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  1. Just thought I'd check in, it's been a few weeks. Still nothing for our canceled mid-April Hawaiian cruise. CC sent me a poll and I made it clear we're not giving the cruise lines any more of our money until we get our refund, no matter how sweet the deal. I tried selecting our option for a 3rd time and this time they said they couldn't accept it or something, so I'm assuming it registered this time around when that wasn't the case the first time. That means we're looking at early August maybe, right about the time I budgeted, but they should have at least included a line to enter an email address and send a confirmation of the selection, it would not have taken much more computing power.
  2. No I didn't get that it had already been submitted, now I will wait a few days and then try it a 3rd time, at least in your getting that you had some idea they had received it. I was skeptical the first time I did it, it seemed like a process that could set me up for a "we never received a refund request" scenario. Ugh!
  3. Wanted to add that I went through the link to select a refund vs. the FCC twice since I got nothing in the way of a response the first time. Not sure if this will accomplish anything, but I at least got some satisfaction from it.
  4. After our quarantine menu the last two months, we're up to trying pretty much anything!
  5. Despite earlier optimism, I'm starting to lose hope and not at all inclined to give any cruise line any more of my money, no matter how sweet the deal. I need to contact HAL as well to find out if we're in the refund category or FCC since their selection process gave us no email confirmation or anything at all.
  6. Agree but not surprised, when we were there a couple years ago we noted how cautious they were, every time we went on/off the ship we were scrutinized and inspected in addition to ship security; a bit much for a sailing that originated in the US/Canada.
  7. Ditto for us, we received the shore excursion credits that they canceled around April 1st when the cruise itself was canceled (by HAL) they said they'd refund within 60 days and kudos to HAL they were well within it. Still nothing on the cruise itself though.
  8. When their itineraries are more solidified for 2021/22 will we consider a booking, too many unknowns at the moment. But when we do book, we'll be putting down the lowest deposit possible and no more gimmicks or "casino fares" for us; we're also not making final payment until the last minute. However, we are not about to give them more money until we get a refund from our cancelled sailing last month. It boils down to trust and integrity at this point. And this goes for all cruise lines with the recent news about NCL especially concerning.
  9. They actually do the minimum on turnaround day and didn't actually get to the bathroom until evening on our last cruise. It was presentable, I'm sure the average cruiser saw the point on the end of the TP roll and was really wow'd by it, but I knew better, <wink>.
  10. Completely agree! If this is what people desire, may I introduce you to Washington State Ferries (car decks with vinyl seats). Especially since I can still fly to a land based resort and while there might still be some restrictions, I can't imagine even 2/3 as many as what's listed here. Will I be disappointed that it's not on a ship? Somewhat. But I'll still be on vacation for crying out loud. And cleaning your own bathroom? From this group? This is the same forum that laughed me off of CC a few years ago when I told everybody I wipe down my stateroom on embarkation day. They called me "bubble boy".
  11. Hi everyone!! Well David and I were downtown at our daughters condo and we saw Celebrity Eclipse what we thought was then moving out of the bay!! Got in the car and went to where we always go for SAILAWAYS out of San Diego to our favorite place for late lunch and Happy Hour! Island Prime When we got there was a ghost town on such a beautiful day! We saw Celebrity and she was just moored out in the bay!!!!saw the anchor. So wish things were different! No body out at all on the decks. Denise😊 At least you got to see A ship. Not a single ship on a beautiful May Sunday in Elliott Bay, doesn't seem right.
  12. You have my sympathy, we were supposed to disembark from our Hawaii cruise yesterday. I'm glad it's over. Now I can stop doing that "this is what we'd be doing if we were on the ship today". We were going to take the FCC but decided against it and glad we did after seeing this thread, laying up ships for any length of time has an aspect of permanence to it. The hardest part for us is I can't think of any time when we didn't have a cruise booked, so that is difficult for us and we'll have to come up with a way to adapt, we're hoping land based trips can resume at least, we'd be fine with flying to our destination. It's better than nothing.
  13. Fascinating topic. Does anybody know what will be involved with the interiors of the ships for a hot/warm lay-up? I've been scouring the internet for pictures of how our ships are faring during this time period. I think all of us have a bit of sentimental attachment to them, I guess I need to know they will be okay. We have history to look back on for answers to some of these questions. When QEII was taken out of service, prior to her conversion as a 5 star hotel in Dubai, I was surprised to see from photos that nothing had changed. The rooms were not lit, but other than that everything was in place like she was getting ready to receive her next group of passengers, even the grand piano sat at the ready on a stage. During periods of world war, ships were taken out of service for several years at a time, some would be repurposed or commissioned by governments. For example, when Titanic's sister Olympic began 5 years of war service, most of first class including the grand staircases were completely sealed off from the rest of the ship. The first class dining saloon, along with 2nd/3rd class were used as a hospital, but all furnishings and fixtures from passenger service had to removed and stored in warehouses. After the war and her decommissioning, it took over a year to prepare the ship for a return to passenger service which included a complete refit and a conversion of the engines from coal to oil. There's a great documentary on YouTube about her and the other great ladies of the ocean if anybody is interested; videos are all we got right now! So I'm wondering how modern ships will weather the down time. Will the furnishings and fixtures have to be mothballed? Will mattresses and furniture be sealed up in some way for dust protection? Of course this is nothing compared to battle during a war, at least not in a physical sense, but I'm wondering what way a ship could be repurposed during the down time? Or will they sit lonely and abandoned for a time like the QEII? I hope not! I hope somebody is on them giving them the TLC they deserve.
  14. I agree that if it were purely based on profits, then the larger ships would be better suited, but sheesh, they cannot put making a profit above the value of even a single human life. And they certainly can't afford another fiasco the likes of which we saw multiple times this year. To win over the ports, governments, passengers, and public they will have to approach it purely from a safety standpoint, at least in the beginning; anything else is off the table, profits be damned, until some unknown point in the future. But I don't know how on God's green earth they can accomplish that on a mega ship. I think river cruises and smaller vessels will be easier for crowd control/management and containment should an outbreak occur. Smaller vessels are also ideal for tests and experimenting with new processes and procedures; the larger the ship the harder these will be to monitor and implement. Do you really want to tackle Beethoven's 5th on your first piano lesson? I would want to start out as small as possible and work my way up. And HAL has a head start on this.
  15. Ditto, the people in our R/C that got refunds, self-cancelled in March before the suspension of the season and certainly long before HAL cancelled our 4/15 Hawaii sailing on Eurodam around April 1st; they read the writing on the wall and were rewarded for it.
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