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  1. Hi, I booked two cruises during the $25 deposit promotion: (i) Nieuw Statendam, 7-day Tropical Caribbean, Feb. 16, 2020 and (ii) Amsterdam, 7-day Canada/New England, Aug. 22, 2020. I was very pleased with the prices that I received on both cruises. Chuck
  2. Hi, I agree with your comment about Carnival saving Cunard. By the mid 1990's, Cunard's future looked very bleak. Cunard's ships were old and they could not afford to build new ships. I remember a cruise on the QE2 in 1996 that was fairly sad because the line's days seemed to be numbered. I doubt that Cunard could have survived on its own. I have not sailed on the Queen Elizabeth since late 2012, but I have sailed on the Queen Victoria (September 2018) and the QM2 (April/May 2019) during the past year. I was pleased with both ships and did not notice declining standards. Hopefully, the Cunard product is not slipping. Chuck
  3. Hi, This information is helpful. I recently booked the Boston to Montreal cruise on the Amsterdam that departs on August 22, 2020. I chose the Amsterdam because it does the longer cruises and was designed to be (along with the Rotterdam) one of the line's flagships. Hopefully, the ports won't be as crowded since we are sailing later in August. Chuck
  4. Hi, Thanks for this post. I need to book air for my February cruise. Chuck
  5. Hi, Inside cabins are fine. This is particularly true on port-intensive itineraries such as the Baltic cruise. Because most of the days are spent in port, I don't think the balcony is important. I agree with the post above that I would select a cabin that is surrounded by other cabins. This should reduce the possibility of noise. We are booked in an inside cabin on a very port-intensive British Isles cruise on the Crown Princess next month. We decided to spend the considerable money that we saved on shore excursions. I recommend bringing an alarm clock or requesting a wake-up call for the morning. Because there is no window, it is easier to oversleep and possibly miss an early shore excursion. Chuck
  6. Hi, I think the passenger demographic varies by itinerary and the time of year. For example, a transatlantic crossing in July should have a younger demographic than a world cruise segment in February. I did my first voyage with Cunard when I was 19 years old (a crossing on the QE2 in the summer of 1984). I had a wonderful time and have sailed with Cunard a total of 19 times over the years (I am now in my mid 50s). Chuck
  7. Hi, I am booked on a cruise on the Queen Elizabeth next March from Singapore to Hong Kong. I called Cunard yesterday to book the flights. The Cunard representative was very helpful and allowed me to choose the seats. Chuck
  8. Hi, Thanks posting the photos. I always enjoy seeing photos of ships together in port. It is interesting to see the size difference (the QM2 looks very wide compared to the QE). Chuck
  9. Hi, I agree about the QE2. I had the privilege of sailing aboard the QE2 seven times between 1984 and 2005. I have also sailed aboard the QM2 seven times between 2004 and 2019. The QM2 is my favorite ship that currently is in service, but the QE2 remains my all-time favorite ship. The QE2 had a certain magic. Chuck
  10. Hi, The Horizon and Zenith were great ships. I cruised aboard the Horizon to Bermuda in 1991 and the Zenith to the Western Caribbean in 1993. The food on these ships was excellent. I prefer this traditional style of ship over the huge ships that are being built today. Chuck
  11. Hi, It was fairly cool and windy outside. I definitely recommend bringing a jacket. During the day, I usually wore long pants and a long sleeved shirt. If I went outside, I always wore a jacket. Chuck
  12. Hi I have sailed on the QM2 seven times throughout its career: 2004, 2006, 2009, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2019. In my opinion, the ship has improved. The ship looks great after the major refurbishment in 2016. I agree that the Carinthia Lounge is an excellent new space. Also, the design of the Kings Court is improved. I recently did a crossing on the QM2 (late April / early May 2019) and had a wonderful time. My favorite daytime activities (afternoon tea in the Queens Room and the lectures) were better than ever. Chuck
  13. Hi, I actually took a cruise when I had a broken wrist in 2007. It was a seven-day Hawaii cruise on NCL's Pride of America. I didn't need to have surgery but my wrist was in a cast. Thus, my wrist was well-protected. I still enjoyed the cruise but it somewhat limited my activities because I couldn't get the cast wet. I traveled with a friend who could help with my luggage. Of course, I would discuss this with the doctor and follow his/her advice. I would be concerned that the wrist is not protected by a cast. I think there would be some risk of increased pain if the wrist is not protected. Also, she obviously would need would assistance with her luggage. Chuck
  14. Hi, If you go to Jamie's for lunch, make sure that you are very hungry. Last year, I had lunch at Jamie's on the Mariner of the Seas on the first day of the cruise. They served A LOT of food. In fact, I ended up skipping dinner because I was not hungry. Chuck
  15. Hi, I travel to New York City frequently and would not recommend this. I think this is cutting it too close. Chuck
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