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  1. Something must have changed, I called a couple of weeks ago and was all prepared for a long wait. I had my cell propped on a phone stand, on speaker, the crossword puzzle book was handy and lo and behold someone picked up immediately, I almost fell out of my chair. The CSA was also very kind and helpful and didn't sound at all rushed or harried...perhaps she was working from home.
  2. I don't care either way and don't go out of my way to sail them, but not having at least one would seem strange, I like the tradition and there's not enough embracing of the old in this day/age...imo.
  3. I'm a sentimental guy so ships I've sailed mean a lot to me, but I have a love/appreciation for all ships and I care about all of them. As to the OP, I'm too far away from the FO market, the costs to sail these ships will be way too much, I might as well sail Cunard at this point, in fact Cunard might even be less.
  4. Are the Zaandam and Volendam going to get some TLC? They were aging a lot less gracefully than the Amsterdam/Rotterdam (based on reviews I've read...the Zaandam was fine when I last sailed her). Personally I'm just sick over this, but understand they have to do what they have to do.
  5. Just thought I'd check in, it's been a few weeks. Still nothing for our canceled mid-April Hawaiian cruise. CC sent me a poll and I made it clear we're not giving the cruise lines any more of our money until we get our refund, no matter how sweet the deal. I tried selecting our option for a 3rd time and this time they said they couldn't accept it or something, so I'm assuming it registered this time around when that wasn't the case the first time. That means we're looking at early August maybe, right about the time I budgeted, but they should have at least include
  6. No I didn't get that it had already been submitted, now I will wait a few days and then try it a 3rd time, at least in your getting that you had some idea they had received it. I was skeptical the first time I did it, it seemed like a process that could set me up for a "we never received a refund request" scenario. Ugh!
  7. Wanted to add that I went through the link to select a refund vs. the FCC twice since I got nothing in the way of a response the first time. Not sure if this will accomplish anything, but I at least got some satisfaction from it.
  8. After our quarantine menu the last two months, we're up to trying pretty much anything!
  9. Despite earlier optimism, I'm starting to lose hope and not at all inclined to give any cruise line any more of my money, no matter how sweet the deal. I need to contact HAL as well to find out if we're in the refund category or FCC since their selection process gave us no email confirmation or anything at all.
  10. Agree but not surprised, when we were there a couple years ago we noted how cautious they were, every time we went on/off the ship we were scrutinized and inspected in addition to ship security; a bit much for a sailing that originated in the US/Canada.
  11. Ditto for us, we received the shore excursion credits that they canceled around April 1st when the cruise itself was canceled (by HAL) they said they'd refund within 60 days and kudos to HAL they were well within it. Still nothing on the cruise itself though.
  12. When their itineraries are more solidified for 2021/22 will we consider a booking, too many unknowns at the moment. But when we do book, we'll be putting down the lowest deposit possible and no more gimmicks or "casino fares" for us; we're also not making final payment until the last minute. However, we are not about to give them more money until we get a refund from our cancelled sailing last month. It boils down to trust and integrity at this point. And this goes for all cruise lines with the recent news about NCL especially concerning.
  13. They actually do the minimum on turnaround day and didn't actually get to the bathroom until evening on our last cruise. It was presentable, I'm sure the average cruiser saw the point on the end of the TP roll and was really wow'd by it, but I knew better, <wink>.
  14. Completely agree! If this is what people desire, may I introduce you to Washington State Ferries (car decks with vinyl seats). Especially since I can still fly to a land based resort and while there might still be some restrictions, I can't imagine even 2/3 as many as what's listed here. Will I be disappointed that it's not on a ship? Somewhat. But I'll still be on vacation for crying out loud. And cleaning your own bathroom? From this group? This is the same forum that laughed me off of CC a few years ago when I told everybody I wipe down my stat
  15. Hi everyone!! Well David and I were downtown at our daughters condo and we saw Celebrity Eclipse what we thought was then moving out of the bay!! Got in the car and went to where we always go for SAILAWAYS out of San Diego to our favorite place for late lunch and Happy Hour! Island Prime When we got there was a ghost town on such a beautiful day! We saw Celebrity and she was just moored out in the bay!!!!saw the anchor. So wish things were different! No body out at all on the decks. Denise😊 At least you got to see A ship. Not a single ship on a beautiful May Sunday in El
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