortunately, he seems to have faded a bit over the years. I think a lot of people have touched him. I am booked on the QM2 for a crossing in late April 2019. I look forward to seeing Homer again. Chuck
  12. Hi, Thanks for your report. I have taken 23 Royal Caribbean cruises (beginning in 1983) and used to really enjoy this line. However, my last two cruises (Independence of the Seas in August 2017 and Mariner of the Seas earlier this month) were disappointing. I agree that the standards of most mainstream lines have declined, but this seems to be particularly evident on Royal Caribbean. Although I reached the Diamond Plus level on this last cruise, I have decided to take a break from this line. Chuck
  13. seacruise9

    Cunarder Year Book 2018/2019

    Hi, Has anyone in the U.S. received the yearbook? I am a Diamond member and received the yearbook a few years ago but have not received it lately. Chuck
  14. seacruise9

    QE: Gingerbread Village

    Hi, Thanks for posting these pictures. The Queen Elizabeth's holiday decorations look great. In early December 2012, I did a 10-day cruise on the Queen Elizabeth. Holiday decorations were added throughout the cruise. It was fun discovering new decorations each day. Chuck
  15. seacruise9

    Just off QM2

    Hi, Thanks for your report. I recently booked a westbound crossing on the QM2 (departing from Southampton on April 28, 2019). This will be my seventh sailing on the QM2. It is good to read that the ship still is wonderful. Chuck