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  1. Dear Dad keeps receiving reduced deposit and dinner package offers and I thought they were new bookings only because I have trouble believing they will credit me for a booking paid in full. Most of the time we receive these from PCC's we've never heard of, I posted a similar thread on this some months back because I am suspicious they actually work for HAL, it seems so telemarketing-ish IMO. Or does this fit right into HAL's new paradigm of multiple price tiers on offer?
  2. You too? We were promised seamlessness for our sailing last fall, I won't go into the details, it's water under the bridge, but Canada Place stinks for disabled travelers and never again will I fall for a "promise" by HAL.
  3. Currently I'm playing: 7 Wonders Duels, Valley of the Kings, Star Realms, and One Deck Dungeon....most of these I think are small enough for travel with equally small footprints, but.....the only place in a stateroom large enough is the bed and who wants to be cooped up in there anyway? So where do you all play? Now that the library is gone I don't know of any good places where I wouldn't be hogging a whole table. Or a venue where shaking 20 dice wouldn't disturb somebody's peace/quiet. Seats are not the problem, because I'm mostly a solo gamer. Is the Gallery Bar a good spot? Sad to say that on my last cruise I had only wandered through there one time while taking a short cut, so I remember little about the layout, especially regarding the size of the tables. And years ago, long before the Lido makeover, I remember people playing games up there because the tables didn't seem to be set all day for dining, the rectangular size made those tables perfect for a lot of games (cards/board). I did see a table of Mahjong going in the Half Moon room one night, very late, when it was obviously not in use. Let's say that was my only option, can I just wander in and set up shop? Or do I need permission from somebody on the ship? Thanks!
  4. And if so will you sail with them? I ask because I watched a couple of online videos about these gigantic, somewhat ugly looking ships and got very discouraged as it seems to be the trend among every mainstream line with significant North American market share: except HAL. So is the writing on the wall? Will they eventually go along with the majority or stick to their niche? I know this is pure conjecture, but it just seems like they've already done some things I thought they'd never do like as you wish dining, private cabanas, and the infamous Crow's Nest makeover. Is HAL's version of the Haven next? Followed by Go-Karts and Magic Carpets? I'm not trolling here, just wondering if I'm the only one. I'm not even close to being in the same league as most people in this group with only a dozen cruises under my belt. Are you all seeing something I'm not? Or is the traditional cruising market going the way of the DoDo and I just have to deal with it? Celebrity being the latest to join the bandwagon is concerning, unless they intend for that class of ships to attract a different segment of the market while maintaining their current brand. It's hard to get a feel for the latest happenings when you are a once a year cruiser like me, all of a sudden it's like it's there: aft pool one minute, laser light show the next, omg I hope not!!
  5. Thanks. I called and checked because of a few other questions that I had, she rattled off a number of special offers and my head was spinning by the time she finished, I don't know how they keep track of it all. My wait time was only 10 minutes, not bad for a Saturday.
  6. I keep seeing notices in my email and on HAL website that this latest promotion ends June 30th. Does that include the reduced deposit or is that just something that's ongoing? Some friends are thinking of booking and this would really help them out even if it's not refundable although I'm not sure of that. Thanks!
  7. Eurodam is our favorite ship, but I have to second everyone on the Crow's nest. It used to be our daily hangout, we just loved the cozy ambiance that the library had. This last sailing we were hardly ever up there, thankfully we have adopted the Ocean Bar as our new "hangout". And we weren't alone, many of my fellow cruisers had also abandoned the Crow's Nest for this fantastic midship venue. By day we could sip coffee, work on our puzzles, read, and look out at the passing promenade parade all under the watchful eye of Poseidon; they have a fantastic daily happy hour with great prices and usually there wasn't a seat to be had; but the conversation was friendly, plentiful, and spirited even when it was standing room only. Evenings were quieter which made it the perfect place for a nightcap. We feel very lucky to have discovered it because we were so bummed out about the Crow's nest and we did give it a try, a couple of times, and it was ok for a coffee in the morning but the warmness of the "lounge" is gone. Agree with everybody on the Tamarind as well. We loved their lounge, and it's the room I requested for the Cruise Critic M/G that I coordinated. It's off the beaten path and it's never packed, it's one of those quiet spots that every ship seems to have. And it sums up what we like about the ship as a whole, it's the right amount of passengers, never felt crowded nor did it ever feel dead. We're sailing on her again in April and highly recommend this ship!
  8. I finally found some threads, but still a few years old; one had a couple pics and oh my god is all I can say, I think we might be better staring at the wall of an inside! So no need to reply, but I'd still like to hear opinions just for the sake of current discussion.
  9. Hello, I have a few questions for the partial view stateroom experts please: -I have googled a few reviews of these rooms and it looks like you stare out at ugly lifeboat/tender equipment, I'm assuming there is some type of view though? -Will tender prep wake us at some ungodly hour? -Any problem with noise from the shops below? -I noticed several rooms mid-ship are for crew, and I thought I saw the cruise director coming out of one once while waiting for an elevator; any noise issues since crew come/go at all hours? -I don't get the floor to ceiling window concept, is it for people to be able to see above/below and around the lifeboats? Did you like/dislike it? -Would you consider them to be a good value? What you book these rooms again? Or steer clear? -Anything else important to pass along. Thank you so much, happy Father's Day and happy sailing! (Forgive me if this has already been discussed, I have trouble searching for older threads since they revamped this site, so feel free to link). Many of the reviews were 10 years old too, so some info is no longer relevant, ie. the tv's are all different now I believe.
  10. On our Eurodam Hawaii sailing last October a musical group occasionally appeared in the Ocean Bar, I believe they were the same group that performed elsewhere: BB King's and the Mainstage. It was usually early evening-ish and there were a few dancers, but most people would have been at dinner during that time period. I remember being able to count several grand piano's on any ship, now it's just the Piano Bar (is that what they are turning into a new rock venue?) and Lincoln Center Live had one. So sad!
  11. I too am just not thinking about it when I'm on vacation or planning one, but I guess it's okay if others do. There was a big todo some years back about all the exhaust the ships put out while in dock by people who obviously have never lived near an airport. Years ago when I lived in Atlanta I remember you couldn't even see the airport from downtown because of all the jet haze/exhaust. But the media looks the other way out here in Boeing country.
  12. You'll love the Tamarind, it's out of the way and quiet. I wore jeans in the Pinnacle for lunch and felt under dressed compared to the people around me, but that's just me. I'm sure it's fine, especially on an embarkation day.
  13. So do I! Quality PCC's seem hit or miss; I found out many of them work from home, not a big deal because I do too, but I wonder if they don't always get the training they need.
  14. Thank you, I will try calling, I don't know why I didn't think of that. <break> Just checked the email, the number is there along with the 5 digit extension which I believe is needed for the PCC Department. Thanks folks!
  15. Forgive me if this has been covered, my searches don't net much since they revamped the website. Recently I contacted my PCC that handled my sailing last fall, an hour later I get an email from somebody I've never heard of without any explanation as to my PCC"s whereabouts. Assuming this wasn't coincidence, why not professionally reply with "so and so moved on, I'm now handling her accounts"? Because I'm reluctant to giving out billing/personal info to this stranger, especially if they are not associated with HAL. And the reason why this could be a coincidence is because at times I get random PCC's contacting me about other cruise lines I have never sailed with and you couldn't pay me to try them. Can any random spam email use the PCC handle to look legit? So how are PCC's assigned? Can I call the PCC office and choose someone myself? I'm just curious on this because I'm leaning toward just using a CSA as stated in my other thread; all the perks and upgrades I've received over the years never came from a PCC. I honestly don't see what I'd gain in using one at this point, they are a pain to get ahold of.
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