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  1. Cruise NH

    Cruise transfer to Sevilla from Cadiz Question

    We were not on a Cunard ship when we were in Cadiz and did not take the excursion to Seville but I looked at some the paperwork and it said people would be dropped at 'Puerta de Jerez, right in the historical centre of Seville.' I would think most drop off stops would be the same regardless of ship or tour company because the cities like to control that kind of thing. Sorry I couldn't help more.
  2. Cruise NH

    Upset with Cunard

    A few years ago we got an 'upgrade' we didn't like, we just told them no thanks and reverted to our original cabin. Have you tried calling them?
  3. Cruise NH

    Planning my first North Europe cruise

    Well this can be subjective to a degree as the type/location of a cruise can affect wifi. We didn't use the wifi when we were on NCL so I can't comment on that. The last few years we've mostly been on HAL and Cunard. Cunard had better wifi, but as I said was it because we were in better satellite position on those cruises? I don't know. We have friends on a Crystal cruise right now, everyone gets unlimited wifi and she said it's been great and their on the Amazon River. I guess we can assume that the more expensive the cruise line the better the wifi. We switched from Verizon to T-Mobile just because of the international data cost. If they 'have' to be connected that's another thing you could look into. Although I would caution you that the Verizon international plan -which we've used- turned out to be deceptively expensive, hence our switch. I don't know about AT&T or other companies.
  4. Cruise NH

    TIME ESTIMATES for Southampton Transfers

    Actually there should be a ship's transfer right to St Pancras, we've taken it before. We then take the eurostar train that leaves around 2pm. A couple hours later you're in downtown Paris. You have to check into the eurostar at least 30 minutes early that's why we take the 2pm train. Another choice would be to get a private transfer (We use smithsforairports.com).
  5. Cruise NH

    Cunard Black Friday Sale

    How did you see the new prices? I've been on the site but haven't seen them and tried the 'code' and got a notice to call for pricing. Is that what you did?
  6. Cruise NH

    Planning my first North Europe cruise

    We took NCL for our Baltic cruise a few years ago. I would suggest you take a close look at where they dock regardless of the itinerary you choose. For Stockholm we were docked an hour and half away, very inconvenient. We were off in the boondocks in Copenhagen and Helsinki as well. All this made for more difficult DYI choices. There may have been a number of factors involved in these decisions but other passengers told us that NCL tends to go 'cheap' when it comes to landing locations. This was a few years ago, and maybe they've changed but I would look out for this sort of thing.
  7. Cruise NH

    Argentine Pesos

    I would 2nd just having USD (I realize the OP in Canadian) we used it everywhere. We were cautioned that if we were to get Peso's we would have problems changing it back. We never ran into anyone who wouldn't take dollars. We were on Cunard and there were many nationalities aboard, mostly British, many Canadians and I didn't hear of anyone having problems with non-US cards (don't know about Amex though). A wonder if the OP is like us, we live in New Hampshire so we keep Canadian currency in our safe at all times...you never know when you're going to take a trip up north...same true in Toronto with USD?
  8. Cruise NH

    Tender Unloading Accident on Maasdam

    This seems to be an ongoing issue with this particular port. I looked at my own travel journal from our stop at here a couple of years ago. The Captain thought we would have to abort but in the end tendering was allowed. In my journal I wrote that the tender boat went up 3 feet and then down 3 feet while I was trying to get in. The crew did a great job (Cunard) and everyone was safe, thank goodness. Those with mobility issues were cautioned not to go, but they did. I think in some cases people remember what they used to be able to do and don't accept their current less then mobile situation. I don't know what the cruise lines can do about this. I always feel bad for the crew.
  9. Cruise NH

    Single beds or double and Entertainment on QM2

    We do like to have the beds separate, it does make it seem roomier to me.
  10. Cruise NH

    Rental Car Post Cruise - San Diego

    Just fyi as an alternative...the Amtrak station is walking distance from the dock and there's regular service to LA. We did it in the reverse in 2017.
  11. Cruise NH

    QV post refit aft Penthouse Suite 8178

    Thanks for posting this! One day maybe for us...we can dream...
  12. You don't have to get folks to join on your roll call. Those companies will put the group together. Anyone from your ship can contact the tour operator and be on the same tour as you. It's very convenient.
  13. Cruise NH

    Been to Red Hook this past year?

    Whew, thanks for the replies. Google earth must have just caught it at the wrong time.
  14. Cruise NH

    Been to Red Hook this past year?

    We've parked at the lot in Brooklyn in past years and was planning to do it again next year but I looked at google earth and see tents of some type covering the parking lot. The website seems to indicate the lot is still there but I wonder if anyone who has been to Red Hook these past few months can tell me what it looks like now. The google earth picture indicates 2018 but I don't know what month the picture was taken. Thanks.
  15. We have stored luggage with Cunard in between transatlantics in Southampton. I'm not sure what your circumstances are. Are you arriving by ship? It's not cheap but it's very convenient . Your luggage is waiting for you in your stateroom when you return.