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  1. I know, and I can't even imagine myself on either line because their ships are not really our cup of tea; but....as I said somewhere else, HAL is getting stale, so it's time for a change.
  2. I'm perfectly open to Carnival. HAL MDR's: severe changes in recent years, hang out in the HAL Forum for a bit and you'll see umpteen threads about it, so it's not just a one off, even loyal HAL for life cruisers are avoiding the MDR or spending limited time there. LOLOL....I googled Oceania menus and completely agree Good question, because he's not the foodie in the family (that would be me); if asked he would probably say the entertainment and the overall value of a cruise compared to comparable land vacations. He had the club a couple of times 🙂
  3. It's pretty much this. We're not even talking about somebody that picks at their food, he won't even order something to begin with and then he sits there with nothing in front of him while everybody else is chowing down. As far as Carnival....HAL is getting a bit stale for us, we're very open to trying something new. We travel during off times when ships are less crowded. @rkacruiser I will check out the other forum suggestion. HAL buffets: they aren't really actual buffets, they are "food stations", there's one for sandwiches, salads, pasta, asian, and maybe a carvery. So yeah, if it was a true buffet like Las Vegas or the mainstream cruise lines, then I agree that he should be able to find something. With that being said, he did have better success up there but they are not open all day on HAL, let alone 24 hours, so we couldn't always dine there. All others: appreciate the suggestions and taking the time to respond.
  4. I heard enough good reports about the Lido to know it wasn't just a fluke (someone catching them on a good day). The MDR was just MEH, poor Dear Dad, only time there was anything remotely appealing was when the French onion soup was on it, but that wasn't every day the way it used to be. I know I know...how DARE I criticize when businesses are facing labor shortages and supply chain problems, I've been ripped to pieces in other discussions, but....as many have pointed out, if those were the primary issues, we'd be hearing about the same problems on other cruise lines and we're simply not, quite the opposite actually. I don't know if prayers will help, but what's more fixable in the immediate term is the upselling, magic tricks and other interruptions, hideous piped in music, and maybe the return of sommeliers.
  5. Why not? That's standard when you are having to send food back to the kitchen. As to guest services, you took it out of context, I wasn't speaking about my own personal experience, did you read the rest of the thread?
  6. Yikes! I don't remember that beach being THAT crowded.
  7. Grand Turk is one of the places I've always wanted to fly to and spend a couple of weeks there. I will begin praying for the MDR menus, lol, good idea!
  8. The good news is the Canadian border opened in your absence, maybe we can finally do our casino meeting with Carol, although this is not the best weather to be driving in.
  9. Good morning from a damp and sloppy Washington State. Heavy rain moved in overnight right on schedule, it's always about the 3rd week in October that the rainy season begins and the forecast is predicting rain as far out as they can predict, no complaints here, but driving in it can sometimes be a challenge when it starts to pool on the roads. Nothing going on today other than to take in our abundant moisture and admire the fog/mist covered mountains. Prayers and thoughts to all; thanks for all the contributions. I was once in a culinary arts program, I quickly realized it wasn't for me, as others have pointed out, restaurant work is hard, thankless, and you have to be able to do about 50 things at once. I did like the desserts department though, the pace there is a bit more relaxed. Have a great Wednesday!
  10. Welcome back. And glad you had a great time. Sorry the MDR strikes again! You must have brought the rain with you too.
  11. That's what I thought. Survivor has been on for decades it seems and I've never had the desire to watch a single episode; but I never missed Dallas and Dynasty.
  12. It's wonderful and so kind of you to respond to my request. She's beautiful, and I think she thinks of you as her Mommy.
  13. Completely agree. On many lines even 14 day itineraries are rare unless it's a repo or a luxury line, which mean big bucks.
  14. The kitchen situation was evident for us as well. We went there the night we were at the Sheraton and the chicken was undercooked and had to be sent back, the slice of cheesecake we split was a sliver that they charged ten bucks for. We won't be back. I know there's a labor shortage, among other issues, but what are business' doing to compensate their customers in exchange for more patience, flexibility, etc.? Seems to me most of them have the attitude of "just deal with it". How about a 10% discount in exchange for the extra wait? Sheraton offered nothing for not offering bell services but I don't expect much from a convention hotel anyway, the main reason I avoid them like the plague but made an exception this time around. This was my 2nd stay at this Sheraton and both were equally lackluster. I agree with Lisa, generally once a business finds a way to go without, they'll stick with it, until customer service is reduced to the lowest common denominator. There are examples of that all over HAL ships with the biggest one lately being the elimination of printed account statements and thus, the elimination of people having to show up at the account services desk, I think this was the first cruise in my life when I didn't have any interaction whatsoever with a member of the account services department, born out of the many covid social distancing protocols that is undoubtedly here to stay. There were still three people staffed at the desk, I bet the next HAL cruise it'll be two, then one....then nothing but self service kiosks all over the place...press 1 for an issue with your billing, press 2 for an overcharge, press 3 for a complaint.
  15. I should update mine too. The current picture was a trip to Las Vegas over 5 years ago now.
  16. I think you have me mixed up with somebody else, we're not sailing on the Rotterdam VII. We have no cruises booked atm because we're undecided if we're going to sail HAL again or a luxury line which we'll have the chance to try for the first time for the 2022 alaska season.
  17. I don't think people read through the entire thread, only the last few responses. I got ripped earlier today from somebody doing that, if they had read previous responses they would have understood the context of my comments.
  18. They might still have it, walking past the photography area, I overhead a talk being given in a little conference room off to the side, unless that's where people go when making purchases, I didn't see if there were a bunch of people, only heard them. It was either a presentation or a dang good sales pitch.
  19. That's pretty good for someone that is not outgoing. An interesting story, we got to know a couple on our Hawaii sailing a few years ago, so it was a long enough cruise, almost 3 weeks; we had coffee together and happy hour almost every day; but they dumped us at the end of the cruise when they found out that Dear Dad enjoyed a reality show that will remain nameless out of fear from further judgement 😁. "we always wondered the type of people that would watch that" was their reply. OUCH!
  20. I think it's an honor when animals return year after year to see us. What a beautiful story. Do you have any pictures?
  21. There were no perks for us whatsoever, other than getting to meet cruise critic people ahead of time. I'm inclined to think they were short-handed since we couldn't find a bell person anywhere. Nor did the front desk ask if we needed assistance. But Lisa has a good point too, maybe they are just being cheap, I had a couple of stays at the Hyatt Regency at the height of the lockdowns and there were plenty of bell people. And before anybody pipes in with fewer people were traveling at that time, you wouldn't of known it, the place was packed with locals taking weekend staycations.
  22. This is exactly the sort of thing that would worry me, so it's just as well that we handled our own, now we know to pack less the next time we stay at a HAL hotel since we really have no way of knowing ahead of time what procedure they will be following.
  23. Are they watching to make sure the shot glass is exactly 1.5 oz? 🤣🤣
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