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  1. Okay no Europe but how about Grand Cruises (if any) for 2023?
  2. You mean not photogenic (rather than attractive) I'm sure. Neither am I but my sister somehow is...I'm not sure how that came about.
  3. A Canadian poster on the HAL site (I believe) stated that the vaccine card they get from the Canadian government only shows they are fully vaccinated not that they had AZ then Moderna (or whatever). She seemed pretty sure it wasn't going to be a problem. Maybe you can take a close look at your proof of vaccination card to see what it actually says.
  4. I would be interested to see if this starts a trend with Oceania. We're booked for next July but our final payment is due in February with penalties kicking in almost right away. It's giving me pause because I could put two Cunard cruises together and cover the same general area without having to pay so far in advance and risk losing money. I was surprised when I saw the terms at booking (this is my first time booking on Oceania). I hope they do reconsider their final payment policy.
  5. Great information, thanks for taking the time to detail all of this. There are things here I didn't even consider. I'm going to have to do some research! I remember the long subway escalators...I white-knuckled them all the way!
  6. Also…forgot gratuities were paid for (again early booking perk)
  7. That's not accurate. It's Cunard that offers the perks like the laundry once a week, we did not get them from our travel agent. I remember they also gave us a wine package, maybe 6 bottles, not sure because we don't drink and converted it to a soft drink deal once we got on board. We also got some on board credit, also from Cunard. In addition if you or your spouse is a veteran you can get a $250 on board credit on top of whatever perks you get elsewhere.
  8. The Faberge Museum is on top of our list, I don't even think it was there when we visited on a previous cruise. After that, I'm not sure because we've seen the palaces and the Spilled Blood church. We did the river cruise and really enjoyed that. You're right that is very relaxing. I'm still trying to figure out the pricing on Oceania shore excursions, we haven't purchased the unlimited package and probably won't but I think if we book so many tours we can get a discount. We did not spend enough time at the Hermitage so we want to go back there. There's plenty of time to plan and maybe other excursions will be offered before we sale.
  9. Although we weren't in the grills we were offered a laundry perk. This was for early booking. I don't remember how it was worded but essentially you get one free bag of laundry each week (max 20 items).
  10. Thanks for all the good information. Paulchili - we will be there on a Monday so that's great news for the Hermitage, I had no idea that option would be available. Katiebelle - I hadn't thought of doing dummy bookings, you're right you can learn so much doing that. It's good to hear we could do two tours in a day if we want. We were on a private group tour the last time. The tour guide was great, the sites fantastic...some of my fellow passengers...meh. One couple kept trying to bring up politics with the guide and another, even though they advertised the tour as extremely strenuous, kept trying to slow the group down and demanding breaks because they were tired. We will be looking into private tours but I like to have the option of ship tours as well. One thing I noticed is that a tour I saw available early on is not on the list now. It was a high speed train ride to Moscow for the day. Maybe it doesn't run anymore?
  11. We'll be taking our first Oceania cruise next year which includes an overnight stop in St Petersburg. We've been to St Petersburg with another cruise line some years ago and did an exhaustive two day tour with a private company. This time we want to hone in on a few particular spots. I noticed there are a lot of half day shore excursions offered which may suit us just fine. My question for anyone who has been to SP on Oceania before, can you take two in one day? Are they timed so that you can come back to the ship and pick up an afternoon tour if you want? Thanks.
  12. When we canceled our 2022 world cruise on the Zaandam our TA speculated that the ‘world’ cruise in January could turn into a grand med instead. She was just guessing of course.
  13. I hope you’re right. But there is no harm in getting one of the approved vaccines now. My husband and I were both in the AZ trial here in the US as well. I got the placebo but he got the actual vaccine. Since it wasn’t approved here in the USA he got the Moderna vaccine as soon as it was available. We didn’t want to have any questions about our status.
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